Monday, September 29, 2008

Crane Perchers Look For Dads' Rights

Hoping a high-profile protest will draw attention to their cause, two fathers finished a second day atop a crane near Ohio State's campus Sunday

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Seven years stuck in the sinister system!

My beautiful teenage daughter has gone down to stay with her mother, as it’s the first week of the school holidays. Today I report to a probation officer, hopefully for the last time. I have been on police bail or court supervision since I was falsely accused of sexual child abuse and domestic violence in July 2001. It has cost the taxpayer millions and unfortunately my Court file is moved around the Christchurch Courthouse by a forklift.

Some on blogsphere say I am crazy, but wouldn’t you be a tiny bit nuts if you had experienced 3 x police Armed Offenders Squad call-outs, police beatings, prisoner beatings, Paparoa prison Round Cell therapy, forced to take horrible psychotropic medications in a maximum security Mental Health forensic unit. Not to mention the 200 plus Court Hearings, dishonest judges, lying lawyers and twisted psychologists.

The sad reality and tragic fallout of such a major depressive episode is the death of my mother, nearly three years ago. She was a lady of Grace .As the paternal grandmother she didn’t understand why a Court appointed lawyer Chris Robertson from Ashburton could act for her two grand daughters. Mr Robertson was the first cousin to the maternal family seeking court protection? This unscrupulous sod wouldn’t allow mum to drop birthday and Christmas presents at his office for her grand daughters! She got that stressed she ended up in the Christchurch Hospital Cardiac Unit after experiencing a heart attack. A sinister Family Court who has blood on their insipid hands hounded her to death. She died heartbroken and estranged from her grand daughters. Well done Judge Boshier your Court kills.

Another repercussion of a being on the receiving end of barbaric and cruel persecution from state officials is the overwhelming obstacles placed in your way consume all your thoughts, often to the severe detriment of pre-existing father/child interactions. My twin sons, 24 this month have both suffered by watching their father getting smashed over by a corrupt and totally unfair system. I hope one day that they will understand that my all concentrated energy has been solely focused on clearing my badly damaged name. Last month I cleansed myself of the insidious protection orders that were invalidly made through corrupt criminal and civil procedures that breached all known Human Rights legislation. The Judge was so nice at the Discharge the Protection Order Hearing, until I said I am going to exact legal Natural Justice on every single unscrupulous cretin that has told lies about me. She said, you have that right Mr Burns, I said yeah right, I have been fobbed off with Appeals in High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Human Rights Review Tribunal and every politician known to mankind.

False allegations have created a Family Court file that has supplied many deplorable so called professionals with income! Blood money you filthy liars.
Pity that my four children have suffered so much unnecessary heartbreak.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alec Baldwin's long anticipated book

Dear Peter,

Last Tuesday, Alec Baldwin's long anticipated book, A Promise To Ourselves:

A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce, chronicling his experiences with Parental Alienation and the family courts of Los Angeles was released.

On Wednesday Alec gave his first live TV interview about the book on ABC's daytime program 'The View.' In addition to Alec's story, Jill Egizii related her experiences as a mother battling parental alienation and how she has spent years out of the life of her children. I was also interviewed regarding the need for family law reform and shared parenting.

There was strong opposition from several groups protesting the content and airing of the program. Executives at ABC indicated their email system was overwhelmed by all the negative traffic.

Our thanks to Alec Baldwin for his courage in writing a candid book about his personal experiences with parental alienation and the courts. We also thank ABC and 'The View' for having the courage to tackle this controversial subject.

The View's audience is predominately female. I'm pleased to report there was significant support from both the audience and the hosts for improving the family law system in such a way that children are able to maximize their relationships with both parents, regardless of the parents marital status. 'The View' was a positive for Shared Parenting.

Click here
to see a couple of photographs from the show.


Mike McCormick, Exec. Dir.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

US: Prison Numbers Hit New High

New figures showing that US incarceration rates are climbing even higher, with racial minorities greatly overrepresented in prisons and jails, highlight the need to adopt alternative criminal justice policies, Human Rights Watch said today.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Destructive 'Sole Custodial Parent 'Model

HI Peter,

Hope all is well with you.

Appreciate if you could post this around to your contacts and on your website.

Kind Regards
Peter van de Voorde
Presenter and Researcher
+61 4286 48691

Peter van de Voorde September 2008
In order to enlighten those who are still in denial about the existence of Parental Alienation and to show the destructive consequences of the Sole Parent Custody model, I have amended the “Biderman’s Chart of Coercion” to illustrate how the same brainwashing techniques are used by sole custodial parents to control every aspect of their children’s lives, and how they are able to eliminate the non-custodial parent out of their child’s life with ease. They are able to drag these unfortunate manipulated children into adulthood with a false perception of reality, leaving the community to pick up the pieces of the resulting problems these dysfunctional parents have created.
This clearly shows why the “sole parent custody model” has to be abolished before we can even begin to move forward to relieve the nightmare our children face under the current system.
To remove all checks and balances by allowing a Sole Custodial Parent to remove half of a child’s biological family, who can provide those checks and balances during their childhood and formative years, with impunity, leaves our children open to all types of abuse including but not limited to physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse.
This is State sponsored Child Abuse and is a gross violation of the universally accepted human rights of non custodial parents and their biological children.
Biderman's Chart of Coercion:
(When applied in the context of the destructive Sole Parent Custody model)

"Most people who brainwash...use methods similar to those of prison guards who recognize that physical control is never easily accomplished without the cooperation of the prisoner. The most effective way to gain that cooperation is through subversive manipulation of the mind and feelings of the victim, who then becomes a psychological, as well as a physical, prisoner."
from an Amnesty International publication, "Report on Torture", which depicts the brainwashing of prisoners of war.


