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Dr Phil and Domestic Violence: Only Women Can Be Abuse Victims

Dr Phil and Domestic Violence: Only Women Can Be Abuse Victims

By A Shrink for Men | Source | January 24, 2011

philThere’s a new article on that explores a recent episode of the Dr Phil Show in which Dr Phil refuses to acknowledge the fact that men can be the victims of abuse, too. The couple featured on the show are in a mutually abusive relationship. The wife freely admits to physically assaulting her husband and destroying his property. Instead of holding her accountable, Dr Phil minimizes her violent behavior by calling it a relationship issue while simultaneously condemning the husband for his abusive behavior.
Here’s the link:
Dr Phil and Domestic Violence: He Just Doesn’t Get It
Kind Regards,
Dr Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD

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Relieved father on his way home with abducted son

Quote: Six-year-old Andrew Thompson has finally been cleared by a Dutch court to return to Australia from Amsterdam almost three years after his mother ran away with him. Andrew's father Ken Thompson, who cycled across Europe searching for his son, may already have flown back to Australia with him in the past few days, The Weekend Australian has learned.

The Sunday Age (Melbourne)
23 January 2011

Relieved father on his way home with abducted son

Six-year-old Andrew Thompson is set to return home to Australia almost three years after his mother abducted him and fled overseas, prompting his father to launch a desperate search.

Former NSW deputy fire chief Ken Thompson retired from his job to cycle 6500 kilometres across Europe in a bid to find Andrew, who was taken in April 2008.

Andrew and his mother, Melinda Stratton, were finally found living in Amsterdam more than two years later, following a tip-off. A protracted legal battle followed and the Netherlands' Hague Court last week granted Mr Thompson the right to bring his son home.

"Under this order, Ken and Andrew recently left the Netherlands and went to another location, where they await further travel arrangements to be finalised," reads a statement issued on Mr Thompson's behalf.

"No further information will be provided by Ken until he has brought his son safely home."

Mr Thompson gave an undertaking to the Dutch court that he would not speak to the media in the lead-up to the issuing of the court order, and he asked the media to respect his son's privacy. He is expected to be back in the country before the start of the school term.

Ms Stratton, now in custody, has been fighting an extradition order to Australia since late December. She argued that she took Andrew overseas to protect him from his father, who she says abused their son.

Mr Thompson has repeatedly denied the claim and expressed concerns about his estranged wife's mental health.

Despite whatever charges she faces over abducting her son, it is understood she will continue to fight for custody.



The Australian
22 January 2011

Three-year custody drama draws to a close as ex-fire chief cleared to bring son home
By Peter Wilson, Europe correspondent

Six-year-old Andrew Thompson has finally been cleared by a Dutch court to return to Australia from Amsterdam almost three years after his mother ran away with him.

Andrew's father Ken Thompson, who cycled across Europe searching for his son, may already have flown back to Australia with him in the past few days, The Weekend Australian has learned.

Andrew's mother Melinda Stratton was in tears in a Dutch jail yesterday when the boy did not arrive for an expected prison visit, indicating that he may have already left the country.

In a previously unreported decision, a Dutch appeal court this week rejected her legal bid to stop Mr Thompson taking Andrew back to Australia. The case has been under a veil of media silence in recent months on the order of Dutch authorities.

Ms Stratton was arrested by Dutch police in September after they were tipped off by a suspicious parent at the Amsterdam school where she had enrolled Andrew under the false name of Timothy Welsh.

After yesterday's no-show by Andrew for his regular prison visit, she is now almost certain to end her own fight against extradition to Australia, meaning she could be flown back to Sydney within two weeks.

She will face criminal prosecution in Sydney and could be sentenced to up to three years in jail for running off with her son, but she plans to continue her battle to regain custody of Andrew, whom she believes has been abused by her husband.

Mr Thompson, a former deputy chief of the NSW fire service, denies ever harming Andrew and says his wife has mental health problems.

