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The Father's Bulletin
A Newsletter for members of World Fathers Union
April 29, 2007

Greetings, Johns and Janes!
John X. here. Marketing weenies know this kind of thing instinctively, but for the rest of us, it sometimes takes a while.
What's the best way to keep people thinking about you?
Answer: You send them stuff in the mail.
At least, that's the stock answer, used by hack marketers who still believe that 'any publicity is good publicity,' even if it annoys the bejaysus out of the very people they're trying to reach. The post office version is junk mail; the electronic version we call SPAM. Both are an blight on humanity and tend to make the recipients want to run the sender through a meat grinder and flush the result down the can.
But, there's big difference between members of an organisation such as World Fathers Union and the victims of marketing slime-think at, say, Columbia Louse Video Club. For one thing, our members are never solicited to buy anything...and for another, we're a family, working together for mutual aid and support and to make the world a better place for our children.
With that as my heraldic device, I have managed to persuade the very proper John T. that an e-mail newsletter to our members doesn't qualify as Stupid Pernicious Advertising Material. This was a hard sell (if you saw how much spam John T. gets each day, you'd understand why) but I did it by shamelessly appealing to his ego. After all, one of the positive results of this new venture should be to get our members to visit the News Page a bit more often and admire all the work he does on it. (You can admire my contributions to the Father's News Browser while you're at it, if you like.)
In any event, we're pleased to present the first edition of our new Members' Newsletter, The Father's Bulletin. If you have any complaints, contributions, or suggestions, please e-mail me, John X. (If you want to say what a wonderful idea it is, e-mail John T.) I'm going to try to put this out at least once a month, weather-permitting. You'll get individual mailings in between issues when there is something special to report.
Technical note: Some e-mail programs do not support e-mail messages such as this one which call outside URLs to present images (or some users block that feature). If you are viewing this e-mail in text-only format, you may see it on the web with the missing graphic content by clicking here.
News from the Union
News about members, events, and activities at World Fathers Union

Project Announcements
The International Model Code of Family Justice
An important and wide-reaching law project is being undertaken by World Fathers Union.
The Union's International Model Code of Family Justice Project is a major, global effort to develop a model legal code, which, when completed in 2008, will present a codified family law system designed to be the standard against which all jurisdictions can measure their existing domestic relations statutes and rules of procedure.
Directing the project is John F. Smith. 'The first step,' he explained, 'is to determine the scope of the code. We will need to address all of the many complex issues which can give rise to disputes among the members of separating families. In the first draft of the project prospectus, we have defined 10 chapters.'
Among the issues presently in those chapters are Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Family Violence, Child Kidnapping, Contempt, and Enforcement, said John F. Smith.
'Other difficult issues need to be addressed as well,' he continued. 'Adoption and Consent issues are closely intertwined with Paternity, and the conflicts of rights in those areas must be resolved. And of course, there is the question of expert witnesses and intervenors. Family law is a very wide field, and we must not neglect any part of it, because so much of present family law is based on old ideas of adversarial justice. This is what we need to remedy.'
The Model Code will not treat only the issues which the parties bring before the courts, but it will also treat the way in which the courts and legal practitioners deal with them. Many fathers' movement critics feel that this is one of the most important aspects of the problems facing men seeking a fair hearing for their children.
'There will be individual chapters devoted to Rules of Procedure for Family Courts, and Ethical Conduct for Family Law Practitioners, ' said John F. Smith. 'There will also be a chapter specifically devoted to judges, referees, and what are known in some jurisdictions as "special masters."
'In sum,' said John F. Smith, 'the Model Code will be designed to provide absolutely equitable treatment of parents in all issues arising under its scope. But it will do something even more important: It will encourage parents to agree, by eliminating any advantage to them in disagreeing.'
Great emphasis will be placed on devising statues and rules which actively discourage parents from going to court in the first place. All perceived advantage which one spouse could hope to achieve through fighting a custody battle through the courts will be eliminated. Under the Model Code, there will be no monetary or control advantage to gaining custody--only an equitable division of responsibility and the parental authority necessary to fulfill it. Said John F. Smith, 'The Code will eliminate the destructive power games that fuel these disputes by apportioning the power evenhandedly. Neither father nor mother will have anything to gain by fighting...and everything to lose.'
'This,' he continued, 'is the essential ingredient lacking in all family law codes today. Divorce has become big business, an all-consuming industry, because current family law encourages parents to fight. It is an adversarial system, with built-in bonuses for the 'winner'. But what these codes fail to do is realise that the children are always the losers. That must be changed.'
Calls are currently being sent out to members, Institutional Affiliates, and individuals to participate in the process of creating the International Model Code of Family Justice. 'That is step two,' said John F. Smith. 'We will now assemble our working group. A new page will soon appear on the Union's website to describe the project in detail, and to enable interested parties to become part of the process.'
--John T.


Project Spotlight: The First Report
This is a news item from last November, but it's still important.
November 23, 2006 marks an important milestone in the Union's Project SPOTLIGHT history. Our researchers have been working on the first study in the programme since early April of 2006, and the planning and design of the project began over six months before that. Now, finally, the first report is ready, and you can read it here on our website. A brief article about the report also appears on the News Page story index.
This is an important report, because the subject judge of the study is not just an ordinary family court judge, he is the Associate Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec in Canada, a man with an extraordinary amount of power in that province.
Thanks go out to the entire research team: John T. for helping co-author the report; John P1 and John B. for helping read the seemingly endless list of court decisions; Dr. Jane K. and John CG for vetting the statistical work; and attorney-members John A. and John K. for their help in consolidating the legal aspects discussed in the introduction.
--John F.


New Members and Affiliates
One of the Union's prime mandates is to united the fathers' movement worldwide. Our Institutional Affiliate program offers fathers' groups the opportunity to 'network' with others through the Union's information and press coordination services, while allowing them to retain full autonomy. Affiliates are identified on the Union's WORLDWIDE RESOURCES page by boldface type. We are please to welcome two new Institutional Affiliates this month.


Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition
The Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition is a fathers' aid group in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in the United States. Attorney and activist Rinaldo del Gallo III is the founder. The Coalition takes as its mandate 'to provide both members and non-members easy access to important legal information, free legal seminars, and up-to-date legal news.'


Los Angeles Chapter, National Coalition of Free Men (NCFM-LA)
The Los Angeles Chapter of the National Coalition of Free Men joins the Affiliate list this month as well. NCFM's Los Angeles chapter, as part of a global men's movement for gender equality, raises awareness about and combats sexism against men in family courts, domestic violence policies, criminal sentencing, military conscription, media, education, public health policies and other areas, using public speaking, media, lawsuits, legislative advocacy, rallies, tabling and other activism tools. The group holds local meetings and also provides limited emergency advocacy and transport to a battered men's shelter. Marc Angelucci is President of the chapter.


New 'Friends' Around the World
The Union often works with fathers groups which aren't yet Affiliates, and also with specialised advocate organisations around the world which deal with narrow gender issues affecting fathers and children. Such organisations can provide valuable information for fathers on specific legal, medical, or psychological issues. This month, we have worked with two such organisations to help spread the word on important issues and events.

Figli Negati ("Children Denied") is an Italian fathers organisation, part of the larger group Armata di Papi ("The Fathers' Army"). Giorgio Ceccarelli is in charge of this very active and energetic organisation, which has produced two major demonstrations in Rome in the last month. We hope to welcome Figli Negati as an Affiliate very soon.

RADAR ("Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting") is a specialised advocacy group working to promote fairness and accuracy in domestic abuse law. This month the Union became one of a number of international signatories to a RADAR organised initiative to block the I_VAWA bill currently before the United States Senate.
New member roster
The Union is pleased to welcome John AA Smith (CAN), John A2 Smith (USA), John RB Smith, and John 98 Smith (?) as new members this week.

