Saturday, February 27, 2010

UK - A father was told to stop taking pictures of his four-year-old son

A father was told to stop taking pictures of his four-year-old son on a ride in a shopping centre because he might be a paedophile.

By Matthew Moore
Published: 4:38PM GMT 26 Feb 2010

Kevin Geraghty-Shewan, 48, was threatened with arrest by police officers and told the images may have to be deleted, despite protesting that he had every right to photograph his own son.

Mr Geraghty-Shewan, from Gillingham in Kent, said he was approached by a security guard at Bridges Shopping Centre while the boy, Ben, played on a children's train ride.
The guard told him to stop taking pictures on his camera phone. "I asked why, and he told me it was because for all he knew I could be a paedophile," the father said.
"I told him Ben was my own son. But he said I couldn't prove it. I couldn't believe it. I walked away and then I thought about making a complaint."
Mr Geraghty-Shewan then took a photograph of the security guard, after which the police became involved.
"They took my details and said they had the right to remove the picture from my phone," he said.
"I got annoyed and things got heated, then he threatened me with arrest for breach of the peace. Ben thought I was in trouble because he had sat on the ride and we didn't put the money in."
A spokesperson for The Bridges apologised for the incident but said that its staff were instructed to "monitor" photography at the shopping centre.
"Unfortunately on this occasion what should have been a simple polite conversation led to a misunderstanding and we apologise for any offence caused," it said in a statement.
"It is always our aim to implement our security procedures with the minimum of fuss and disruption to our shoppers."

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Satanic Family Court system shows it evil hand again!

TRANSCRIPT: Joseph Reyes on Being Barred From Taking Child to Church

Restrained Father: I Want 'to Be a Great Dad'

Joseph Reyes, the father who took his daughter to a Chicago church in defiance of a judge's restraining order pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Tuesday. He could face criminal charges and up to six months in jail.
Rebecca Shapiro, Reyes' estranged wife, filed a temporary restraining order against Reyes after he had their 3-year-old daughter Ela baptized in the Catholic church without her knowledge. In what some are calling an extraordinary court order, a family court judge imposed a 30-day restraining order forbidding Joseph from "exposing his daughter to any other religion other than the Jewish religion during his visitation."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Women want real men

Nerds, wusses, hairy blokes and passionate Phoenix fans rejoice - you may not be destined for life on the dating sidelines after all.

A new survey suggests that not all woman are after a hairless muscle-man from the pages of Men's Health, but instead are on the lookout for a guy who is a little rough around the edges.
Top of the desirable traits was the unshaven look - a turn-on for 41 percent of women, while a slightly geeky personality was also popular.

Those who've been making frequent visits to the beauty therapist for a wax can also stop with the masochism - a hairy chest was voted the third-biggest turn-on, followed by a bookworm or a man who doesn't mind showing his sensitive side and crying during a soppy film.
Other secret desires of the fairer sex included grey hair, glasses and being a passionate supporter of a sports team.
A spokesman for which carried out the poll, told the UK's Mail Online that almost one fifth of women would never publically admit what they really found attractive in a man.
Instead they would claim they were after the more socially accepted model of the perfect male - a muscle-bound, clean-shaven manly man.

"But these results prove that they secretly want something different. It seems women really do like a guy who is able to show a softer side, or who is carrying a little bit of extra weight," the spokesperson said.
The poll also revealed that 91 percent of women would prefer a guy with a few flaws over someone who is perfect and more than half would rather find a guy who wasn't afraid to let it hang out a little bit, rather than someone who was buff.

Almost two thirds of the 2500 respondents preferred a hairy man, while 56 percent liked some stubble, the Daily Mail reported.
Fifty-eight percent of women also wanted a bloke who doesn't mind what he eats over someone who was watching his weight.

Monday, February 22, 2010

United Nations Discovers Most Human Traffic Perpetrators are Women

Quote: "Women commit crimes against women, and in many cases the victims
become the perpetrators, " Antonio Maria Costa, director of the Vienna-based
U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, said in an interview. "They become the
matrons of the business and they make money. It's like a drug addiction."

http://www.foxnews. com/story/ 0,2933,491904, 00.html

Fox News
12 February 2010

United Nations Discovers Most Human Traffic Perpetrators are Women

AP - UNITED NATIONS — Surprisingly, the perpetrators behind human
trafficking around the world are often women, the U.N. reported Thursday.