* Deprives children of social support, effectively rendering him/her unable to resist
* Makes children dependent upon abusive sole custodial parent.
* Develops an intense concern with self.

Once a child is away from longstanding emotional support and thus reality checks, it is fairly easy to set a stage for brainwashing. Psychologically abusive sole custodial parents work to isolate children from friends and family, whether directly, by requiring the individuals to forsake friends and family for the sake of the sole custodial parent, or indirectly, by preaching the necessity to demonstrate one's love for her/him by "hating" one's father, mother, family, friends.

Abusive sole custodial parents are not outward-looking, but inward-looking, insisting that their children find all comfort and support and a replacement family within the new sole custodial parent household. Cut off from friends, relatives, previous relationships, abusive sole custodial parents surround their children and hammer rigid ideologies into their consciousnesses, saturating their senses with specific doctrines and requirements of the sole custodial parent.

Isolated from everyone but those within the sole custodial parents’ group, children become dependent upon group members and leaders and find it difficult if not impossible to offer resistance to the sole parent’s ideologies. They become self-interested and hyper-vigilant, very fearful should they incur the disapproval of the sole parents’ group, which now offers the only support available to them which has the approval of the sole custodial parent.

Warning signs
The seed of extremism exists wherever a sole custodial parent demands all the free time of a child, insisting their child be at her/his beck and call when he/she demands it, and calling the child to account if she/he isn't, is critical or disapproving of any involvement with friends and family outside their sphere of influence, encourages secrecy by asking that their children not share what they have seen or heard at home with outsiders, is openly, publicly, and repeatedly critical of other biological family members of the child such as the other parent or family members who don’t share the sole custodial parents’ ideology, is critical when their children visit or come into contact with anyone with a different view of reality from that of the sole custodial parent, checks up on the child in any way, i.e., to determine that the reason they gave for being in contact with others outside of her/his control was valid, or makes contact with those who share the views of the sole custodial parent mandatory, in order for the child to maintain the emotional support of these abusive parents.

Once a child stops interacting openly with others, the sole custodial parents’ influence is all that matters. The child is bombarded with the sole custodial parent groups’ values and information and there is no one outside this group with whom to share thoughts or who will offer reinforcement or affirmation if the child disagrees with or doubts the values or power of this group.

The process of isolation and the self-doubt it creates allow the sole custodial parent and her/his followers to gain power over the child. These controlling parents may criticize major and minor flaws of the child, sometimes publicly, or remind them of present or past sins. They may call the child names, insult them or ignore them, or practice a combination of ignoring them at some times and receiving them warmly at others, thus maintaining a position of power (i.e., the sole custodial parent calls the shots.)

The sense of humiliation makes children feel they deserve the poor treatment they are receiving and may cause them to allow themselves to be subjected to any and all indignities out of gratefulness that one as unworthy as they feel is allowed to share their life with the sole custodial parent at all. When these abusive parents treat the child well occasionally, they accept any and all crumbs gratefully. Eventually, awareness of how dependent they are on the custodial parent and gratitude for the smallest attention, contributes to an increasing sense of shame and degradation on the part of the children, who begin to abuse themselves with "litanies of self-blame," i.e., "No matter what they do to me, I deserve it, as sinful and wretched as I am. I deserve no better. I have no rights but to go to hell. I should be grateful for everything I receive, even punishment."

Monopolization of Perception

* Fixes attention upon immediate predicament; fosters introspection
* Eliminates stimuli competing with those controlled by sole custodial parent
* Frustrates all actions not consistent with compliance

Abusive sole custodial parents insist on compliance with trivial demands related to all facets of life: food, clothing, money, household arrangements, conversation, activities and contact with others. They monitor the children’s appearances, criticize language and any sign of a child’s independent behaviour. They insist on precise schedules and routines, which may change and be contradictory from day to day or moment to moment, depending on the whims of the sole custodial parent.

At first the child in this situation may think these expectations are unreasonable and may dispute them, but later, either because they want to be at peace or because they are afraid, or because everyone else appears to be complying, they attempt to comply. After all, what real difference does it make if they are not allowed to wear a certain color, or to wear his/her hair in a certain way, to eat certain foods, or say certain words, to go certain places, watch certain things, or associate with certain individuals. In the overall scheme of things, does it really matter? In fact, in the long run, the child begins to reason, it is probably good to learn these disciplines, and after all, as they have frequently been reminded, they are to submit to the authority of the sole custodial parent as unto the Lord. Soon it becomes apparent that the demands will be unending, and increasing time and energy are focused on avoiding the sole custodial parents’ disapproval by doing something "wrong." There is a feeling of walking on eggs. Everything becomes important in terms of how the sole custodial parent or her/his associates will respond, and the child’s desires, feelings and ideas become insignificant. Eventually, the child may no longer even know what they want, feel or think. The sole custodial parent has so monopolized all of the child’s perceptions with trivial demands that children lose their perspective as to the enormity of the situation they are in.

Abusive sole custodial parents may also persuade their child that they have the inside track with God and therefore know how everything should be done. When their behavior results in disastrous consequences, as it often does, their child is blamed. Sometimes these abusive custodial parents may have moments, especially after abusive episodes, when they appear to humble themselves and confess their faults, and the contrast of these moments of vulnerability with their usual pose of being all-powerful endears them to the child and gives hope for some open communication.