The Father's Daily Press Clips
Top stories from the Union's NEWS PAGE

If you don't visit the Union's NEWS PAGE frequently, you're missing out on a vast amount of important information and commentary for fathers all over the planet. John T. and I post new stories almost every day, and we update the departments weekly or more often with the kind of opinion and analysis you need to keep yourself informed. Remember, if you don't know what's happening to other fathers, you can't use it to help your own case.
Please note that some of the links below will only bring up the stories themselves; they will not bring up our entire News Page. John F. tells me that there's a long-winded technical explanation for that, but since I don't understand it, I'm not going to try to repeat it. Just use one of the links at the bottom of each story page to bring up the rest of the site if you want to read more.


There's no doubt that the Alec Baldwin affair has made the news in a big way. Normally, we keep the trashy celebrity divorces out of the hard news index (although I have been known to slide one into the News Browser from time to time since they offer so many lovely opportunities for the sort of snide jabs in which we serious journalists aren't normally supposed to indulge)--but this one's an exception because, as a result of Baldwin's supersonic boom at his alienated daughter treating him like a non-entity, the real argument over parental alienation and what that does to a man is finally getting some ink from the more thinking members of the press. Even John T. thought this one worthy of a bit of coverage, and you'll find a story from Newsweek, Baldwin Speaks Up on the news page index, as well as a couple of items in the News Browser about some very good coverage on ABC News.
The big deal, apparently, is that some men's organisations and commentators have had the temerity to defend Baldwin's conduct, which, although caused by the frustration attendant on having had his daughter alienated against him, is on the face of it just too damned easy to call 'inexcusable' or 'unforgivable' . So in that way, Alec hasn't done us--or himself--any favours. But Glenn Sacks has been quoted as remarking that in the long run, this affair will probably do more good than harm. "I think it'll give a lot of men in the same position the courage to fight back."


In Australia, things seem to be changing for the better in family court. At least that's the gist of a long and thoughtful examination of family law reform, one year after. The Quiet Revolution, from Australia's The Age, talks about how the new laws, which went into effect last July 1st, have started to change the Australian family court system from an adversarial venue to a place where, just possibly, someone might actually be able to solve a problem. That's a radical thought, but according to quite a few commentators, it seems to be working. Fathers groups in Australia are generally pleased with the changes; some women's groups are not, especially with the clause that awards costs against anyone found guilty of having knowingly made false allegations against their partner. While that may or may not say something about women's tactics, one female family law barrister opined that she 'doesn't know what happened to the women's movement during the inquiry [which preceded the law project's institution] , but it took its eye off the ball.'


Two stories about a New Zealand father whose complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Committee has born fruit are also currently running on the News Page. Father denied justice by NZ courts, says UN, from the New Zealand Herald, and UN slams delays in Kiwi child access case from both relate the story of a father who was groundlessly accused of child sexual abuse by his children's mother--and never charged by the police--but who spent close to three and a half years fighting it through to the appeals court. He's now lost access to his daughters and is still fighting for access to his son. But the UNHRC says the delays in police investigations and court proceedings have denied him a fair trial and violate Article 14(1) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which was signed by the NZ government in 1979. The present government now has 90 days to answer this charge.


The Myriam Bédard International Child Abduction story coming out of Canada has been in the shadows since early this year, while everyone waited for the justice system to catch up. (If you've missed the beginning of this one, see John T.'s editorial, 'Celebrity, how fickle is thy fancy,' or go to the December Archives to get the stories about her arrest in the U.S. for international child abduction from Canada.) But now that a brief hearing on the merits of the charge have been laid, a few stories have turned up again, even one in the People's Daily from China. John T. ran that one, because it contained more details than the domestic versions of the wire reports.
The story is interesting because it has a few weird elements to it. For one thing, it began with the usual 'sorry pal we don't enforce custody orders' line from the cops. Only becaused Bédard is a household name (in Canada, at least) with enough beef to get the press on the case were the police finally nudged into doing their policely duty for the father. For another, when Bédard was finally arrested in the US and incarcerated, she faced the possibility of a long procedural wait in jail while the extradition papers were processed... but the RCMP in Canada obligingly went and got her after only a week or so. Finally, once she got back here, she somehow managed to wind up with full custody of their daughter even while she was out on bail for child abduction. Weirdest of all, her bail conditions included a requirement that she be supervised at all times when in contact with the child. Figure that out if you can....


There's also been a lot of ink and electrons spent on pizza recently. Yes, pizza. Everyone from Glenn Sacks to yours truly has taken a whack at the Butler County (Ohio) Child Support Enforcement department and their 'Most Wanted' pizza-box stickers depicting so-called 'deadbeat dads'. The issue made national television in the U.S., as well as the AP wire, CNN, and who knows how many local papers which picked it up. My contribution is buried about seven items down in the current edition of The Father's News Browser. Glenn Sacks handled it on his blog but we've archived it here. Considering the Butler County authorities only managed to convince three pizza parlours to cooperate, there was what one might call a 'disproportionate amount' of press coverage...but then, if nothing else is sacred to the American psyche, pizza is. Yeah, that must be it....


Since we're talking about child support, I ought to mention another recent story: This one's truly frightening. In Allentown, Pennsylvania, a man on a work-release program who'd been jailed for child support he couldn't pay, was shot dead by police while he was trying to kill himself because he couldn't bear to be returned to prison. One cop shot him twice--in the back--according to the story; his partner just stared at him and screamed, 'What the F*** are you doing?'. This one bothers me a lot, not only because we've 'lost' another father to the system, but because the press reports concentrated on the police-brutality aspect and only mentioned in passing the reason the guy hauled out a box-cutter to slash his own throat. The story we ran is from the Allentown (PA) Morning Call; click here to see it.


There's lots more on the News Page, and new stories are added almost every day. Right-click this link and add it to your Favourites or better yet, make it the home page for your web browser. Keeping up with what's happening to fathers everywhere is important. You never know when some other father's story will give you the vital piece of information you've been waiting for.
John X. Smith, Associate Editor
World Fathers Union News Page

A day may come when the courage of men fails...
But it is not this day.


World Fathers Union is an all-volunteer research and outreach NGO. We work to foster cooperation and unity amongst fathers-aid groups worldwide working for equity in the family courts of all nations. We do statistical research, compilation, and analysis of trends in social and legislative policy affecting fathers and children, and we provide outreach programs to fathers and children in distress worldwide. Membership in the Union is free, anonymous, and open to everyone.
World Fathers Union, P.O. Box 278, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 4B2. www.worldfathersuni

Thank God that Judge Boshier is thinking about mediation

30 Apr 2007

The Prinicipal Family Court Judge says it's inevitable that a mediation system will be set up for separated families to sort out their differences without a judge needing to be present.

Policymakers are considering the results of a Family Mediation Pilot, which which began in 2005 and finished last June in Christchurch, North Shore, Hamilton and Porirua.

It allowed parents to work through disputes without the time pressures imposed by the court system. Children took part in only 6% of the cases.

Judge Peter Boshier says that if the system is to be introduced, it must be made absolutely clear that agreements reached through mediation will be final and legally binding.

He says he hopes people will be encouraged to take part by the fact that a judge is not presiding over the case.

Copyright © 2007 Radio New Zealand

Steve Bayliss
F4J Wales-Cymru

Bringing Dads From Around The World.....Together

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Piggy dearest it's International PAS day .

Piggy dearest
April 28, 2007

Alec Baldwin and his daughter, Ireland.
Photo: AP

A special day places the spotlight on the sort of parenting skills associated with your average celebrity, writes Raymond Gill.

DID YOU KNOW that last Wednesday was an important national day? Not Anzac Day. That's fine and all. Soldiers and stuff, but, you know, time to move on.

More importantly, it was also the day marked in countries around the world as Parental Alienation Awareness Day. To be more specific it was the Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting Awareness Day (PA-HAPAD).

It may sound like some kind of rights group invented by a scriptwriter for the purposes of an emotionally manipulative and politically worthy movie of the week, but no, this is real life founded by the appropriately named Sarvy Emo in the US - obviously.