Women are the majority of traffickers in almost a third of the 155 nations
the U.N. surveyed. They accounted for more than 60 percent of the human
trafficking convictions in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

For many, human trafficking is a world they had been pulled into themselves.

"Women commit crimes against women, and in many cases the victims become the perpetrators, " Antonio Maria Costa, director of the Vienna-based U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, said in an interview. "They become the matrons of the business and they make money. It's like a drug addiction."

Most of the world's nations reported some form of "modern slavery" last
year involving mainly the sex trade or forced labor.

And the number of victims should grow as the global financial crisis
deepens, Costa said.

The report by Costa's office was based largely on human trafficking
convictions reported to the U.N. between September 2007 and July 2008.
About 22,500 victims were rescued during that time. About four of every
five reported cases involved sexual exploitation; most of the rest involved
forced labor.

But Costa's agency gave no overall figures for how many millions of people
might be affected. He said most countries' conviction rates for human
trafficking rarely exceed 1.5 per 100,000 people.

Two of every five countries covered in the report had not recorded a single
conviction from 2007 to 2008.

"Either these countries are blind to the problem or they are ill-equipped
to deal with it," Costa said.

"We only see the monster's tail," he said. "How many hundreds of thousands
of victims are slaving away in sweatshops, fields, mines, factories, or
trapped in domestic servitude? Their numbers will surely swell as the
economic crisis deepens the pool of potential victims."

The report's release coincided with the appointment Thursday of Academy
Award-winning actress Mira Sorvino as a U.N. goodwill ambassador to help
Costa's office fight human trafficking. Sorvino, who graduated magna cum
laude from Harvard University in 1989 with a degree in Chinese, won an
Oscar for best supporting actress in 1995's "Mighty Aphrodite."

"Until a few years ago, I blissfully believed that slavery was a thing of
the past. ... Well, obviously I was terribly wrong," she said after Costa
draped a blue-ribboned medal around her neck.

Sorvino told how the stories of trafficked children hit her particularly
hard since becoming a mother with two young children herself.

"If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong," she said, repeating a famous
statement by Abraham Lincoln, whose 200th birthday was celebrated Thursday.

The report also pointed out that women and girls suffer most from sexual
abuse. About 20 percent of victims globally were children, mainly in
Southeast Asia's Mekong region and parts of Africa.

Costa, who serves as the U.N.'s chief crime fighter, said it's difficult to
get nations to address human trafficking because "it's at the crossroads"
of other complex occurrences such as human migration and prostitution.

Sixty-three percent of the nations in the report had adopted some laws
against human trafficking. The U.N. said most did so only after its
protocol against human trafficking entered into force in December 2003.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The nononsenseman infidelity poll

Dear dad4justice,

Most wives (~60%) and most husbands (~60%) have cheated
on their spouses. That means most married people have
experienced infidelity -- either giving or getting.

But, as I often discover in my polls, people do not
want to acknowledge the realities of their lives.

As Socrates famously uttered: "The unexamined life is
not worth living."

That's what I'm all about: I force people to examine
their lives. And, they don't like that very much.

If you have caught your spouse cheating on you, there
are two legal options (violence isn't a legal option):
1) File for divorce within one week
2) Remain in the marriage

My infidelity poll deals with option #2: staying with
the unfaithful spouse. My poll asks WHY.

If you're currently staying in a marriage with a cheating
spouse, or if you once stayed in a marriage with a cheating
spouse, you're PERFECT for participating in my poll.

If you haven't yet voted, and/or if you haven't asked
your friends, relatives, and colleagues to vote, please
do so. (Yes, send them this e-mail).

On my homepage -- -- you can
click on the photo of Owen Wilson and Jayne Seymour from
"The Wedding Crashers." This will take you to my poll.

Remember that movie? Jayne Seymour admitted to Owen Wilson
that she had been unfaithful to her husband (Christopher
Walken) for MOST of their marriage. Bet you forgot that.

