Thursday, March 20, 2008

DNA Testing at birth is a good idea.

Compulsory paternity tests proposed in bill
A new bill would allow courts to order compulsory DNA testing of children for paternity checks, regardless of consent. United Future MP Judy Turner's private member's bill provides for the Family Court .

Only a mother can be aware of whether or not there is any doubt over paternity and this highlights how unfair advantage women have over men. Custody and access rights are always in the women’s favour. Radical feminists’ ideologies that control all aspects of the de family court mandate to hate fathers. It is obviously unsatisfactory from a public policy point of view that women are able to commit paternity fraud, without there being a civil remedy for the wronged father. The family court prides itself as the “caring court”, however any forced client of the court will tell you it is the worse experience of his life.

The de family court is blinded to parental alienation, false allegations and paternity fraud is legalized deceit. There is no duty of disclosure of personal matters relating to parental behaviours, which can be affairs or paternity deceit. The law, as expressed by the High Court, is neither flexible nor modern enough to provide a remedy. So it is up to Parliament.I praise the politician ( which is very rare) Judy Turner for bringing up this issue. In the meantime, perhaps all husbands should have a chat to their wives. Just remember, one malicious phone call by a vindictive women and it’s cell by lunchtime.

A foolproof solution would be to introduce compulsory DNA testing before any application for child support is accepted.
Any legislation that is father friendly is welcomed by kiwi fathers who are constantly bombarded by all mainstream media outlets and political parties who see them as easy beats.

I am presently helping two people who are the victims of paternity issues;

Case 1
I know of dad that lived in a relationship for a decade with two daughters that he thought were his. Only after the family broke down did his vindictive partner tell him the truth. This traumatised father now struggles to get access through the courts and he pays child support for them, while the real biological father laughs at having never to pay a cent for the upbringing for his children. DNA testing would have sorted this out and made all parties responsible for the kids.

Case 2
The Children’s Commissioners Office has accused a father that his application for a paternity test, which is currently a slow meandering litigation matter in the family court that he is directly responsible for behavioural problems of his 11 year old son at school and with the care givers. I assisted the 11-year-olds extremely troubled paternal grand mother at a meeting with CYFS Minister Ruth Dyson last weekend. I couldn’t believe how callous and cruel a Minister of the Crown could be! The Children’s Commissioner has blamed the paternal side of the family for behavioural problems even though this father and grandmother have been victimised by both CYFS and family court since 2001 trying to love this lad. I am trying to get this traumatised paternal family access and custody to this young lad. This boy was described as a walking time bomb by the school principal who allowed me a interview so I could try address the unlawful gender discrimination.

Justice is coming and well done Judy Turner.
In solidarity.

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