Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lets prosecute child abductors3

Awesome and powerful video.A must see .
Our children are worth more .
The Family Court is a fearful place saturated in deceit and lies !!

Judges are "relationship vandals."


Anonymous said...

Hey man, that's not you posting as Peter Burns (not D4J) on TBR is it, you look like a Labour supporter?

dad4justice said...

No it not me,it's just another cowardly d4j impostor on the internet, which a play ground for the unscrupulous evil filth that unfortunately share our planet with us normal folk .

Judgment day is coming . Man I get so irate about these yellow back jellyfish creeps.

Thank you for pointing out yet another attempt at a character assassination . These fools only make me more determined to destroy the corrupt Labour and Greens !!

Anonymous said...

Check out TBR again dude...

dad4justice said...

Why should I even bother as I've had it with internet cowards who can't fight fair .

Why do I need the stress ?

At least all the anonymous scumbags of this world are getting a cheap thrill.

Got anything constructive to say about the video ?

Thought not !!

Anonymous said...

Hey dad. Did you know that, statistically speaking children are much more likely to be assaulted and abused by wacko-nutbar creepy father than a stranger? Your thoughts?

dad4justice said...

Phillip John Mason from Otago University is one strange creep .

Go away roger nome you weird piece of dog turd,,,

What a sick unit you are !!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dad, Phillip John Mason wants to photoshop you for Kiwiblogblog. He's done Cameron Slater and has you in his sights. What do you say?

dad4justice said...

Whatever you nutbar creep, as your hallucinogenic diatribe is a product of a totally unpalatable and overactive childish git.

Grow up you cowardly foolish freak !