Threats sometimes accompany all of these methods. Children are told they will be under God's judgment, under a curse, punished, chastised, chastened if they leave the sole custodial parent and her/his associates or disobeys them. Sometimes the sole custodial parents, themselves, punish the child, and so children can never be sure when abusive custodial parents will make good on the threats which they say are God's idea. The child will begin to focus on what they can do to meet any and all of the sole custodial parents’ demands and how to preserve peace in the short run. Abusive sole custodial parents may remove children from their other parent and other members of their biological family, control all the money of the child, arrange marriages, destroy personal items of their children or hide personal items.

Warning signs:
Preoccupation with trivial demands of daily life, demanding strict compliance with standards of appearance, dress codes, what foods are or are not to be eaten and when, schedules, threats of God's wrath if the sole custodial parents’ rules are not obeyed, a feeling of being monitored, watched constantly by the sole custodial parent and/or her/his associates. In other words, what the sole custodial parent wants, believes and thinks their child should do becomes everything, and the child feel preoccupied with making sure they are meeting the standards. It no longer matters whether the child agrees that the standards are correct, only that they follow them and thus keep the peace and in the good graces of their sole custodial parent.

Induced Debility and Exhaustion

People subjected to this type of parental abuse become worn out by tension, fear and continual rushing about in an effort to meet the sole custodial parents’ standards. They must often avoid displays of fear, sorrow or rage, since these may result in ridicule or punishment. Rigid sole custodial parents’ demand and require that their child comply with all of their unreasonable and abusive demands, making the exhaustion and ability to resist the emotional and psychological pressure inflicted on them even worse.

Warning Signs:
Feelings of being overwhelmed by demands, close to tears, guilty if one says no to a request or goes against the abusive parents’ standards. Being intimidated or pressured into volunteering for duties attending to the demands of the non custodial parent and subjected to scorn or ridicule when one does not "volunteer." Being rebuked or reproved when the child’s interest, desires, needs or wishes are put before the child’s responsibility to attend to the demands of the sole custodial parent.

Occasional Indulgences

* Provides motivation for compliance

Abusive sole custodial parents often sense when their children are making plans to leave and may suddenly offer some kind of indulgence, perhaps just love or affection, attention where there was none before, a note or a gesture of concern. Hope that the circumstances of their troubled relationship will change or self doubt ("Maybe I'm just imagining it's this bad,") then replace fear or despair and the children decide to stay a while longer. Other sole custodial parents practice sporadic demonstrations of compassion or affection right in the middle of desperate conflict or abusive episodes. This keeps their children off guard and doubting their own perceptions of what is happening.

Some of the brainwashing techniques described are extreme, some sole custodial parents may use them in a disciplined, regular manner while others use them more sporadically. But even mild, occasional use of these techniques is effective in gaining power.

Warning Signs:
Be concerned if as an older child you have had an ongoing desire to leave a sole custodial parent you believe may be abusive, but find yourself repeatedly drawn back in just at the moment you are ready to leave, by a call, a comment or moment of compassion. These moments, infrequent as they may be, are enough to keep hope in change alive and thus you sacrifice years and years to an abusive parent.

Devaluing the Individual

* Creates fear of freedom and dependence upon the sole custodial parent
* Creates feelings of helplessness
* Develops lack of faith in individual capabilities

Abusive sole custodial parents are frequently uncannily able to pick out traits their children are proud of and using those very traits against their children. Those with natural gifts in the areas of music may be told they are proud or puffed up or "anxious to be up front" if they want to use their talents and denied that opportunity. Those with discernment are called judgmental or critical, the merciful are lacking in holiness or good judgment, the peacemakers are reminded the Lord came to bring a sword, not peace. Sometimes efforts are made to convince their children that they really are not gifted teachers or musically talented or prophetically inclined as they believed they were. When a child begins to doubt the one or two special gifts they possess which they have always been sure were God-given, they begin to doubt everything else they have ever believed about themselves, to feel dependent upon the abusive sole custodial parent and afraid to leave the abusers’ “care” ("If I've been wrong about even *that*, how can I ever trust myself to make right decisions ever again?").

Warning Signs:
Unwillingness to allow their children to use their gifts. Establishing rigid boot camp-like requirements for the sake of proving commitment to the sole custodial parent before gifts may be exercised. Repeatedly criticizing natural giftedness by reminding their child they must die to their natural gifts, that Paul, after all, said, "When I'm weak, I'm strong," and that they should expect God to use them in areas other than their areas of giftedness. Emphasizing helps or service to the sole custodial parent as a prerequisite to acceptance by the abuser. This might take the form of requiring that any child wanting to be accepted in any way first have the responsibility of cleaning toilets or cleaning the house for a specified time, that the child wanting to engage in any personal hobbies or activities must first attend to the demands of the sole custodial parent, or that before exercising any gifts at all, members must demonstrate the ultimate loyalty to the abusive sole custodial parent by faithfully demonstrating this loyalty by denouncing the other parent. No consideration is given to the child’s age or vulnerability, powerlessness or his/her unique talents or abilities by the sole custodial parent. The rules apply to everyone alike. This has the effect of reducing every child to some kind of lowest common denominator where no one's gifts or natural abilities are valued or appreciated, where the individual is not cherished for the unique blessing he or she is to the body of Christ, where what is most highly valued is service, obedience, submission to authority, and performance without regard to gifts or abilities, vulnerability or, for that matter, individual limitations.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rape Case Thrown Out When 'Victim' Sends Accused Cards, Love

A Winnipeg man awaiting trial for rape has had all charges dropped after the alleged victim admitted she sent the accused cards and explicit love letters behind bars.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

If the person who brought proceedings against New Zealand ( Van der Plaat) could contact me it would be very much appreciated .