Or, you can go directly to the poll page at

Either way, I appreciate your immediate participation.

Many thanx,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Heritage Foundation - Parents’ Influence on Adolescents’ Sexual Behavior

Parents’ Influence on Adolescents’ Sexual Behavior

In light of a recent report that, for the first time in more than a decade, the rate of pregnancies among 18–19-year-olds in the United States is on the rise, parents should keep in mind that their attitudes and actions can have a substantial influence on their adolescent children’s sexual behavior. In particular, conveying the messages that it is best to wait until marriage to have children and that marriage should be a bond of commitment can decrease the likelihood that teens will be sexually active.

1. Parent-adolescent communication. Adolescents whose mothers discussed the social and moral consequences of being sexually active are less likely to engage in sexual intercourse.

2. Parental monitoring. Children whose parents monitor them more closely are less likely to be sexually active when they are in their teens. full details
3. Birth out of wedlock. Teenage girls are less likely to be sexually active if their parents were married at the time of their birth.

4. Single-parent socializing. Teenage boys whose mothers date more often and more quickly after a divorce are more likely to be sexually active.

5. Parents’ attitudes. Teenagers who feel their parents strongly disapprove of their being sexually active are less likely to contract a sexually transmitted infection.

6. Transitions in family structure. The likelihood that teenaged girls will become pregnant increases with each change in family structure that they experience.

7. Intact family. Adolescents in single-parent households are more likely to be sexually active than peers in two-parent families.

8. Family stability. On average, adolescents whose mothers divorced tend to have more sexual partners than peers who did not experience parental divorce.

9. Parental involvement. Teens whose parents watch television with them more frequently and limit their TV viewing are less likely to be sexually active.

10. Parental guidance. Adolescents whose parents talk with them about standards of sexual behavior are more likely to be abstinent.

Family Research Experts

Christine Kim
Policy Analyst
Domestic Policy Studies

Jennifer Marshall
Domestic Policy Studies

For Interviews call Media Relations at (202) 675-1761

The Heritage Foundation's catalogs social science findings on the family, society and religion gleaned from peer-reviewed journals, books and government surveys. Serving policymakers, journalists, scholars and the general public, makes social science research easily accessible to the non-specialist

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A father's search for the truth

Baby Peter is saved, well done Mum and Dad. A child is a gift from God.
A father's search for the truth
Brandon Henry didn’t believe his baby had died. A quest for truth took him an ocean away.
Feb. 15, 2010,
Brandon Thibodeaux Chronicle

Brandon Henry didn't meet his 6-month-old son, Peter, until the boy was 3 months old. His girlfriend had abandoned Peter in an Italian church but told Henry that the baby died during childbirth.

Candles and stained glass windows cast a dim light as nuns placed a wide-eyed baby boy with dark tufts of hair on a white cloth covering an ornate altar in Florence, Italy.

The nuns had gathered to pray over the newborn. The infant amazed his audience by not squirming or uttering a peep.

Since his first day of life on July 28, when the Carmelite sisters of St. Teresa discovered the newborn laying on an alcove floor of their church, they have prayed that the abandoned child would not grow up alone. The nuns named him Pietro, or Peter, after the apostle Peter, whose name came from the Greek word for rock. They knew he would need strength to deal with the many unanswered questions about his identity.

Across an ocean, 28-year-old Brandon Henry was on a quest for answers of his own. He no longer believed his girlfriend's story that their baby died at birth last summer at a Sugar Land hospital.

So Henry embarked on a quest for the truth, an odyssey that took him to that cloistered monastery in Florence and completely changed his life.
Love and a pregnancy

Henry, a 1999 Cypress-Fairbanks graduate, spent three years in the U.S. Army, where he became a private first class. After his discharge, he tried to parlay his collection of 6,000 CDs and music knowledge into becoming a DJ at Houston dance clubs.

Then in 2007 he thought he'd met the girl of his dreams, Stephanie Chavarria. He went so far as to give her a diamond ring and obtain a marriage license that would later expire.

“She had a wonderful smile. We just clicked,” recalled Henry, flipping through photos of him with his arm around his dark-haired beauty, whose family came from Mexico.

