Thursday, June 9, 2011

False Allegations Of A Sexual Nature?

Indeed, sadly a subject that hurts like a heartbreak arrow for this falsely accused father. Hughes is playing the poor me game and will return to that sick joke parliament where lewd behaviour is the norm. Our justice system here in New Zealand ignores admissible evidence that can easily prove the complainant to be an outright liar, however, the court is saturated in gender bias wisdom and it fails to act in fairness! Natural Justice is a delusion in kiwiland. Police and Crown law prosecutors simply fob off the truth as the bent judges look the other way. The more you try to plead your innocence the more the system crushes you into the dirt.Why can't a person prove their innocence? Nothing will change in this corrupt nation.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Family Law Has Extreme Anti-Male Bias

Great stuff ,someone other than a done over father can see the Family Court is a feminist sledge hammer that crushes the heart and souls of so many children and dads. Family Law is something the cruel Nazis would use to destroy family bonds of love. Family Law is sick. Anybody that is associated with it should be ashamed of themselves!

Gingrich Tells F & F Activists Family Law Has ‘Extreme Anti-Male Bias’