Parental Alienation is a condition considered by the Parental Alienation Awareness Association to be a form of child abuse whereby children - whatever their age, even 58 - have been emotionally manipulated by one parent to get at another. This is the case where one of their (divorced or divorcing) parents is a selfish, manipulative, lunatic - so that accounts for statistically 90 per cent of all divorces.

In the US the heartbreak this syndrome causes runs particularly deep, because - as we know from TV and movies - it deprives Americans the inalienable right to blubber: "Daddy/Mommy I Looove You!!!!" each time they get into the Hummer to hit the shopping mall.

PA-HAPAD in Australia this week was, according to, marked with "posting flyers and putting advertisements in local papers" while, in Canada, activists blanketed a fence in Yellowknife "by hanging three plywood signs that read: Stop Parental Alienation".

In the US it was a much, much bigger deal as victims' stories of PA syndrome were unleashed across the media.

This second annual PA-HAPAD might not have the attention it deserved if not for the Alec Baldwin incident last weekend when the actor called his 11-year-old daughter Ireland a "thoughtless little pig" in a phone message that you can now download as a ringtone on your phone, or hear as the really cool "Alec Baldwin Father of the Year Mega-Mix" on

As the PAA website reminds us, the "selfish, vindictive and malicious actions by the alienating parent" leaves its victims "disturbed, confused, frightened and robbed of their sense of security and safety". The really nasty parent is never you of course but the manipulative, money-grubbing monster with whom you are locked in a custody battle. Which for Alec happens to be his ex, actress Kim Basinger, who last time anyone checked in on her was lying on the floor in front of a fridge eating strawberries off Mickey Rourke in 9 1/2 Weeks.

While Americans, it seems, are quite relaxed about the effects of handguns and small rockets, not to mention eating fruit off the floor, they will not tolerate parents scolding their children. While they are willing to forgive Mel Gibson for anti-Semitic rantings, calling a brat a brat is verboten.

All week, US blogs and websites have gone ballistic as the country takes he-said-she-said sides over whether Kimbo or Alec is the bigger pig in the issue but where does this leave the piggy in the middle, little Ireland?

For some, Alec's outburst was - as any self-respecting children's rights organisation will declare - completely inappropriate. But as anyone will know who has supplied a 12-year-old with an expensive mobile phone that somehow is never audible or charged, or on the child when you want to talk to them, or has been programmed with a ringtone alerting the kid the call is from a parent they don't want to talk to, then "pig" is a relatively mild term, in fact it's almost a term of endearment.

Alec Baldwin could not get through to his child, literally or figuratively and Kimmy was too busy Fed-Exing her answering machine tape to gossip website to help. Life sure is tough for "slebs" who are judged so much more harshly than mortals.

It's perhaps the patron saint of all celebrity parents, Joan Crawford, who was most vilified - posthumously - for her parenting skills courtesy of the Mommie Dearest tell-all. But did anyone ever stop to think that wooden coathangers are better than wire ones?

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Gone Fishing

Myths and facts about domestic violence

NZ - Care of Children Bill Section 52 - Procedure for dealing with proceedings cases involving violence.
(1)“Nothing requires the Court to make any inquiries on its own initiative in order to make a determination on the allegation.
(2) If the Court us satisfied that a party to proceedings (the violent party) has used violence against the child then the Court must not make
(a) an order giving the violent party the role of providing day –to-day care for the child to whom the proceedings relate ;or
(b) any order allowing the violent party contact ( other than supervised contact ) with that child .

I was never violent to my two alienated daughters however six years later I stare out the window asking myself – how could this happen? RIP mum as my nightmare was too much pain for her to endure so she left this evil and twisted planet.

This is an interesting article from Mothers4Justice friends I have in England.

Myths and facts about domestic violence
There are many common myths that surround domestic violence. Here we try to separate fact from fiction.
Myth: "It's just a domestic tiff. All couples have them."

Fact: Violence by a man against the woman he lives with commonly includes rape, punching or hitting her, pulling her hair out, threatening her with a gun or a knife or even attempting to kill her. Often women who have been abused will say that the violence is not the worst of their experiences - it's the emotional abuse that goes with it.
Emotional abuse can include controlling the woman, possibly depriving her of money, clothes, food or sleep. He may try to isolate her from her friends, family and support networks, not letting her use the telephone or may even lock her in her home. Constant criticism is common - constantly telling her she is ugly, stupid or useless.
Between one or two women are killed by their violent partners or an ex-partner in England and Wales every week.
There is no place for physical, sexual or emotional abuse in a healthy relationship.
"The physical harm, although awful, was often over in minutes - but the mental and emotional abuse never went away - it was there 24 hours a day."

Myth: "It can't be that bad or she'd leave."

Fact: Women stay in violent relationships for reasons ranging from love to terror. There are also practical reasons why women stay; they may be afraid of the repercussions if they attempt to leave, they may be afraid of becoming homeless, they may worry about losing their children. They may fear poverty and isolation.
Some women have experienced domestic violence just don't have the confidence to leave. They may be frightened of being alone, particularly if their partner has isolated them from friends and family. It can be very tempting to return to him. She might decide to go back because the children are really missing their dad, or because she is frightened and insecure and is not getting enough support. Some women believe that their partners will change and that everything will be fine when they go home.
"The kids were really missing their dad, they didn't understand why we had to leave, we had no money, we were living in a lousy bed and breakfast, so we went home to try again."

Myth: "Domestic Violence only happens in working class families."

Fact: Anyone can be abused. Domestic violence is not confined to working class or so-called problem families. It happens to urban and rural communities, in high rise estates and middle class suburbs, in white and in ethnic minority families. Any woman can be abused, regardless of her age. She might be any of the women you have come into contact with: your sister, your daughter, your mother, your friend, your colleague or your neighbour.
Domestic violence crosses all boundaries, whether social, economic, professional, religious or cultural.

Myth: "They must come from violent backgrounds."

Fact: Many men who are violent towards their families or their partner come from families with no history of violence. Many families in which violence occurs do not produce violent men. The family is not the only formative influence on behaviour. Blaming violence on men's experience can offer men who abuse an excuse for their own behaviour, but it denies the experiences of the majority of individual survivors of abuse who do not go on to abuse others.
A violent man is responsible for his own actions and has a choice in how he behaves.
"It's not really his fault - his father used to beat him."

Myth: "She must ask for it/deserves it/provokes it."

Fact: No one 'deserves' being beaten or emotionally tortured, least of all by someone who says they love you. Prolonged exposure to violence can have the effect of making the woman believe that she deserves to be hurt. It distorts confidence and some women may start to rationalise their partner's behaviour. Often, the only provocation has been that she has simply asked for money for food, not had a meal ready on time or been on the telephone too long.
Women often blame themselves because they have been consistently told that the violence is all their fault.
There is no justification for violence.
"I went off sex, after the kids, I was often too tired - but he didn't understand, I can't really blame him for raping me."
"He said I was a lousy housekeeper, not at all like his mother."

Myth: "My partner is only violent to me - he never harms my children."

Fact: 1 in 3 abused children show a history of violence to their mother. Over a third of Childline callers said their mother's partner had also abused them or their brothers and sisters. Witnessing or hearing violence has been shown to have a range of long term effects on children including guilt, shame, underachievement at school, terror, aggressive behaviour, low self-esteem, bedwetting, eating disorders, depression and insecurity. A third of children present try and intervene to protect mothers thus putting themselves at risk of physical harm.

Myth: "My children do not know about the violence."

Fact: Even very young children remember their fear of witnessing violence in later years. Babies may show poor health, be irritable, cry a lot and have sleep problems, which get better once removed from the violent situation. Many children recall overhearing abuse and have said that not knowing if their mother was alive was more distressing than directly witnessing the violence. They sometimes felt guilty for not intervening to stop the violence.

Myth: "If social services find out about the violence in my home, they will take my children away."

Fact: Whilst it is true that social services will want to make sure your children are safe, only a very small number of children are made the subject of care orders and removed. Social workers will not take your children away if they can work with you to make sure they are safe.