They continued dating — but secretly against her parents' wishes — for 2½ years.

Chavarria and her parents, both dentists, live in an affluent neighborhood in Sugar Land. Henry said Chavarria's family never embraced him.

“I went to my girlfriend's house once, but I was not welcome,” he said. “I wasn't good enough. They wanted her to be with a doctor or lawyer.”

Then one day he noticed her stomach protruding, and a test showed she was pregnant. “I was excited about it,” he said.

But he said she concealed her condition with baggy clothes and kept delaying telling her parents.

A month before her Aug. 8 due date, she announced her doctor had given her permission to travel to Mexico for her grandmother's birthday.

“I didn't begin to worry until a three-day trip turned into 2½ weeks, and I could no longer reach her by phone,” he said.

When she finally returned, she told him a doctor was having trouble detecting the baby's heartbeat. She later called to say she was at a Sugar Land hospital and they'd lost their son, who had strangled on his umbilical cord.

“After that, I took off work. I did not want to miss my son's funeral,” Henry said.

But before arrangements could be made, he couldn't reach his girlfriend. So he called her parents, whom he said called him “sick and crazy” and threatened to file harassment charges.

He then contacted the hospital, which found no record of Chavarria being there. That was when he turned to the police.

At first, Carmen and Lazaro Chavarria told Sugar Land police their daughter was never pregnant and that Henry was trying to harass her. But that story quickly changed after Henry produced a copy of the baby's sonogram.

That's when Stephanie Chavarria confessed to leaving the child in Florence while vacationing with her parents, police said. “She told me she gave birth in the hotel bathroom,” Henry said. “Then, not knowing what else to do, she'd gone into a church to pray. She wanted help but nobody spoke English. So she just left him there.”

Chavarria and her parents declined to comment for this story. Their attorney, Robert Fickman, said an international probe into possible charges of child abandonment prevents them from speaking.

“We want to be very respectful of Italian authorities,” Fickman said. “But I can tell you the Chavarrias are a very nice, loving, caring family. They are not people without feeling.”

The moment Henry learned that his baby was alive, he vowed to do anything to find him.

“It would have been easy to walk away,” said Henry's mother, Sherrye Andrews, a teacher in Duncanville. “But he never wanted his son to think nobody looked for him.”

Internet guides search

For two weeks, Henry scoured the Internet and fired off e-mails to any Florence church he could find until locating one nun who spoke English. She recalled widespread publicity in the Italian press about the neonato abandonato, or abandoned baby.

When he Googled that phrase, the stories popped up. He e-mailed Florence police, and they called him at 3 a.m. Aug. 20 to confirm his claim on the abandoned baby that six Italian families were already trying to adopt.

Henry had no idea how to navigate Italy's justice system until an Italian attorney, Edgar Vincent Lualdi, offered assistance. Henry lived for two months in the attorney's weekend villa for free while the case was pending. “But in return I helped him with some chores, like picking olives,” he said.

After a DNA analysis proved Henry was indeed the father, he was finally permitted to see his son, who was 3 months old by then.

“Wow! That's my baby!” he said, recalling the moment. “It was like being at the hospital when he was first born, but he was big.” His son was being kept at an orphanage in a nearby seaside village called Viareggio.

Then Henry was required by Italian authorities to spend a week learning how to bathe and feed his son and honing his diaper-changing skills. The orphanage workers were impressed by how quickly he adapted to fatherhood and connected with his son. “Peter would grin whenever he saw me coming,” Henry said.
Making plans for future

Until he and his son can function on their own, they are living at his mother's home in Cedar Hill, near Dallas, and receiving lots of support from relatives. Henry devotes all his time to caring for his son while making plans to attend school to become an X-ray technician this summer.

His mother is glad to help. She remembers being overwhelmed when she saw her first grandchild arrive at the Dallas airport: “He was smiling, and I just started bawling,” she said.

In his new nursery filled with toys, Peter plants a big, wet, pucker-less kiss on his father's cheek.

