Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fathers - 4 - Justice Israel.

[fathers-4-justice-israel] Kramer Vs. Kramer - Child Custody in Israel - Please Forward!

Just finished watching the classic movie Kramer vs. Kramer with my
7-year-old daughter. She bonded with 7-year-old Billy, as I bonded
with ad man Dustin Hoffman. We both had tears.

When I and others first started to protest gender bias discrimination
by Israeli family courts and child welfare (Revacha) a few laughed at
us - including Jeremy Wallach's Yahoo Raananalist.

Today, the Israeli Ministry of Justice has declared that the 1962 family custody law should be reformed, removing the mother as having custody by default.

Yes, this is a victory for our children, but just one of many battles
yet to come. The Knesset must now accept and adopt the Ministry of
Justice opinion and translate it into law.

But of even greater importance.
Parents need to work together for their children, to reduce conflict
which cripples them. They need to stop using their children as weapons.
They need to provide what every child psychologist has suggested -
providing the child with equal access to both parents.

Lastly, one thought.
I heard today of a mother who received a love bite from her young
daughter and turned around and struck that child in the face.

The child was merely asking for attention and love, while the mother
responded with violence. There is NEVER any excuse by any parent to
lift a hand to a child. None!

And if anyone on this list should ever witness such violence to a
child, they should warn the parent that they will file a complaint
with the police. com/watch? v=bquuAb3_ iyY com/watch? v=nBO5KdQaKjc

Shabbat Shalom,
Joel Leyden
Fathers 4 Justice Israel
http://groups. group/fathers- 4-justice- israel


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