Myth: "It is wrong take children away from their father."

Fact: Fathers play an important role in children's lives, but children also need to be safe. Research studies found that in 40% to 60% of cases where women were abused, the same man also abused the children. 76% of children ordered by the courts to have contact with violent parents continue to be abused.

Myth: "If I leave, my children and I will be homeless."

Fact: There are hundreds of refuge services throughout Britain that can provide temporary accommodation for you and your children. They can also assist you in finding alternative permanent or emergency housing or help you to remain in or reclaim your own home.

Thanks for the use of their material to Women's Aid Federation of England, who work to end violence against women and children.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How Personality Disorders Drive Family Court Litigation

Family Court is perfectly suited to the fantasies of someone with a
personality disorder: There is an all-powerful person (the judge) who will
punish or control the other spouse. The focus of the court process is
perceived as fixing blame - and many with personality disorders are experts
at blame. There is a professional ally who will champion their cause (their
attorney - or if no attorney, the judge). A case is properly prepared by
gathering statements from allies - family, friends, and professionals.
(Seeking to gain the allegiance of the children is automatic - they too are
seen as either allies or enemies. A simple admonition will not stop this.)
Generally, those with personality disorders are highly skilled at - and
invested in - the adversarial process. The lying custodial family who stole my children six years ago are consummate liars and surprise, surprise -no access to my children is in place !! I got another appointment in the Kangaroo de - family court - May 1st - to try and get some access ? I have tried to make contact to my daughters through the previous 150 odd court appearances.
The court is a sick joke and I expect to be fobbed off yet again by the filthy conniving judges !! Why all the lies , no wonder I feel vitriolic !!

How Personality Disorders Drive Family Court Litigation
By William A. Eddy, LCSW, Esq.

I was first exposed to the concept of personality disorders in 1980 when I
was in training as a therapist at the San Diego Child Guidance Clinic at
Childrens Hospital. The DSM-III had just come out and Axis II of the five
diagnostic categories required the therapist to diagnose the presence or
absence of a personality disorder. (The current DSM-IV uses the same
approach.) I quickly learned (often the hard way) that the presenting
problems on Axis I (e.g. depression, substance abuse) were simply replaced
by new ones, if an underlying personality disorder was not addressed in

Now that I have completed five years as a family law attorney, I have
frequently witnessed the same underlying issues in hotly contested family
court litigation - yet these remain undiagnosed and, therefore,
misunderstood. As those with personality disorders generally view
relationships from a rigid and adversarial perspective, it is inevitable
that a large number end up in the adversarial process of court. Since more
flexible and cost-conscious people nowadays are resolving their divorces in
mediation, attorney-assisted negotiation, or just by themselves, those
cases remaining in litigation may be increasingly driven by personality

The Nature of a Personality Disorder

Someone with a personality disorder is usually a person experiencing
chronic inner distress (for example fear of abandonment), which causes
self-sabotaging behavior (such as seeking others who fear abandonment),
which causes significant problems (such as rage at any perceived hint of
abandonment) - in their work lives and/or their personal lives. They may
function quite well in one setting, but experience chaos and repeated
problems in others. They look no different from anyone else, and often
present as very attractive and intelligent people. However, it is usually
after you spend some time together - or observe them in a crisis - that the
underlying distress reaches the surface.

As interpersonal distress, fear of abandonment, and an excessive need for
control are predominant symptoms of personality disorders, they place a
tremendous burden on a marriage. Therefore, intense conflicts will
eventually arise in their marriages and the divorce process will also be a
very conflictual process. In contrast to people who are simply distressed
from going through a divorce (over 80% are recovering significantly after 2
years), people with personality disorders grew up very distressed. It is
the long duration of their dysfunction (since adolescence or early
adulthood) which meets the criteria of a personality disorder.

Usually they developed their personality style as a way of coping with
childhood abuse, neglect or abandonment, an emotionally lacking household,
or simply their biological predisposition. While this personality style may
have been an effective adaptation in their "family of origin," in adulthood
it is counter-productive. The person remains stuck repeating a narrow range
of interpersonal behaviors to attempt to avoid this distress.

A personality disorder does not usually go away except in a corrective
on-going relationship - such as several years in a counseling relationship.
Until then, the person may constantly seek a corrective experience through
a series of unsatisfying relationships, through their children, or through
the court process. In a sense, untreated personality disorders don't fade
away - they just change venue.

Personality Disorders Appearing in Family Court

Probably the most prevalent personality disorder in family court is
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) - more commonly seen in women. BPD
may be characterized by wide mood swings, intense anger even at benign
events, idealization (such as of their spouse - or attorney) followed by
devaluation (such as of their spouse - or attorney).

Also common is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) - more often seen in
men. There is a great preoccupation with the self to the exclusion of
others. This may be the vulnerable type, which can appear similar to BPD,
causing distorted perceptions of victimization followed by intense anger
(such as in domestic violence or murder, for example the San Diego case of
Betty Broderick). Or this can be the invulnerable type, who is detached,
believes he is very superior and feels automatically entitled to special

Histrionic Personality Disorder also appears in family court, and may have
similarities to BPD but with less anger and more chaos. Anti-social
Personality Disorder includes an extreme disregard for the rules of society
and very little empathy. (A large part of the prison population may have
Anti-social Personality Disorder.)

Dependent Personality Disorder is common, but usually is preoccupied with
helplessness and passivity, and is rarely the aggressor in court - but
often marries a more aggressive spouse, sometimes with a personality disorder.

Cognitive Distortions and False Statement

Because of their history of distress, those with personality disorders
perceive the world as a much more threatening place than most people do.
Therefore, their perceptions of other people's behavior is often distorted
- and in some cases delusional. Their world view is generally adversarial,
so they often see all people as either allies or enemies in it. Their
thinking is often dominated by cognitive distortions, such as:
all-or-nothing thinking, emotional reasoning, personalization of benign
events, minimization of the positive and maximization of the negative. They
may form very inaccurate beliefs about the other person, but cling rigidly
to those beliefs when they are challenged - because being challenged is
usually perceived as a threat.

People with personality disorders also appear more likely to make false
statements. Because of the thought process of a personality disorder, the
person experiences interpersonal rejection or confrontation much more
deeply than most people. Therefore the person has great difficulty healing
and may remain stuck in the denial stage, the depression stage, or the
anger stage of grief - avoiding acceptance by trying to change or control
the other person.

Lying may be justified in their eyes - possibly to bring a reconciliation.
(This can be quite convoluted, like the former wife who alleged child
sexual abuse so that her ex-husband's new wife would divorce him and he
would return to her - or so she seemed to believe.) Or lying may be
justified as a punishment in their eyes. Just as we have seen that an angry
spouse may kill the other spouse, it is not surprising that many angry
spouses lie under oath. There is rarely any consequence for this, as family
court judges often believe the truth cannot be known - or that both are lying.


Just as an active alcoholic or addict blames others for their substance
abuse, those with personality disorders are often preoccupied with other
people's behavior while avoiding any examination of their own behavior.
Just as a movie projector throws a large image on a screen from a hidden
booth, those with personality disorders project their internal conflicts
onto their daily interactions - usually without knowing it. All the world
is a stage - including court.

It is not uncommon in family court declarations for one with a personality
disorder to claim the other party has characteristics which are really
their own ("he's manipulative and falsely charming" or "she's hiding
information and delaying the process"), and do not fit the other party.
Spousal abusers claim the other is being abusive. Liars claim the other is
lying. (One man who knew he was diagnosed with a Narcissistic Personality
Disorder claimed his wife also had an NPD simply because she liked to shop.)

How Family Court Fits Personality Disorders

Family Court is perfectly suited to the fantasies of someone with a
personality disorder: There is an all-powerful person (the judge) who will
punish or control the other spouse. The focus of the court process is
perceived as fixing blame - and many with personality disorders are experts
at blame. There is a professional ally who will champion their cause (their
attorney - or if no attorney, the judge). A case is properly prepared by
gathering statements from allies - family, friends, and professionals.
(Seeking to gain the allegiance of the children is automatic - they too are
seen as either allies or enemies. A simple admonition will not stop this.)
Generally, those with personality disorders are highly skilled at - and
invested in - the adversarial process.