Henry remains grateful for every kiss — and the nuns' prayers that he credits for helping to get his son home.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The sexist attitude is prevalent in all aspects of kiwi society and mentality. Gone are the days where real women looked up to a real bloke.A stinking thinking hateful feminist mandate and political correctness ideology has changed life styles and the traditional family unit. The media are feminist propaganda robots that enjoy portraying men as wimpish girly men walking on egg shells always frightened that they might upset their numerous female colleagues. No wonder male teenage suicide rates, drug addiction and self esteem issues are a major factor in this sad society. One has to only look at our girlyman Prime Minister John Key at the big gay out to understand why this tiny Nation is plagued by so many social problems. Modern society thinks men are a throw away disposable product that has little use once taken to the cleaners by a sexist judicial system.Government does not agree with equality and fairness. They make me sick.Wonder how many men comitt suicide this year John Key you timid creep!

A "sexist" attitude towards health funding means men are missing out despite being more likely to suffer heart attacks and cancers than women, Canterbury health-promotion workers say.

A new report, The State of Men's Health in Canterbury 2009, paints a dismal picture of men's health, but says little is being done to improve it.

Men were more likely to have high cholesterol and heart disease and have higher rates of many common cancers than women.

"While men continue to show, on average, poorer health than that of women, there appears to be significantly more health promotion targeted at women," it said.

Young Canterbury men were more likely to be hospitalised with mental-health issues and abuse of substances such as drugs and alcohol.

They were also more likely to die or be injured in an accident.

In the past five years, 1693 Canterbury men aged 15 to 24 were involved in serious-injury crashes compared with 1221 females.

More than 70 per cent of drowning victims are male.

"It would appear that this is due to the `untouchable' or `bulletproof' attitude a lot of young men tend to possess," the report said.

Canterbury Men's Centre manager Donald Pettitt said there had been a strong focus on women's health for the past 20 years, but men had the worst health-related behaviour and worst health outcomes over that time.

"The system has been blind to the outcome for men and unresponsive to the obvious statistics and it's hard not to think of it as sexist when you look at it long enough," Pettitt said.

He put the lack of focus on men's health down to the absence of advocates within the system and because people were naturally more sympathetic to women's health.

"We have been bailing out half of the boat and the bigger holes are on the men's side," he said.

Report co-author and Sport Canterbury events and marketing manager Jonny Kirkpatrick said it was difficult to attract funding for male-focused health projects.

"Men are partly to blame themselves because of the `she'll be right attitude', but it starts at the top," he said.

"The awareness around women's health is fantastic, but men get breast cancer too and as many men die from prostate cancer as women of breast cancer."

The report's main recommendations were raising awareness around men's health and making services gender appropriate.

"The services are there for them, but the pathways for men to access them aren't quite right," Kirkpatrick said.

A Canterbury District Health Board project, Green Prescription, involved GPs referring patients to a supported physical activity programme rather than prescribing medication.

However, males made up only one quarter of participants, meaning the pathways or programme itself were not engaging enough for men, the report said.

Another health board project, Appetite for Life, was a free service offered only to women wanting to make a healthy lifestyle change.

Kirkpatrick said a steering committee was meeting this month to look at what funding could be available for supporting some of the report's recommendations.

"The reality is health was hit pretty hard with budgets this year and men's health isn't high on the radar."

Health Minister Tony Ryall said major men's health issues were covered by significant spending each year, including an estimated $430 million on heart disease; $950m on cancer; just over $1 billion on mental health; and more than $750m on primary care.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Texas DNA exonerees find prosperity after prison

Texas DNA exonerees find prosperity after prison

Compensation for a victim of a savage injustice is impossible in New Zealand, because deluded judges and the stupid keystone cops think they never get it wrong. The bastards owe me heaps, but I will wait without anger until these evil creeps are judged in the future.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Helping Children

Hi again Peter

I wanted to follow up on the email I sent you last week. Even though it's winter out there we're already counting down to Summer 2010 and The Fresh Air Fund is always in need of host families. If you could help get the word out on Dad4Justice it would really go a long way in helping to place these inner-city children into a loving host family home for a fresh air experience they will never forget.

I've put together a new social media release to make it simple to repost, so please feel free to use any of the images, graphics, banners, or copy:

Please let me know if you are able to post or tweet and if you have any questions. Your efforts are truly appreciated and can help a child have an experience that will change their life!