Mr Thompson was warned by Dutch child protection officials that if he wanted to win permission to take Andrew home he would have to stop discussing the case in the media.

But The Weekend Australian has learned that there have been a series of further twists in the fight over Andrew, with Andrew spending Christmas with his father for the first time in four years and Ms Stratton at one stage winning her freedom from a Dutch prison before Australian officials objected fiercely and she was returned to jail after 15 days.

Officials in the Dutch Justice Ministry say privately that they have been surprised by the tenacity with which Ms Stratton has battled against her own extradition back to Australia.

She was so determined to prevent Andrew being sent home that she chose to stay in jail rather than seek a mediated agreement for his return to his father.

Instead, she tried unsuccessfully to have Dutch authorities investigate her claims that her husband had assaulted their son, a belief she says prompted her to run off to Germany with the boy in 2007.

The Weekend Australian revealed in September that after flying to Frankfurt, Ms Stratton, who speaks German and French, took Andrew to Austria for some time before moving to Amsterdam under the names Mandy and Timothy Welsh.

Despite Interpol arrest notices and Mr Thompson's media and internet campaign to find his son, Ms Stratton was shielded in Amsterdam by Catholic nuns from the order founded by Mother Teresa, and then by a small African Methodist Episcopal congregation which housed the pair and helped to enrol Andrew in school.

The Weekend Australian believes that Ms Stratton was also supported during her 2 1/2 years on the run by friends in Germany and Austria and was in regular contact with a veteran barrister in London.

Ms Stratton was eventually detained by police while picking Andrew up from school after another mother at school became suspicious and recognised Andrew's photograph on an internet site which explained that he was a missing child.

Officials in Amsterdam kept Andrew in a child-protection home with other children for more than two months, with regular visits by his father and trips to see his mother in prison, before releasing him into Mr Thompson's care early last month.

The pair are understood to have lived in the home of a Dutch policeman who is a friend of Mr Thompson.

On November 18, Ms Stratton won her own freedom after a Dutch court accepted that she was unlikely to flee because she did not have Andrew and did not even know his whereabouts.

She was ordered to wear an electronic bracelet to track her movements and to stay in a small town outside Amsterdam with the family of a retired Dutch judge who had befriended her when she was being shielded by the Catholic nuns.

Ms Stratton had two supervised visits with Andrew at the office of a probation official during that period but Australian government officials lobbied their Dutch counterparts to have her returned to jail, arguing that there was a serious chance that she would flee.

She was locked up again on December 3, and three weeks later a court decided that she should be extradited to Australia.

She lodged an appeal which could take up to three months to be decided but in the meantime a separate court decided last month that Andrew should be returned to Australia. Ms Stratton appealed against that decision in a hearing on January 13 and at the start of this week the court ruled against her, meaning Mr Thompson was clear to leave with Andrew.

With Andrew returning to Australia she is now expected to drop her appeal against extradition and to be escorted on to a plane soon by Australian officials.

She will be taken into custody in Sydney but will seek bail while facing prosecution.

Ms Stratton had already sacked her first lawyers and she has now sacked the Sydney lawyer who was engaged by her brother John to represent her after she was caught in The Netherlands.

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“Where have all the dads gone?” asks BBC Panorama

“Where have all the dads gone?” asks BBC Panorama

By glenpoole | Mon, Jan 17 2011, 07:25 AM

Are actively involved dads becoming an endangered species in some parts of Britain?
Tonight’s BBC 1 Panorama programme examines why many men are losing contact with their children and asks what can be done to keep them in the picture.
Reporter Declan Lawn has been given access to a ground-breaking project in south London that might have found the answer.
Dads are certainly BIG NEWS at the moment with the Coalition Government’s announcement that it plans to reform the  “mad” parental leave system giving dads more rights which prompted The Men’s Network to post this rough and dirty list of very interesting 21st century dads facts that you should CLICK AND READ NOW!
So now here’s our THIRD dad story of the day………
Seany O’Kane at St. Michael’s Fellowship got in touch to tells us that:
“St. Michael’s Fellowship will be one of the focal points of discussion in tonight’s episode of the BBC Panorama program. The show will be highlighting the growing number of ‘missing’ and ‘absent’ father’s  and asks whether actively involved dads are becoming an endangered species in some parts of Britain? The show will also feature contributions from the government’s ‘poverty tsar’ Frank Field.”