Those with personality disorders often have an intensity that convinces
inexperienced professionals - counselors and attorneys - that what they say
is true. Their charm, desperation, and drive can reach a high level in this
very emotional, bonding process with the professional. Yet this intensity
is a characteristic of a personality disorder, and is completely
independent from the accuracy of their claims.

What Can Be Done

Judges, attorneys, and family court counselors need to be trained in
identifying personality disorders and how to treat them. Mostly, a
corrective on-going relationship is needed - preferably with a counselor.
However, they usually must be ordered into this because their belief
systems include a life-time of denial and avoidance of self-reflection.

In California, for example, Family Code Section 3190 allows the court to
order up to one year of counseling for parents, if: "(1) The dispute
between the parents or between a parent and the child poses a substantial
danger to the best interest of the child. [or] (2)The counseling is in the
best interest of the child." Even short-term counseling can help.

Therapists, in addition to being supportive, need to help clients challenge
their own thinking: about their own role in the dispute; about the accuracy
of their view of the other party; and about their high expectations of the
court. Further, therapists should never form clinical opinions or write
declarations about parties they haven't interviewed.

Likewise, attorneys need to also challenge their clients' thinking and not
accept their declarations at face value. More time should be spent
educating them to focus on negotiating solutions, rather than escalating
blame. As it applies to California, the court should make greater use of
sanctions under Family Code Section 271 for parties and attorneys who
refuse to negotiate and unnecessarily escalate the conflict and costs of

The court must realize that the parties are often not equally at fault. One
or both parties may have a personality disorder, but that does not
necessarily mean both are offenders (violent, manipulative, or lying). A
non-offending, dependent spouse may truly need the court's assistance in
dealing with the offender. The court should not be neutralized by mutual
allegations without looking deeper. Otherwise, because of their personality
style, the most offending party is often able to continue their offender
behavior - either by matching the other's true allegations for a neutral
outcome, or by being the most skilled at briefly looking good and thereby
receiving the court's endorsement.

The court is in a unique position to motivate needed change in personal
behavior. In highly contested cases, counseling or consequences should be
ordered. Professionals and parties must work together to fully diagnose and
treat each person's underlying problems, rather than allowing the parties
(and their advocates) to become absorbed in an endless adversarial process.
Because their largest issues are internal, they will never be resolved in

Related Website:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Scotland Let's make children the centre of our universe

From :
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 08:45:31 +0100 (BST)
Subject: [IMO/FFI] Let’s make children the centre of our universe

We have had to comment on major newspapers sites under
a name which does not include MEN.
The tragedy is that the national newspapers are so
anti male that any sign that a group promotes male
issues is immediately censored.

We are managing to get comment in the press under the
LJPR name.

Let’s make children the centre of our universe

west coast on 8:37am today

In Scotland children ARE at the centre of the universe
for the MOBSTERS controlling our courts.As our group
well know Scotlands fascist abuses of children ,and we
have many members who have seen the horrors of what is
going on ,instigated by legal despots who gain
financially from destroying a childs formative years.

Scotlands nuclear family has NEVER been under more
threat than from tyrannical decisions leaving many
thousands of our kids psychologically damaged by the
failures to ensure a childs sensitivities are
respected and protected.

Our group have years of experience watching the mob
taking control of the interactions between parent and
child and manipulating that to their ENORMOUS
financial advantage.To be in the middle of this mind
game makes you realise the political mobsters have
DONE nothing to stop this but encouraged the brutal
treatment of children that would include dawn raids
that is in the same league as Gestapo raids.We are
being dehumanized by propaganda that suggests this is
RIGHT .It is seriously WRONG to see the cruelty
inflicted on many children caught up in secretive
civil/family courts.

We need urgently to open the secret star chamber
courts to the utmost scutiny that will show it is
being run by MONSTERS with little concern for the
enormous harm our children endure when caught up in
asset stripping campaigns that children become part
of.It is SICK and despicable what is going on right at
the heart of Scotland .

We have NOTHING to smile about and we still do not
hear ANYTHING from the politicians asking for our vote
who have masses of evidence to show they have all
turned a blind eye to the atrocious behaviour of ALL
agencies attached to the child theft network operating
in Scotland at this time.

That our groups will continue to expose for ALL the
children of Scotland to be released from the sadists
lining their pockets at the utter expense of our
childrens spiritual and mental welfare.
We are creating a future generation of children living
in fear of a STATE machine that can withdraw at a
stroke the inter relationship with large swathes of
their family and most importantly their father who has
always been the strength in the family to protect
children from the utter abuses of a state rendering
machine .This a devious sinister shadow government
that is using extremes of psychology to try and turn
our kids into malleable weakened entities for the
STATE mobsters.


Petition To The UN :In the Interests' Of Children.

Petition To The UN: In The Interests' Of Children: NEWS BULLETIN Inbox


Dear Friends, on behalf of the “In The Interests' Of Children” tm Campaign Team ( ), we bring you this short news bulletin:-

International Parental Alienation Awareness Day Wed 25th-April-2007

Today Wed-25th-April-2007 marks International Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) Awareness Day. Although many of you may be familiar with PAS, there are still many others who are not aware of its existence and the impact it has on our children’s lives until it hits you.

PAS id defined by its founder Dr Richard A Gardner (1985) as:-

“The parental alienation syndrome (PAS) is a childhood disorder that arises almost exclusively in the context of child-custody disputes. Its primary manifestation is the child’s campaign of denigration against a parent, a campaign that has no justification. It results from the combination of a programming (brainwashing) parent’s indoctrinations and the child’s own contributions to the vilification of the target parent. When true parental abuse and/or neglect is present, the child’s animosity may be justified and so the parental alienation syndrome explanation for the child’s hostility is not applicable.”

The UN1503 campaign clearly recognises PAS, PAS is real, it exists, but sadly many of the often ulterior motivated Govts and often State authorities do not want to acknowledge the existence of PAS and/or its impact to our children. Most Governments’ stance can be summed up by the following quote:

'the professionals involved were ready to accept the excuses of the primary carer and abuser' - and - 'too often it seemed that too much time was spent deferring to the needs of the resident parent and not enough time spent on protecting vulnerable and defenceless children'.

You can learn more about PAS and counteracting the effects PAS (see ref Dr Lowenstein, New PAS Publication) by visiting the links on the campaign website.

Petition In Different Languages

Coming soon… we will be making available the petition in different languages, starting with Finnish, Spanish, French, German etc… Please contact us if you are able to help translate the petition ( ) into your native language for the campaign….

We Need *YOUR* Help !

Since the inauguration of the campaign website on 5th-Nov-2006 (Guy Fawkes Gunpowder plot – United Kingdom), we are currently at over 700 signatories from all parts of the industrialised World, to date we have support from and including:-

Geneva, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Chile, France, Serbia, Trinidad, Germany, Japan, Sweden, UK, Mexico, Spain, New Zealand, Greece, Ireland, Finland, Scotland, Argentina, Wales, Brazil and Australia…

In order to trigger the United Nations 1503 committee to launch an investigation to the widespread and systematic abuses against OUR CHILDREN, WE NEED many more UNIQUE signatures. Please continue to ask friends, family, work colleagues, grandparents… to sign the petition, for the sake of our children and future generations to come, every signature counts, and REMEMBER this is YOUR battle as much as it is ours. Don’t forget that paper versions of the petition can also be downloaded from the campaign website.

With the kindest of regards on behalf of,

In The Interests' Of Children ™

UN 1503 Campaign Team


ps. Please feel free to pass this email to others..

Every act is a boomerang . Do kind ones and sign the petition 4 our children.
In solidarity -4 the kids -d4j

Monday, April 23, 2007

ANZAC & the sad PAS day 25th April 2007.