Thank you so much,

Sara Wilson,
The Fresh Air Fund

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jailed for Jesus Christ


Jailed for Jesus Christ

For more than forty years I, Ron Branson, have been driving without accident or liability. During such time, neither my faith in Christ, nor a government imposed religion has come into play. However, after so many years of driving, the government has now decided to assert their religious standard in order to renew a driver’s license. Hence, they now require that I bow the knee and do obeisance to their socialistic god of humanism, to wit, revere the Social Security Number (SSN), aka, a Socialist tracking number.

I have appeared a number of times in the Department of Motor Vehicle before a Supervisor in relation to their demand for a Social Security Number. Sensing they deemed the Social Security Number superior to Jesus Christ, I asked if such was the case. I was repeatedly told “You must obey the law!” to which I asked, is this law to which you refer superior to Jesus Christ, and all I would get was a repeat of the same. Since you will not straightforward answer the question, I will deem your answer to be yes, that the law to which you refer mandating the Social Security Number is superior to Jesus Christ!

Having filled out the application multiple times at various DMV Offices, and reaching the same conclusion that according to them the Social Security Number is superior to Jesus Christ, I have therefore done all that I can do to satisfy the state in renewing my driver’s license, I will deem my current driver’s license sufficient to drive, even though I do not have a Social Security Number.

On September 11, 2009, I was stopped and asked for my driver’s license. The officer who stopped me stated that I do not have a current driver’s license, and I was cited for such offense. On Thursday, December 17, 2009, I was tried by a jury and convicted of not having a driver’s license, albeit, the actual offense was DWSSN, “Driving Without a Social Security Number.” I was prevented from putting on my own defense in that the public defender’s office was ordered to represent me against my will and over my objection. I was thereby prevented from filing anything, nor being able to speak on my own behalf. (See Faretta v. California, 422 U.S. 806 (1975).

At the end of the trial I asked if I may now freely speak, to which the judge said, “Make it short.” I stood up and said, “Your honor, I count it all joy that I have been placed on trial for my faith in Jesus Christ, and like Job of old, I say, though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him!”

I was sentences to five days in jail, and am to report to the sheriff bailiff at 8:30 am, Friday, January 15, 2010. While I do not anticipate a repeat, my previous attendance in jail experienced the preventing me using the toilet because I did not have a Social Security Number. In lieu thereof, I offered to rattle off some numbers for them, but was told that that would not do. I told them that even if they placed my head in a guillotine, there would be no Social Security Number forthcoming. After I was released, I complained over the question of what Social Security had to do with using a toilet. I received a returned letter from Internal Affairs of the LAPD that said, “After a full and complete investigation into the complaint, we find no violation of police policy, and we now deem the matter closed.”

Had I been given the opportunity of putting on my own defense instead of having the public defender’s office forced upon me, I would have called to the witness stand Lydia Long, a twenty-two year old who has never been assigned a Social Security Number. She would have testified that indeed the State of California is preventing her from acquiring a driver’s license because of her conscience against the Social Security Number. They told her she must go to the Social Security Administration and apply for a Social Security Number. Indeed, she did go to the Social Security Administration and filled out an application which was likewise rejected because she placed on the form, “All rights reserved,” along with her signature. The reservation of her rights was deemed unacceptable by them, for the New World Order will tolerate nothing short of total surrender to its lordship. So she can neither get a Social Security Number, nor acquire a driver’s license.

The State of California has made it very clear to me that the Social Security Numbering system is their golden calf whom they worship, and that they are mandating everyone bow the knee to this Baal, or else they will be punished.

God sanctified marriage, and said, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” Genesis 2:24. The socialistic government says that this is acceptable provided such a one gets and uses a Social Security Number, for no shall get married save he who has a Socialist Number. “Government” has thereby assumed the roll of God, deciding who may get married and who may not.

The Word of God sets forth that men have a natural right to freely buy and sell, (see Ephesians 4:28), but our socialistic government says buying and selling is permitted provided the obtain and use a anti-God Social Security Number. God’s people are being prevented from buying essential utilities services for their homes and prevented from selling their labor without a humanistic Social Security Number. “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:17.