Sean has asked us to spread the word in an attempt to “thrash Coronation street in the ratings!”
So here are some links about the Programme and please, please spread the word:
Panorama: Britain’s Missing Dads, BBC One, Monday, 17 January at 2030GMT and then available in the UK on the BBC iPlayer.
Click here for the  Panorama blurb about today’s show or click here for a link to the Panorama site that includes a clip of St Michael’s ‘Big Man’ movie or click here for Panorama presenter Declan Lawn’s report on the program which mentions the work of St. Michael’s or click here for more blurb about the Missing Dads show or  click now for a  TV recommendation on the Dads programme in the Telegraph or read this last link now to find out why  TV Guide 10/10 makes Missing Dads the highest rated program the day on BBC

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judicial mafia You might believe after listening and reading to the corporate media that millions of vulnerable women across the globe need protected from all the bad men who cruelly mistreat them . This is the biggest and most dangerous lie of all that has been manufactured by radical feminists within the legal mafia and freemasonry that dominates the judicial terrorists who are causing enormous harm to millions of men caught up in their web of deceit. Court restraining orders ensure a man's hands are so tightly tied that these evil bastards can steal your children with impunity and remove all your worldly assets . The slightest attempt to fight these brutal abuses will see the full weight of the criminal courts set upon innocent men in maybe the biggest terrorist act across the globe. Men need not fear the manufactured terrorism from the middle east that these mobsters hide behind . The chances of any man being damaged by that threat is tiny compared with the very high risk that your life will be severely damaged when a masonic judge becomes embroiled in your life so intimately that you will NEVER be the same again. The easiest way masons can impact on your life is through judicial malfeasance with courts and laws that protect their dimwitted goons while destroying non-mason's men's lives.

It is becoming impossible for any man outwith their organised thuggery to successfully increase their wealth and with it their ability to build a strong family unit when the establishment ruling elite can, using judicial terrorism, redistribute your hard earn money into their own hands . The queen and her masonic henchmen are so enormously rich thanks to their evil and stealthy manipulations of the 'LAW' that is now heavily balanced in favour of the rape and plundering of millions of men's estates not part of their creepy, satanic and sadistic network of power.

Only when those men rise up against this enormously destructive force will we ever see change, that is before ever more of those same men are raped and plundering by forces that can only be truly understood when you become a victim of the sick bastards that use their media buddies to convince us they are operating a 'JUSTICE' system that are killing men's lives on a grand scale.



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UK - Woman who falsely accused husband given court order


Woman who falsely accused husband given court order

A WOMAN who repeatedly made false allegations against her husband could be jailed if she breaks a court order to stop her wasting police time.

Amanda Taylor was yesterday prohibited from contacting more than a dozen named people, including a doctor and police officers in North Yorkshire.

The 34-year-old was due to stand trial on 21 charges of perverting the course of justice, but they were dropped after two days of legal discussions.

The case collapsed after doctors were unable to agree whether Taylor was of sound enough mind to realise her claims were false.

Although a judge entered not guilty verdicts on all charges, he warned Taylor they could be held against her if she repeats her behaviour.

The five-year restraining order imposed yesterday bans her from harassing or contacting the named individuals, or from getting someone to do it for her.

Her barrister, Katherine Dunn, told Judge Howard Crowson she had also explained the implications of the order to her client’s husband, David.

