Monday, August 30, 2010

Australian Ken Thompson cycles Europe in desperate search for his son

The following link will take you to an article published by AAP in
Australia today. It is about Andrew's abduction & my efforts to find him.

Please read the story & if you feel like adding to the comments, please do so.

Please forward it to others as well & ask them to do the same.

Kind Regards

Ken Thompson


27 August 2010

Australian Ken Thompson cycles Europe in desperate search for his son
By Miles Godfrey

- Mum flees country with son
- Dad on three-month cycle to find them
- Mother is suffering mental illness

Australian Ken Thompson has spent every day for three months cycling
through Europe, looking for his son.

But there is no telling where, when, how or even if his remarkable journey
will end.

He says, quite frankly, he doesn't care if it takes the rest of his life,
just as long as he finds his little boy.

He has cycled through over half a dozen countries in his desperate search
to find his missing son.

Mr Thompson's story is one of love, betrayal, physical determination and
weight loss so drastic his jeans once fell down in the middle of a
Luxembourg street.

But it also raises a more fundamental question: How far would any of us go
to help a loved one?

It is a question the relatives of Australia's 1600 long-term missing
persons ask themselves every day.

Some agonise over ways to shed new light on cases which the police have
long ago failed to solve - some set up Facebook pages, distribute
leaflets, travel vast distances to investigate possible sightings.


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