Parental Alienation = is child abuse .We must stop it now !!

1. Alienating behaviours are often found in high conflict divorce and custody situations.

2. These behaviours, such as speaking negatively about a parent to, or in front of, a child, interfering with communication and visitation, and discussing inappropriate information with a child, such as details of the marriage, divorce, or court proceedings, can damage or destroy the bond between a loving parent and child.

3.Parental Alienation involves taking advantage of the suggestibility and dependency of children with the sole purpose of destroying a loving and warm relationship they once shared with a parent.

4.The most common symptom of children affected by Parental Alienation is their
severe opposition to, or fear of, contact with one parent when there is no justifiable cause to explain the child's behaviour.

5.Parental Alienation deprives children of their right to love and be loved by both

6.Parental Alienation is considered a form of child abuse as the alienating tactics
used on the children are confusing, frightening, and rob children of their sense of

7.Professionals agree that the problem of Parental Alienation exists and is damaging
to children and can affect them into adulthood with tragic consequences.

8.In 1994, more than 2.4 million North Americans were divorced, including the parents of more than one million children under the age of eighteen, with nearly as many unmarried couples with children separating.

9. With awareness comes education and understanding, and the power to stop the abuse of innocent children caught in the crossfire of the people they love.

We must stop this PAS for the of the CHILDREN .

Parental Alienation Day
Tomorrow, 25 April 2007, is International Parental Alienation Day Day.

“Parental Alienation behaviours are behaviours done by a 3rd party, which interfere with the normal parent-child relationship. These behaviours may be done by the other parent, extended family, courts, or social services. They may include such behaviours as speaking negatively to or about a parent in front of the child, interfering with communication and visitation, and sharing inappropriate information with the child.”

There are few cases that I am aware of where Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), or Hostile Aggressive Parenting was not a feature in the breakdown of family relationships, and the involvement of the Family Court almost guarantees that PAS will not only be present, but will be a part of one parent’s strategy of “winning” the children, family home and child support.

There is now a vast amount of research into PAS and its destructive consequences, but with the exception of very few cases, Jayden Headley springs to mind, the Courts and associated “professionals” have ignored the pleas of the alienated parent, and in some cases the children.

The reality is that few judges accept PAS as a form of child abuse, and in most cases the abuser is rewarded with full custody of the affected child. Likewise, Court appointed psychologists, despite being trained in the field of psychology, either don’t accept PAS as an abuse, are unable to link developing behaviours in affected children with PAS, or simply don’t listen or report on allegations or descriptions of PAS.

Over the years there has been the development of a network of affected parents, researchers, consultant social workers, doctors and others to bring about awareness of PAS and encourage the courts and associated professionals to take the behaviour and tragic results seriously. There is no doubt that PAS is child abuse, and therefore the Courts must be encouraged to intervene as soon as possible.
Parental Alienation Day is a time to bring about awareness of PAS, and to reflect on the millions of effected children and parents internationally.

Campaigners in the US have initiated a Petition to the United Nations 1503 Human Rights committee. The Petition reads;
“I/we the undersigned call on the 1503 Committee to investigate this systematic destruction of the rights of children and families by states and government agencies throughout the industrialised world”.

The Petition can be found here.
Many may question the ability and commitment of the United Nations to address such an issue, but the Human Rights Committee’s recent slamming of the New Zealand Family Court is very encouraging. Read NZ Herald report.
Information about the International Parent Alienation Day can be found here.

Wayne P

Kids Wisdom ? :-)

Kids Wisdom?

"Never trust a dog to watch your food." -Patrick, age 10
"When your dad is mad and asks you, 'Do I look stupid?' Don't answer." -Hannah, age 9
"Don't pull Dad's finger when he tells you to." -Emily, age 10
"When your Mom is mad at your dad, don't let her brush your hair." -Taylia, age 11
"A puppy always has bad breath-even after eating a Tic-Tac."- Andrew, age 9
"You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk." -Amir, age 9
"If you want a kitten, start out by asking for a horse." -Naomi, age 15
"Felt-tip markers are not good to use as lipstick." -Lauren, age 9
"Don't pick on your sister when she's holding a baseball bat." -Joel, age 10
"When you get a bad grade in school, show it to your Mum when she's on the phone." -Alyesha, age 13
"Never try to baptize a cat." -Eileen, age 8

US judge the children should always follow the cow !

Father's, and Mothers must have the courage, and knowledge to protect our children, and families from slavery, and/or destruction. Government does not have our best interest. It is only interested in our being a commodity, and or a fictitious person. Equity. Reclaim your fatherhood, and your motherhood. Divinely, and lawfully.

Sui Juris
4 the kids F4J all the way,
Children Need Parents Trust .

Adults Created By Fatherless Families

A judge will try a divorce case in the morning and place the children in the mother's custody. He will try a criminal case in the afternoon and send a man to prison for robbing a liquor store. The chances are three out of four that the criminal he sends to prison grew up in a female headed household just like the one he himself created that morning when he tried the divorce case. He can't see any connection between the two cases. The reason he can't is the time lag. The children he placed in the mother's custody were perhaps toddlers who would not yet rob liquor stores or breed illegitimate children. But they will grow older. They will become teenagers, boys capable of committing crimes of violence, girls capable of breeding illegitimate children. And then the chickens will come home to roost.
In 1980, crime increased by a startling seventeen percent. L.A. Police Chief Daryl Gates was flabbergasted. Nothing in the economy, he said, could account for such an increase. What did account for it was the huge increase in divorce and illegitimacy in the mid-1960s — plus the anti-male bias of the divorce courts which changed the father headed families into female headed families. The judges who placed the children in these families hoped they could force the fathers they exiled to subsidize the families they destroyed — to pay to have their children brought up in female headed households where they were more likely to be abused, neglected, impoverished, delinquent and sexually confused. They would like to blame the fathers for their own inability to create an alternative to the family.
The welfare system is equally responsible for subsidizing (therefore creating) female headed households. Like the divorce court judges, welfare bureaucrats would like to make biological fathers pay. They fail to understand what Margaret Mead explained, that fatherhood is not a matter of biology but a social creation. If these (merely) biological fathers are to pay, they must become (or be allowed to remain) real fathers in Mead's sense, men with a role such as that taken away from ex-husbands by the divorce court. They need to be given better motivation than "We will find you. We will make you pay." This latter motivation will not create real fathers. Real fathers must be created, as Mead says, by society. Our society is doing the opposite — destroying millions of fathers through its divorce courts and its welfare system.
Much of the social breakdown now going on is the result of the attempt to find taxpayer-funded alternatives and ex-husband-funded alternatives to fatherhood, the creation of which must always be one of society's primary responsibilities. The anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski said that if the family ever ceases to be the pivotal institution of society, we shall be confronted with a social catastrophe compared to which the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution are insignificant.
There is no substitute for it. We should stop trying to find one and recognize that the weakness of today's family is the consequence of society's failure to support the father's role, the role most in need of society's support. The biological weakness of the father's role is not a reason for throwing fathers out of the family but a reason for strengthening their role within it.
A Georgia judge named Robert Noland routinely places children in the mother's custody when he tries a divorce case, and justifies what he does by saying,
"I ain't never seen a calf following a bull. They always follow the cow. So I always give custody to the mamas."
The reason Judge Noland never saw a calf following a bull is that cattle don't live in two-parent households. If we want to live like cattle, Judge Noland has the right idea.

Jim Bailey -

Peter, Jeremy, Jimmy-B, Wayne-F and all,

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Be great to see you there – I am sure we can find you a billet for the week

If you come up via Taupo – Kerry – Jimmy – Jack – Wayne-F, I hope and I will be at the Paalvast’s Monday 23-July on the way

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Yes Jim I will be attending the intended action in the end of July in the Hawkes Bay region .

Greetings from BC Batman

Greetings Liberators from F4J Canada and the Vancouver BC Batman.