Dear Subscribers,

We are pleased to provide you herewith the fourteenth 2008 distribution of treaty body recommendations through the list serve administered by the Human Rights Treaties Branch, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Please, do not reply to this message.

For your information, we attach the final decisions of the Human Rights Committee, adopted at its 93rd session, held in Geneva from 7 to 25 July 2008, in respect of individual complaints presented under the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The decisions are provided in the original language of adoption, with translations into additional languages to be found in due course on the Treaty Body Database of the website of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (

In the following eleven cases, the Committee found, in its decision on the merits of the case, one or more violations of the Covenant.

Aboushanif v Norway
Dissanayake v Sri Lanka
Bandaranayake v Sri Lanka
Sathasivam et al v Sri Lanka
Kohoutek v Czech Republic
Komarovski v Turkmenistan
Maksudov et al. v Kyrgyzstan
M.G. v Germany
Vlcek v Czech Republic
Preiss v Czech Republic
Kalamiotis v Greece

In the following four cases, the Committee found, in its decision on the merits of the cases, no violation of the Covenant.

X.Y. v Spain
Donskov v Russian Federation
Jenny v Austria
Sipin v Estonia

In the following ten cases, the Committee found the complaint to be inadmissible.

Sanjuan Martinez et al v Uruguay
Tadman v Canada
Van der Plaat v New Zealand
Chadzjian et al v Netherlands
Fernandes et al v Netherlands
Yemelianov et al v Russian Federation
Pham v Canada
Aduhene Agyeman v Germany
Brown v Namibia
Kibale v Canada

Human Rights Treaties Branch
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

You have received this notification because you are subscribed to the treaty bodies listserve maintained by OHCHR. This list distributes information relating to the recommendations of the seven human rights treaty bodies: the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination; the Human Rights Committee; the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women; the Committee against Torture; the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; the Committee on the Rights of the Child; and the Committee on Migrant Workers.
Should you no longer wish to receive these notifications, you may unsubscribe from the following webpage: Enter your email and click on "unsubscribe". New subscribers may join the list from the same page.
**Please note that this list does not allow subscribers to post messages to other subscribers. Incoming correspondance to the list email address is not monitored. Please do not send messages to this address**

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Alec Baldwin Crucifies the Family & Divorce Court System!

"Corrupt, Inefficient, Lazy, and Stupid" is how Alec Baldwin describes the lawyers, judges, and others who are part of the Divorce and Custody Industry. Yes, it's an industry which generates billions of dollars of revenue and income for the states and all of the players within the system.He's got it nailed, that's for certain.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Protest at judge's home

Protest at judge's house
10:15AM Sunday Sep 21, 2008

People with a beef against the justice system are taking their grievance to a High Court judge's home this morning.

A demonstration is planned about now outside Justice Judith Potter's house in Epsom in Auckland.

Organiser Benjamin Easton, who describes himself as a disaffected father, says the public have little hope when they come up against the system.

He says the protest is about making a noise to "blow the whistle" on the justice system.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kiwi Fathers Activists Return to Street Protests


September 2008

From Fathers Day 2008 (NZ), fathers working in coalition will join with other rights based protest groups organising a Sunday morning street based campaign protesting outside the homes of selected public figures.

Protest organiser Benjamin Easton, a disaffected father from Auckland now living in Wellington claims that the protests should be dubbed "the whistle blowing protests".

"When the general public watch a parliament funding debacle on the news," says Mr Easton, “the public are not told about the other relevant controversies in the country. Street and residence based protests blowing the whistle on judicial, political corruption and the media's neglect are likely the best way to get traction and gain the public's attention".

The first protest was held successfully on Father's Day in front of the National Party's law and order spokesman Simon Power's house. Mr Easton is adamant that the subjects should not be limited to one institution like the Family Court. "The public figures focussed upon should be representative of the highest offices in the country”.

The public figures subjected include judges, lawyers and politicians and Mr Easton extends the scope to the media. “If the media are not going to cover these major and controversial issues then the protests should extend to the media”. Mr Easton states that the protests are non violent. "The thing we should achieve is that the people we subject get to hear what it is they directly choose to forget. Violence is not necessary to achieve this goal. While people like Mr Power can ignore the allegations of judicial malfeasance the public cannot be protected from how he would use his power if he is elected. If he is prepared and protected to ignore the need for an investigation into other people's corruption then there is no security that corruption isn't alive and well".

The first protest was held in Wellington on 14th September .

Benjamin Easton
(a) Fathers Coalition

New Zealand

(027) 390 2169

Friday, September 19, 2008

Family Life: Does Sarah Palin's husband give dads a new voice

Christopher Noxon is a freelance writer. Any opinion in the column are solely those of Mr. Noxon. You can e-mail him at By Christopher Noxon LOS ANGELES (Reuters Life!) - By drafting Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential pick,...

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

This article hits home because my nightmare started after I was accused by the maternal family of child abuse. Since then many lying lawyers and other unscrupulous professionals have leached blood money from the misery.How does one achieve justice? Never give up. Yeah right who listens in this corrupt evil country!

