Friday, March 21, 2008

False Child Abuse Allegations - Lesson 2

False allegations of child abuse and domestic violence in the year 2001 have destroyed my life.They're responsible for so much damage to my family . RIP mum. The Family Court is never interested in the truth, as a file number provides the money for all the unscrupulous hyena's that feast on the carcass of the paternal side of the family.

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Anonymous said...

RIP Mum?

dad4justice said...

Doctor John Watson a clinical psychologist employed by the de family court hounded my mother to death.

Anonymous said...

Why? What did she have to do with your case?

dad4justice said...

If you do not understand the pain felt by my mother after a court appointed children’s lawyer Chris Robertson from Ashburton did not allow her to give Birthday and Christmas presents to her two alienated Grand Daughters then God help you.

If you cannot understand the pain felt by my family after my mother requested the court to leave her out of any further proceedings due her deteriorating health then God help you. I was granted that right by family court judge, however the psychologist involved in litigation went behind the judge’s direction and contacted my distraught mother. She was very upset by his malicious phone call and died 4 days later.

Well-done children lawyers Adrienne Edwards, Chris Robertson and psychologists Michael Davidson and John Watson.

If you knew what DAMAGE false allegations made to a spiteful family court have done you would respect my recently deceased mother.

She deserves that dignity, surely judge John Strettell!!