The California Constitution sets forth, “All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights, Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.” The government says that these activities are okay so long as it is governed by obtaining and using a Social Security Number.

We have been given a right to freely vote according to the dictates of our conscience, however, government says you can no longer vote your conscience unless you have a Social Security Number. What has happened to our right of representation?

Christ ordered, “But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth,” Matthew 6:3, however, the government religion of humanism requires everyone serve a mammon god, and accurately report all alms-giving using the Social Security Number they have assigned to each and everyone. Failure to do so may very well result in a criminal trial and imprisonment.

I, Ron Branson, the prisoner of Jesus Christ, shall go away as it has been determined of me, but in so doing, I yet believe, and am persuaded, that Jesus Christ is still LORD of lords, and KING of kings, and that socialism is a godless government religion! Again, I say, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him:” Job 13:15.

Ron Branson

P.O. Box 207

North Hollywood, California 91603

(818) 310-8999

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blogger threatens to publish details of judges.

I applaud the action of Whale Oil because it's way past time the finger is pointed at the judges who have lost the plot. In my case I have evidence of large scale judicial corruption but the MSM will not have a bar of it? If the moronic public foolishly think judges are squeaky clean - then they should think again. I guess the only way to expose these filthy low lifes is to write a book and let Joe Public decide if judicial corruption is a factor in Family and District Court jurisdictions.Sadly many judges are totally unfit in character to be within a hundred yards of a Courthouse - let alone directing proceedings. Time the judge Strettell's of this world are taken down a peg or two. I mean to say they are just human beings who make mistakes. I guess they are like Helen Klark and think they're above the law.

Controversial blogger Cameron Slater is again under police investigation, this time for identifying on his website a primary school teacher accused of sex crimes against children.

And Slater last night stepped up his name suppression campaign, telling the Sunday Star-Times he was set to post the names, phone numbers and addresses of judges who award name suppression without "good reason".

Slater is already facing five charges of breaching name suppression orders, after he published on his website the names of several high-profile New Zealanders before the courts, but whose identities were suppressed.

Justice Minister Simon Power said Slater's threats to expose the personal details of judges on his website were "probably not helpful".

But Slater said our officers of the court were making "improper" decisions and he wanted to take a stand.

"These judges are the people perpetrating the expansion of the original suppression laws beyond what was envisaged by parliament," Slater said. "They are trying to rewrite the law by judicial meddling."

Slater said his SHAME (Suppression Helps Abusers Make Excuses) campaign was designed to pressure the government to reform suppression laws, which the justice minister has said will happen.

Slater had recently been using his Whaleoil blog to post "interesting names" but with no other details.

The names related to individuals who had name suppression. Slater argues the postings do not contravene the Criminal Justice Act as a person's name on its own does not link to a particular proceeding.

A teacher appeared in North Shore District Court on January 29 facing six charges of grooming two teenage boys and having them perform indecent acts on him.

The teacher was awarded interim name suppression by Judge David McNaughton, but three days after the appearance Slater posted a further "Interesting name and photo".

Police spokesman Jon Neilson said officers were looking into the posting on Slater's Whaleoil blog, which first appeared last Monday.

Anyone who breaches a suppression order can be fined a maximum $1000.

Last weekend the Star-Times revealed how the primary school where the teacher had been working was considering asking the court to lift the suppression order. Yesterday the school would not comment on whether it had made any progress.

But the school's lawyer, Tim Allan, said it was preferable to tell parents what was happening so as to avoid confusion and rumour.

"The school wishes to be able to communicate truthfully to parents why the teacher concerned is not at the school, as they expected him to be," Allan said.
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The suppression was also unfair on other male teachers and to lift it would "ensure no unwarranted suspicion, innuendo or rumour is cast on other male teachers at the school who are completely unconnected to the allegations and whose retention is essential for the development of children".

While he was reluctant to comment on individual cases, Power expressed sympathy for the school and its families.

"I understand the community's growing concern with the issue of name suppression."

The head of North Shore CIB, Kim Libby, said police want suppression lifted.

Friday, February 5, 2010


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