False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Protect Yourself from a False Accusation of Child Abuse

Karen Stephenson

11th September 2008

A false allegation of sexual abuse against a child is the weapon of choice in vicious custody battles fought in family courts across North America. It should be a crime.

York Regional Police arrested a man for sexually abusing his young daughter. He claimed he was innocent but a blood-stained pair of his daughter’s underwear was given to police as evidence by his ex-wife. Had it not been for D.N.A. testing this man would have been convicted and labeled a pedophile for life. Police discovered that his wife had intentionally cut herself and put her blood on the underwear. She was charged with public mischief and fined $25.

Many men are targets of a venomous false allegation during custody battles as a tactic in an attempt to attain sole custodial rights. Sexual abuse allegations are a form of emotional abuse. This form of abuse has become so widespread during divorce that it has been coined the S.A.I.D. (Sexual Allegations in Divorce) Syndrome.

Dr. Reena Sommers, M. Sc., Ph.D., has worked in the field of issues surrounding parenting, custody, domestic violence and false allegations for over a decade. She has provided expert testimony in Canadian and American courtrooms. Dr. Sommer's extensive research has discovered that accusers generally share similar personality traits. They tend to be overbearing, demanding, manipulative, insensitive, self-righteous and generally fail to assume any responsibility for family problems. Accused men also share common characteristics. Some of these include: naïve, compromising, committed to the family, caring and lack insight to the seriousness of family problems.

Bottom line, parents that are falsely accused of sexual abuse rarely see it coming. There is a strong focus on making things work in the relationship so when the allegation hits, it is as though there was no warning. There are warning signs to watch out for.

SAID Syndrome Patterns

The allegation occurs after separation and possibly legal action between the parents has started.

Family dysfunction has been a part of the marriage relationship.

The female’s personality tends to be histrionic (emotional and attention seeking).

The male tends to be a passive-dependent personality.

The child is typically female and under the age of eight. The child may show signs of behavioural patterns of verbal exaggerations, inappropriate affective responses and discrepancies in relating the incident.

The allegation is first communicated by the mother.

Making a false allegation in itself, is abusing a child. Often, the child must undergo unnecessary and intrusive medical and psychological examinations. Depending on the age of the child, it can cause a permanent rift between the child and the accused parent. The rift, combined with negative information given by the mother to the child creates parental alienation syndrome (PAS). (It is noteworthy that many women are also victims of PAS.)

Never Give Up

If you are a victim of a false allegation, never give up the battle for what is right. Reverend Dorian Baxter was a victim of false allegations. Not only did his ex-wife falsely accuse him, the child protection worker took her allegations and fabricated further “evidence”. It took this courageous man ten years of fighting and legal debts of $350,000 to not only win his case, but he got sole custody of his two daughters. Reverend Baxter in his battle for justice made history in the province of Ontario. He is the first person to successfully sue the Children’s Aid Society. Unfortunately his victory still left him $100,000 in debt as the courts awarded him only $250,000.

If You Are a Victim

If you or someone you know is a victim of a false allegation, seek help. Fathers Are Capable Too is a good start. Although based in Toronto, they are one of the largest non-custodial parents’, father's rights and children’s rights organizations in Canada. They are able to assist those who are out of area to other resources.

Our society needs strict laws to aid in the education process to send a clear message out there that no one has the right to make a false allegation. False allegations should be a criminal offence.

Monday, September 15, 2008

'My dearest daughters, today I say goodbye' FATHERS4JUSTICE

A fathers-4-justice member says goodbye to his daughters after a 4 year battle

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Break through parenting online
Dear Peter,

Dr. Jayne Major is one of the few practicing psychologists who connect the dots between the current inappropriately adversarial family law system and the epidemic of parental alienation that results directly from the disastrous “winner-take-all” approach to family law of the sole-custody model of divorce, that inevitably pits one parent against the other to the detriment of their children. We highly recommend the Breakthrough Parenting Course that Dr. Jayne Major announces below:

Divorce, child custody disputes, lawyers, minors counsel, monitors, restraining orders, family law court, evaluators, angry ex-spouses, disobedient children, parental alienation, exorbitant amounts of money gone -- what can you do?

I am Jayne Major, Ph.D. and I have specialized in a parent education intervention program in divorce and child custody disputes for over 25 years. I have taught classes and written books and articles for parents that thousands have used to help them first understand better what is happening in their family, and second, most of all, what they can do about it.

On my new website, under the tab Divorce and Child Custody , I have included a five part plan for parents who are going through a difficult child custody dispute. The information here has helped countless parents and it is easily available to you!

The Divorce and Child Custody section includes:

The Breakthrough Parenting Course

Creating a Successful Parenting Plan

Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS):

a. Parents Who Have Successfully Fought PAS
b. Helping Clients Deal with Parental Alienation
c. The Causes, Costs and Controversies of PAS

Questionnaire "Am I a Parent Alienator?"

Gregory Mantel Show on Parental Alienation

Furthermore, I am pleased to tell you that my entire course, Breakthrough Parenting: Moving Your Family from Struggle to Cooperation, is now online and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any where in the world! I invite you to become a member of the world's most comprehensive, online parenting class and community site.

Parents who are going through difficult divorces and child custody disputes need to have excellent parenting skills to combat the troublesome behaviors of children who are floundering, confused about who to believe and showing distressed behaviors. You can count on an improvement in your child's behavior and a firming up of the loving bond between you and your children when you use the breakthrough methods.