This April 25/2007 marks Parental Alienation Day Internationally and as such Fathers4Justice Canada superheroes from coast to coast will be manning overpasses and freeways armed with F4J Canada banners in support of this occasion.

F4J Canada teams participating in this event include the Durham region of Ontario, York region of Ontario , Vancouver BC, Victoria BC and Yellow Knife NWT.

A media release will be issued from our National Director, Kris Titus shortly.

Time To Rock.

It is in Action we are defined.

Fathers4Justice Leading The Way.

Robert Robinson - National Action Director - Fathers4Justice Canada - 1-877-F4Justice - Ext.915

In solidarity - ANZAC F4J Batman .

More from my good friend Jeremy Swanson

Jeremy Swanson
Fathers and Men's Rights Activist

"For The Children”
Ottawa, Ontario Phone: (613) 237-1320 ext 2438 swanson@storm. ca

Sunday 22nd April 2007

Canadian activist takes on Status of Women Canada on behalf of Canadian Men and Fathers

A landmark legal case starts Monday 23rd April at 10.00 am in the British Columbia Supreme Court when our brother Fathers Rights Activist Ken Wiebe of BC Fathers is going to trial in his legal suit against radical feminists within Status of Women Canada and the Federal Minister responsible for SOW. The trial is expected to take two weeks.

See the BC Fathers website here: http://www.fathers.

Ken and many other activists quite rightly took exception to the statements and actions of radical feminists Pierette Bouchard, Isabelle Boily, Marie Claude Proulx when they alleged in a taxpayer funded report (School Success by Gender: A Catalyst for the Masculinist Discourse) that men's groups were engaging in a media-internet war to discredit feminists and challenge and reduce 'gains' made by the women's groups. The defendants also stated in the document that men's-and therefore by extension-fathers rights be treated and labelled as "hate -mongering" hate speech and therefore hate-crime. They prepared a "hit-list" of Men and Fathers Rights Activists and the plan was to have men's and fathers rights groups monitored and investigated by the Canadian security services. The documentation obtained by Ken shows clear evidence that the defendants made obvious defamatory reference to and likened all men's activists to pedophiles and other deviants. The list is extensive. In other words they were referring to people like us. Here is an example of the kind of statements made in the report...... ..

“…In light of the growing use of the Internet by masculinist groups to develop misogynist sites inciting violence and the growing number of discussion groups used to promote hatred of women, we suggest that a monitoring organization be established, similar to Hate Watch, but focussed solely on gender social relations… "…It would also be useful to maintain, publish, disseminate and update a list of misogynist groups… "

"Some statements also incite hatred and violence….” “…We also recommend that consideration be given to whether legal action can be taken under Section 319 of the Criminal Code…” “…We have found a discourse of hate, often violent and unchecked, directed at women and feminists…. …"This is one of the peculiar features of the Internet: it enables extremists, racists, supremacists, heterosexists, misogynists, and other individuals and groups from the right and extreme right to openly espouse their opinions without any restrictions…” (Hmmm now where have we seen that before..? JS)

So fair activist do you see yourself as a "hate-mongerer" ? Do you understand that merely by being active in the field of Fathers rights that the people at Status of Women would like to see you fall into a category and labelled as an "extremist" a "racist", a "supremacist" , a "heterosexist" , a "misogynist" , a "pedophile" a "pornographer" and a "masculinist. " Are you "violent and unrestrained" and "hateful?" Are you "violent" and "dangerous to women"? Are you a "terrorist"? Do you think that merely by protesting inequities in law and demanding equal rights under the law and according to the Charter that you "incite fear and hatred" ? Do you believe that as men and fathers exercising our rights as citizens of Canada that we should be monitored and reported to the police and investigated- and even arrested -as "hate mongerers"? Do you believe that these feminists have the right to insist that we be treated as criminals in our own country-pursuing our rightful method of legal non violent protest? Do you believe we should have to put up with this defamatory outrage as a result of a report paid for with our tax dollars and written by people who are paid with our tax dollars too? How far are we prepared to let these people go? How close to another chapter in history in another place is this reality which we call the best country in the world-Canada? "

WE NEED TO SUPPORT OUR BROTHER KEN WIEBE. After all he is doing this as much for us as he is doing it for himself and his own family. If you can't donate to him or get to the courthouse to support and stand with him then at least please send him and email of support and solidarity. His email is Ken Wiebe kwiebe@fathers. Please drop him an email letting him know you are thinking of him and that you support his fight on our behalf.

Ken Wiebe is taking direct aim at the feminist radicals for 'smearing' us all in this way and is suing the persons responsible, Her Majesty The Queen (God Bless Her) and the Minister responsible for Status of Women Canada. Ken is funding this all himself but he would welcome some financial support. A donation towards his legal expenses would be very much appreciated (see website for details) and he certainly hopes that Fathers activists will be at court to offer and demonstrate support and solidarity. You can bet that the SWC people will have people there to create a fuss in front of the media so we need people to get down to the courthouse on Smithe Street to show presence, support and solidarity. The trial starts tomorrow Monday the 23rd April at 10.00 am and the address is: 800 Smithe Street Vancouver.

If anyone wants to see the statement of claim or relevant parts of it please do not hesitate to contact me for details. See the original National Post article hereunder:


Men's groups promoting hatred, federal report says Michael Higgins,
(with files from J. Kelly Nestruck)
National Post-Friday, May 30, 2003

A federally funded report says "masculinists" are orchestrating a backlash against feminism and blaming women for oppressing and discriminating against men.

The report's authors claim that masculinists portray men as victims and link feminism with boys' poor performance in schools, male suicide, loss of male identity and discriminatory divorce and child custody laws.

"A process of levelling the power relationships of men over women is taking hold, not only to mask continued inequality but also to attack some of the gains made by the women's movement," says the $75,000 report, School Success by Gender: A Catalyst for the Masculinist Discourse.

The report says "masculinist discourse" aims to discredit feminism and challenge the gains made by women in education, at work and in family life.

The report was written in response to a call from Status of Women Canada, a federal department, to research the subject: "Where have all the women gone? Changing shifts in policy discourses."

A disclaimer on the front of the repor says, "This document expresses the views of the author and does not necessarily represent the official policy of Status of Women Canada or the Government of Canada."

Among the report's recommendations is that an organization similar to Hate Watch be established to monitor men's groups on the Web, that inciting hatred on the basis of gender should be a hate crime and that women's groups establish a network to counter the masculinists' views.

Men's groups listed in an appendix to the report said they were outraged at being "smeared."

Ken Wiebe, from British Columbia, said his Web site,, was set up as a resource centre for fathers who have had trouble in the divorce courts. He denied it promotes hatred of women and said it demands equality.

"There is no question that I have very little patience for feminists, especially the radical variety of feminism here in Canada," he said. "But I have a wife, I have daughters. This notion that because we are opposed to the feminists' political agenda, that that somehow equates to a dislike of women, is just propaganda. That's some kind of smear campaign."

Mickey MacMillan, of Kamloops Parents of Broken Families, said he was angry at being put on the "hit list." "All I've ever done is advocate for equal parenting," said Mr. MacMillan, who represented Canada as a boxer in the 1962 Commonwealth Games.

"I have no agenda against women. I don't like feminists because I think they're radical and I think they're against men, but I don't think they should try to criminalize me. And my government paying for it, it is a disgrace."

Jim Hodgins, of the Canadian Committee for Fairness in Family Law in Ontario, which is on the report's list but does not have a Web site, said, "I think there is a serious need to look into why the government is funding this."

In an interview with the National Post yesterday, the main author of the report, Pierrette Bouchard, a professor in the education department at Université Laval, said she was surprised at what she found on the Web sites.

"At first, I thought, Well, these are just a few small fringe groups, it's not important. But eventually, I found that there were more of them than I thought and that they had a large network on the Internet, through which they are disseminating their views. That does bother me. It was very surprising.

"In conducting this research, we found attacks on feminists on a lot of sites. We were only reflecting what we saw on their sites.