Mr Taylor was named in most of his wife’s false claims made to police between March and September 2009, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Twenty untrue reports of rape, abduction, false imprisonment and assault were made against her innocent husband and other unnamed men.

Then in May last year, she made a series of false reports about her and her husband receiving a number of threatening letters.

At an earlier hearing, Miss Dunn said Taylor, of Rye Cottage, Aldbrough St John, near Richmond, North Yorkshire, accepted making all the untrue allegations, but the issue was whether she knew it was wrong.

Judge Crowson said he believed the prosecution had made the right decision and told Taylor: “I hope that it might be the case that this will never happen again.

He added: “Although it resulted in the acquittal of Amanda Taylor, it is necessary to protect people from harassment by her.

“I have read enough statements – both those prepared for the trial and other documents – which make it clear that each and every one of those people does require that type of protection.”

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


-by Karen Burgin.

{The below happenings have all occurred in the space of about one
month. There is a link to a MAP of it all at the end. The below list
is compiled by Karen Burgin}-

"Ponder all this for a moment..."

Several hundred dead birds fell from the sky in TX

Thousands of birds fell from the sky in central ARK

500 birds fell from the sky in Louisiana

100's more birds fell from the sky in KY

2 MILLION  fish have washed ashore in the Chesapeake Bay Area

100,000 fish lie dead in the Arkansas River...covering 20 linear miles.
99% of the fish are only one kind called Drum fish.

100 TONS of fish dead in the waters off of Parana`, Argentina

TENS of THOUSANDS of dead birds fell to the ground in Manitoba, Canada.

40,000 crabs are washed ashore in the UK... Jan 6.

10,000 ANTELOPE lie dead in Kazakhstan... these 10,000 represent
1/4 of the total global population of this animal.

The BEES are dying out in unprecedented numbers...

On Fox News it spoke of 8,000 Doves that fell over the skies of
Italy, and all had strange blue markings on their beaks.

In Sweden, a mere 100 birds fell to the ground... Jackdaw Crows.

And earthquakes are a dime a dozen over the period of just a month:

Dec. 2... 6.9 earthquake in New Guinea

Dec. 17... 7.2 earthquake on the CA//Mexico border

Dec. 20... 5.6 earthquake in El Salvador

Dec. 21... 6.2 earthquake in Sumatra

Dec. 21... 7.4 earthquake in Japan

Dec. 25... 7.6 earthquake in Fiji

Jan 5....... 6.6 earthquake in Vanuatu in the South Pacific.
10 minutes later, there was another quake that registered 5.5

Jan 2......7.1 earthquake in Chile

Causes for these happenings?... -Toxins?.. Colder weather?..
Disease?.. Fireworks?... Hail?.. Thunderstorms?... End Times....?

...but all I"M  going to say is:  Get right with God!............

"For your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)..  - Karen Burgin.

-For a MAP of the animal deaths, or to make a Comment, please
go to the website below-

Welcome to 2011 !!

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10 Most Corrupt Police Forces in the World

 This is interesting. The New Zealand police are corrupt and one only has to read the Tom Lewis written factual book called Cover Ups and Cop Outs to realize to what extent they are. However they do not appear in the top 10 rotten list.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pupil power: teachers in crisis

"Pupil power: teachers in crisis"

Suicide is the latest weapon wielded by disaffected school children. Not
their own suicide - more's the pity one is tempted to inwardly reflect - but
that of their teachers who some pupils or a group of pupils may simply
In a child's armoury is, classroom disruption, non-compliance, wilful
behaviour and a whole host of others but the most toxic of all has to be
allegations of a sexual nature.

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2011 Contract

2011 Contract

After serious & cautious consideration... your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2011

It was a very hard decision to make... So try not to screw it up!!!

My Wish for You in 2011

May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts.


May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills.


May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!


May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy


May the problems you had, forget your home address!


In simple words .............

May 2011 be the best year of your life!!!
 Happy New Year!!