Parents may receive a letter of participation at any time as they move through the course and an official "Certificate of Completion" when they finish the course.

What will you learn in

Outstanding Communication Skills

Win/Win Problem Solving Methods

Building Self-Esteem for all Family Members

Stress Management, Anger and Conflict Resolution

Deciding on the Best Parenting Style for Your Family

Discipline, Boundary and Limit Setting vs. Punishment

How to Talk About Sensitive Subjects includes:

Breakthrough Parenting Text Book

Breakthrough Parenting Workbook

Audio Recording of Breakthrough Parenting Book

Video of Dr. Major Teaching Each Class

Radio Show from the Parent Empowerment Hour

"Ask Dr. Jayne," Articles, Forum, Blogs

Divorce and Child Custody Comprehensive Program

Proof of Enrollment, Progress Reports and a Certificate of Completion will be sent to you FREE. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

"People underestimate the complexity and difficulty of parenting children. Given what is at stake, a lifetime of misery or joy, parents should run, not walk, to parenting classes."

Jayne A. Major, Ph.D. Los Angeles Times September 23, 2007

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fathers' rights official tried to ruin man's custody case

This has happened to me in New Zealand twice since my miscarriage of justice started in 2001. It must be sinister Labour government policy, because they fund the spies that infiltrate fathers' groups.

Fathers' rights official tried to ruin man's custody case
Fiona Hamilton, London Correspondent
September 13, 2008

Britain’s leading fathers’ rights charity is in turmoil after it emerged that one of its senior figures used the organisation to influence a child custody hearing against a father, The Times has learnt.

Families Need Fathers (FNF) is to pay tens of thousands of pounds in damages and legal costs after one of its officials admitted writing a defamatory letter to a judge in an attempt to undermine the father’s custody case.

Steve Stephenson, FNF’s London branch organiser, admitted that he should not have made the “false and defamatory allegations”, which were vetted by the head office of the government-funded charity.

The case has highlighted the secrecy in which the family justice system is shrouded, because the father – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was unaware of the allegations against him for several months.

It was only when the father, a working professional in his fifties, requested correspondence from his file that it came to his attention and he refuted the allegations. Three court hearings had taken place in the meantime.

News of Mr Stephenson’s intervention, which was written on an FNF letterhead and incorrectly alleged that the court had been deceived by the father, ignited a fierce reaction. On an online forum for FNF members one wrote: “Does anyone know why he would represent something detrimental to children and against FNF’s main aim? Has he lost the plot?”

The charity receives a government grant of more than £300,000 a year and David Blunkett, the former Home Secretary, is one of its patrons. Bob Geldof is also a supporter.

Mr Stephenson wrote the letter in July last year. He was assisting the ex-wife in the hearing by acting as her “McKenzie Friend” – an aide for litigants without legal representation.

The father said: “FNF’s role in this matter is especially surprising because it is an organisation that campaigns against injustices in the family courts.”

Jon Davies, the chief executive officer of FNF, said that a mistake had been made and an apology made. He said new policies had beeen drawn up, and distributed to all staff and officers within FNF, to ensure that such actions were not repeated.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

F4J Founder Matt O'Connor with a few wise words

To the Fathers Movement,

To the people trying to tear me and my family down, who have used children in a way to attack me that no Judge or lawyer has ever done; god forgive you for what you have done.

To those who attack and rail at me; devote your energies now to tearing down the system, not the person who did the most in a lifetime (with the help of others), to do exactly that.

To the people complaining I have gone, you wanted me gone, so here is your opportunity to demonstrate what you can do.

To the people hung up on the name, move on. You can't sail a ship without a captain or fly a plane without a pilot. The name will be torn to a million pieces and tarnished beyond recognition. It has already begun.

To the Americans, free your country of your neutered leadership and it's phony, criminal legitimacy. It is a perversion of everything I ever stood for. Rid yourself of charity and commit to direct action or condemn the next generation. Please, for America's children, do not squander the rest of the US Election. They are counting on you...

To the Canadians, unite behind Kris Titus and follow her to the ends of God's earth.

To those in the UK, get behind those who speak with fairness and balance and of new ways forward. Focus on the construction of a new vehicle, move forward - nobody gives a damn about the badge, or what you wear - it is the people underneath that matter.

To those who continue to stamp, twist and pervert the name, what worth is it? It will become a millstone around your necks within 6 months as it did before and it will reduce our legacy to a laughing stock in the press. Respect my original vision of a 3 year campaign with a beginning, middle and end. Be grateful it endured as it did.

Take the best of you, knit together the fabric of a new campaign and leave the worst of you to fester in their bitterness and anger.

I don't just have faith in you. My children do, and they thank you for starting something that will create a more powerful entity to complete the work F4J was unable to do.

So rise up, stand up, reach up and grasp the lightening rod of change. Join the men of change, the men of justice who work in that ministry and speak of integrity and fairness.

Stand together with them and you will be as strong as the foundations I tried to set down during my service.

And if I had a dying wish it would be to ensure that with every passing day, those that work in the Devil's Labyrinth that is the family justice system, are reminded what damage they do when they pervert the course of true justice.

Of that I pray, we would all agree.

