Saturday, January 12, 2008

Will the Bonus Families concept ever be operational in NZ ?

Hello dad4justice;

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I wanted to take some time at the beginning of this year to say Happy New Year to all and to let you know about the changes at Bonus Families for 2008. Lots of new articles, a VERY active message board moderated by our Support Group Coordinator, Jennifer, and we will be adding a BLOG in the next few months. Also, one of the most exciting new additions is we are now offering ONLINE GROUP for those who are looking for some help but can’t get out--or can’t find a counsellor who understands the intricacies of coparenting with a former partner and/or possibly their new partner.

This is NOT an open chat room. Bonus Families ONLINE GROUP is modelled after group therapy. There will only be three groups to being. More will be added soon. For those who sign up, there will be a small charge per session, and you will be assigned to a group that focuses on the subject that interests you. Each session is an hour long and will meet at a regular time. Members receive a discount per session. The sessions will be ongoing and limited to only four people in each group. We will begin a waiting list and as people move on, we will add someone new to keep the group limited to only four.

The topics will be as follows:

Group one: Coparenting With Your Ex

Group Two: Counterpartner Issues (Getting along with your ex’s new partner and possibly coparenting with him or her.)

Group Three: Overcoming personal issues that prevent you from moving forward after your break-up. (ie: things like betrayal, dealing with abuse, etc.)

These groups will not just be venting sessions. Although venting is important to help us work through issues, they will heavy weight problem solving and offering tools to cope--and cameradery. There’s nothing like identifying with others facing the same problems you face.

So, write me at if you are interested in joining one of the groups. We will then email you all the information and the schedule.

And, don\'t forget to check out the new articles--new ones every week.


Jann Blackstone-Ford, M.A.


Bonus Families

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