Matt O'Connor
Founder, Fathers 4 Justice

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cartoon: Glenn takes a bite out of Labour

New Zealand is saturated in political corruption.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Payments point to prime - carer dads

Little wonder New Zealand is saturated in social chaos with a vicious feminist Prime Minister. The gender bias government does not collect statistics that would help balance social policy. Helen Clark has done more damage to fathers and the family than a nuclear bomb could hope to achieve. When is this callous cow going to be incarcerated, so we can help repair the damage and lift the spirits of common sense folk. Good people are tired of her corrupt antics and unlawful gender discrimination tactics.I am a solo dad. I must ask the Minister of Courts for the statistics on how many kiwi fathers' have sole custody? I would be better off asking a concrete lamppost. I wonder when this snake Minister is going to answer the United Nations directive?

Labour are evil and many of them should be in a prison cell.Our vulnerable children don't deserve to be let down by a moronic bunch of freaks who are guilty of criminal malfeasance and negligence.

http://www.theaustr 0,25197,24309731 -2702,00. html

The Australian
8 September 2008

Payments point to prime-carer dads
By Patricia Karvelas, Political correspondent

A quarter of newly divorced dads are becoming the main carers of their children, with new registrations with the Child Support Agency showing fathers are increasingly receiving child support payments from their former partners.

CSA figures show that in 2002 there were 65,393 or 10.2 per cent of women paying their ex-male partners child support. But the latest 2008 figures show that has increased to 93,432, or 12.6 per cent. About 23.4per cent of cases registered with the agency in the first six months of this year had a male receiving child support.

Increasingly, parents paying child support also have more contact with their children, according to the data.

In 2002, 93 per cent of parents had sole custody of their children but that has decreased to 89.3 per cent, the lowest ever.

Shared custody (where the secondary parent cares for children more than 30 per cent of the time) is at its highest rate of 11 per cent.

Federal Minister for Human Services Joe Ludwig said the new figures revealed Australian families were changing dramatically. "There's been a growing trend in recent years towards fathers being the main carers and receiving child support from their former partners," he said.

"It means there's a new generation of children in separated families growing up in vastly different circumstances than Australian children 20 years ago.

"It's a combination of changing attitudes, the realities of today's Australia and greater government resources to help parents at a difficult time in their lives."

At the moment, the overall main carer ratio is about 87 per cent women and 13 per cent men.

"The latest registration figures show almost a quarter of receiving parents are separated fathers," Senator Ludwig said.

Elspeth McInnes, convener of Solo Mums Australia for Family Equity, said the new figures had resulted from a push from the federal Government to give fathers more custody rights. In 2005, John Howard commissioned University of Sydney law professor Patrick Parkinson to design a system to balance the interests of men and women.

Under his plan, custodial parents, mostly women, keep their family tax benefits, which are shared between both parents under the old scheme. But the parent with custody receives less in maintenance payments.

The data also shows that about 60 per cent (350,000) of all paying parents in the child-support system have a taxable income of $30,000 per annum or less.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Marriage Strike

Many men are turning away from marriage because of the financial ramifications of divorce.

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POEM - Illegal Immigrants

I cross ocean,
poor and broke,

Take bus,
see employment folk.

Nice man
treat me good in there,
Say I need
go see Welfare.

Welfare say,
'You come no more,

We send cash
right to your door.'

Welfare checks,
they make you wealthy,

it keep you healthy!

By and by,
Got plenty money,

Thanks to you,

Write to friends
in motherland,

Tell them
'come, fast as you can'

They come in turbans
and Ford trucks,

I buy big house
with welfare bucks.

They come here,
we live together,

More welfare checks,
it gets better!

Fourteen families,
they moving in,

But neighbor's patience
wearing thin.

Finally, white guy
moves away,
. .
I buy his house,
and then I say,

'Find more aliens
for house to rent.'

In my yard
I put a tent.

Send for family
they just trash,
But they, too,
draw welfare cash!

Everything is
very good,
Soon we own
whole neighborhood.

We have hobby
it called breeding,

Welfare pay
for baby feeding.

Kids need dentist?
Wife need pills?

We get free!
We got no bills!

He pay all year,
To keep welfare
running here.

We think New Zealand
darn good place!
Too darn good
for white man race.

If they no like us,
they can scram,
Got lots of room
in Pakistan.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fathers Day - Revenge is mine said the Lord

Happy Fathers Day, especially all the men struggling with the orchestrated injustice of the Family Court. I suppose the survivors of the injustice should be thankful we didn’t take the suicide is painless option. RIP Wayne C, Joe L and Ralph C. God have mercy on your souls and God exact revenge on the criminals that staff the Family Court.

I will expose the masonic lawyers and judges who fleece men and their creepy network of power. For example shall I ring the Family Court report writer, John Watson a member of the parole board and clinical psychologist. This highly paid state official was directed by Judge John Strettell to leave my mother out of Family Court proceedings, because the lengthy litigation had caused major health problems for my dearly loved mother. This sneaky two-faced prick did not adhere to the judge’s directive and continued too maliciously hound my mother. She died heartbroken four days after one of his upsetting phone calls. John Watson had succeeded in his mission. He just lives around the road. Should I go and give him a father’s day present? Yeah right, the corrupt police would like that. I think Church is the better option.

The sick Family Court use ex-partners to maliciously attack them in secret closed family courts with no due process but most importantly NO JURIES.
Heather Mills only one example of the lies golddiggers get away with in these dens of iniquity.

The Family Court is a dirty fight and the damage to my four children has been horrific. I cannot express in words the disgusting antics of CYFS, lawyers, judges, counsellors, psychologists and police.

If I had known back then what lay ahead for my family and four children I would not have helped create four beautiful and much loved children into this lying corrupt world.

Happy Fathers Day – yeah right where is my megaphone judge!

Revenge is mine said the Lord.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The new face of feminism

The new face of feminism

Andrea Mrozek,

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

She's unqualified. Anti woman. A "right-wing man in a skirt and fetching up-do." Feminists went apoplectic when Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was chosen as Senator John McCain's running mate. The same feminists who keep saying we must have more women in politics suddenly changed their minds. We need more women--just not that kind of woman.

How did we manage to get here? Different waves of feminism have rolled in since the suffragettes fought for the right to vote. Today, few are sure what feminism is. If all it means is the right of women to self-determination and to equal opportunity then virtually no one stands against it. That battle has already been won.

North American feminists should be working to extend the fundamental freedoms they enjoy to parts of the globe where such freedoms are absent. But instead, they pitch a package of partisan political beliefs at home. Their palette is left-wing and non-negotiable -- especially the part about unrestricted access to, and, ideally, public funding for, abortion.

But the "choice" label is not something every woman wants.

In this very polarized context, it's not surprising that only the very strongest of conservative and pro-life female politicians would rise to the top. It takes a lot of guts not only to stand up to the kind of sisterly abuse described above, but also to compete effectively in a traditionally male-dominated field. To those untainted by ideology, Sarah Palin is gritty determination personified. To establishment feminists, however, she's a disaster.

Why? Two words: family values. She has five kids (which is at least four too many for a dogmatic, career-obsessed feminist) and she's pro-life, even in cases of rape and incest. That she also insists on having the rewarding career that feminists wish they had themselves is just too much. It's driving her feminist opponents around the bend -- they now find themselves criticizing her for neglecting her children, which is more than a little rich coming from people who never tire of reminding mothers that staying at home to look after their children is a cardinal sin.

It's not a pretty sight. But at least it beats what we're getting here in Canada , where the communications machine goes into shutdown mode at the slightest sign of controversy. Indeed, the clearest sign an election is truly in the offing came when Justice Minister Rob Nicholson ditched Bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Crime Act, which would have made a violent attack against a pregnant woman a worse offence by recognizing the death of both the mother and her unborn child. Many Canadian politicians -- and especially Conservative ones -- are scared stiff of being thought of as remotely "pro-life," so we get no debate at all. The fact that polls showed 77% of Canadians supported Bill C-484 counted for nothing.

Ultimately, feminism -- in its current manifestation as a hodge-podge of left-wing positions on abortion, gender quotas and family law -- has become a brittle, insecure ideology. Nothing highlights this better than the animus feminists reserve for a woman like Sarah Palin.

Hers is the new face of feminism. Get ready to see more of it.

Andrea Mrozek is manager of research at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bent pig to become credible Lawyer?

Listening to National Radio Nine to Noon yesterday I heard a very interesting Kathryn Ryan interview with legal commentator Robert Lithgow, QC. They were discussing the preposterous prospect that will see a sacked Assistant Police Commissioner Clint Rickard becoming a lawyer.

The question arose, do Lawyers have to be credible?
The Queens Counsel replies; “ Credibility is utterly irrelevant according to the new Act”

Credible - Collins English dictionary;
1 capable of being believed
2 trustworthy or reliable

Why was Rickard dismissed from the Police again?

I am both appalled and astounded that being a fit and proper person of credibility is not deemed a necessary character trait in the administration of the New Zealand laws. Rickard who I call a bent pig can be the right kind of person to play Denny Crane in Kiwi Legal? Surely his historical behaviours demonstrate a total lack of judgement and self-control? This deranged pervert has made a mockery of New Zealand Police Standards of respectability and integrity. Bent pig has disgraced and dishonoured the New Zealand police, but he can play lawyer in a court of fools. Come on pull the other one. What is the state of the Mental Health of this Nation? The land of the long black lie!

The Bill of Rights gives the bent pig the chance to rub more salt into his many victims’ wounds. He was acquitted of rape? How unusual –yeah-right - bent pigs got a habit of doing that. A Senior Sergeant from Ashburton Police told my partner and me that “ police regularly lie in court to protect there own.” Good stuff bent pig Mr Kelly. The Police are corrupt and must be cleaned up!

The judges don’t care about credibility. The Court is only concerned that the officers of the Court do not let personal opinion hinder the administration of the law. The lawyers must adhere to the underlining provision, which is the rock solid principle that they fully support the correct administration of law. This logic creates the adversarial litigation process, which is the bread and butter of the judiciary. This insane logic leads us to the fact that we don’t need credible people presenting respectful submissions to judges.

A recent case in Melbourne demonstrates that a gangster’s mole and widow can legally strut her stuff in the Courts of deception. Lawyers move on to be judges, however the credibility standard and code of ethics remains the same. Round and round the Westminster law system we go, then we all fall down dizzy, broke and heart broken.

The law is a sick joke .How can they call them Courts of Justice when the extremely well paid workers don’t have to be credible? No wonder I feel nauseous everytime I enter a Courthouse.

No wonder the many lawyers I have encountered since my travesty started in 2001 are such rotten bastards and bitches.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Girl power | The Australian

IT was the 1990s. The women's movement was enjoying a pop cultural moment. The Spice Girls' motto was girl power and Canadian crooner k.d.lang showed lesbians could come out and enjoy acceptance and fame, fostering the media's flirtation with lipstick lesbians.

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