"I have a feminist perspective, but just because I am a feminist, does not mean that I am incapable of seeing that boys are having certain difficulties. Nor do I put all men in the same basket. Not all men are like those I identified in the report."

She defined masculinists as activists within certain men's groups. Ms. Bouchard and the report's two other authors, her research assistants, Isabelle Boily, and Marie-Claude Proulx, began by studying how "masculinists" used the media to portray the phenomenon of boys being less successful in school than girls.

"However, circumstances led us to examine various masculinists discourses, of which school success or achievement is only one," it says.

It notes articles in the media went from discussing girls' "triumphant breakthrough" in the 1990s to placing the emphasis on boys' "malaise." The authors blame the media for spreading the masculinists misinformation. They say men's groups view feminism as a movement to oppress and discriminate against men.
http://www.national home/story. html?id=C78F1D80 -FDE6-4715- 8113-3EB1589B30B 2

"Do not try to help the oppressed unless you are prepared to take on the oppressors."- Anon

Good News From Canada .

Jeremy Swanson
Fathers and Men's Rights Activist

"For The Children”
Ottawa, Ontario Phone: (613) 237-1320 ext 2438 swanson@storm. ca

Justice Clement Gascon Quebec Superior court gave men’s case blessing to proceed.

On April 19, 2007 Justice Clement Gascon granted Mr Braunschweiler and Mr Levy’s motion for extension of schedule in case 500-17-027874- 059 Braunschweiler and Levy (Plaintiffs) VS. Barreau Du Quebec, Attorney general of Quebec and Revenue Quebec (Respondents) .

It is fitting that as the 10 year anniversary of the feminist manipulation of the Canadian Divorce Act as of May 1997 our trial of that corruption of our administration of justice by feminists will finally be going to trial, thanks to the Honourable Justice Clement Gascon very good understanding of law.

This trial will expose the subversion by lawyers of our most fundamental principals of justice in Canada, the independence of the legislative, practise and judiciary sections of our administration of justice, the fundamental foundation of our legal system.

Yes next month is going to be the tenth anniversary since the Canadian Divorce Act was changed by the Liberal government at the feminist request and for reasons of enrichment for the Liberal party of Canada and to the detriment of divorced men and children of Canada.

Did the change of May 1997 to the Canadian Divorce Act have any beneficial effect for the divorced family unit?

Well considering the Liberal Party under the new Liberal leader Stephane Dion has circulated radio announcement claiming 80% of single moms live in poverty and Mr Dion knows how to fix the problem shows the Liberals again sucking in the feminists agenda as if still being manipulated by feminists forces, (from Quebec university of Laval feminist studies possibly).

Has child poverty been reduced in single parent families in Canada, since 1997 changes of the divorce act?

Well Liza Frullia as Canada’s social development Minister spent hundreds of millions of dollars of our tax money over ten years claiming to be fighting child poverty but in fact the money was squandered by women’s groups and very little of the money ever reached children in poverty or made any significant positive changes to our children’s problems within the divorced family unit.

What percentages of cases now go to court for litigation compared to before May 7, 1997?

We see no changes in the rate of cases and/or reductions in litigation since May 1997 and in fact the child support guide lines have been improperly used and abused throughout the courts in Canada by lawyers championing the feminist agenda.

The new and improved divorce laws of 1997 is in fact obligating non-custodial parents into a never ending return to court for any changes of income up or down. In Quebec we see even Revenue Quebec has benefited from May 1997 changes and now has an army of over 100 feminist lawyers willing to
subvert the law and manipulate justice to preserve the lie. It’s called reworking of cases for child support changes as the parental incomes go up or down, rather than basing child support on a base 40 hrs standard work week that is the real obligations of reasonable social limits had the relationship continued.

It is clear that non custodial parents, mostly men are still treated unfairly within the system and case file 500-17-027874- 059 will finally show the public how a handful of feminist lawyers can subvert the administration of justice and deprive the people of Canada our fundamental rights of justice when considering family matters, weather civil law or youth protection the administration of justice must respect the Canadian Constitution.

No one can be deprived of a fundamental right as a parent unless within the fundamental principals of justice thus clearly independence of the legislative, practise and judiciary sections of our administration of justice is part and parcel of fundamental principals of justice.

We will see now if the Defendant (Feminists government lawyers) wish to spend more of our tax dollars to appeal the Honourable Justice Clement Gascon judgement, because we are now one step into court to exposing the corruptions and we are of the opinion the court now wants to see our case, the government and Barreau du Quebec lawyers don’t.

Stay tune for the case of the century Canadian feminist legalist corruption 101, coming soon to a Quebec Superior Court.

Harry W. Braunschweiler
VP. Council for the Status of Men Canada Phone 450 226-2554

Harry Braunschweiler
760 Ch. Courchevel
St Adolphe d’Howard
Quebec J0T 2B0

Email harrybran@hotmail. com

Sunday, April 22, 2007

In defense of Alex Baldwin

My message #1835
04/23/07 11:44 am

dad4justice ;

In defense of Mr. Baldwin I would like to say as a father of two young girls that were taken from my life six years ago - I can feel his roar of pain as parental alienation is child abuse. My lost girls are sad –so am I . A good father forms a loving bond with their children and when it is broken for whatever reason the hurt and resentment hits in big-time. Give me cancer any day - thank you - as having to witness your own flesh and blood being manipulated, poisoned, or brainwashed by the custodial parent is bloody heartbreaking for the paternal family.

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Alec Baldwin
In Defense of Alec Baldwin

By Martha Brockenbrough
Special to MSN
It's hard to think of a man in Hollywood with a scarier reputation than Alec Baldwin.
Baldwin's divorce from Kim Basinger has been a protracted slugfest. A co-star reportedly quit working on a play with him because he slammed his fist through the wall when the air-conditioning wasn't working to his satisfaction. And just last week, word got out that he'd left his 11-year-old daughter a voicemail message calling her "a rude, thoughtless little pig."
After this, does he have any fans left?
Despite his faults, he does: me.
And it's not just because he's perfect as the menacing but soft-hearted Jack Donaghy in TV's funniest sitcom, "30 Rock."
It's because, as a parent, I understand his demons.
Unlike so many celebrities in Hollywood, whose struggle with excesses of drugs, alcohol and wild spending is completely foreign to me, Alec Baldwin is a man with a broken heart. He's lost his child, the person in the world he loves the most.
Perhaps it's his own fault. He seems impossible to live with. But just because he's a hard guy to love doesn't mean he's incapable of love. In fact, I'd say the man's suffering in part because he loves so much and is devastated that it's not returned.
Here's part of his voicemail to his daughter, as reported by the Associated Press: "You don't have the brains or the decency as a human being. I don't give a damn that you're 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you're a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn't care about what you do as far as I'm concerned. You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone."
Video: Baldwin calls daughter a "thoughtless little pig"
He then said he would fly from New York to Los Angeles "for the day just to straighten you out on this issue."
When I first read the voicemail transcript, I shuddered. What kind of parent calls his child a pig? I later listened to the tape itself and was appalled at the uncorked rage it contains.
The man clearly needs help.
Even so, I had a moment of recognition — one that I don't like, but one I'd be a total hypocrite to deny. Just last week, I told my beloved 6-year-old to stop eating like a pig. At the time, she was using her dress as a napkin, something I've asked her not to do literally dozens of times. I even told her that, as a 6-year-old, she was too big to be making such a mess at mealtime.
I didn't have quite the rage that Baldwin expressed, but if someone passed around a transcript from our dinner table, I wouldn't sound all that much better. And I know I hurt my sweet child's feelings.
The truth is that very few parents can go a lifetime without saying something regrettable to their children. To the ones who do, I offer my congratulations and admiration.
For the rest of us, though, who are sometimes worn down by life's stresses, disappointments and apparent exercises in futility, we don't always say the right things to our kids. Sometimes, we even say the exact wrong things — words we may regret for the rest of our days.
Baldwin revealed a lot about his emotional fragility when he said, "You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone."
I lost my cool when my child didn't use a napkin, but at least I get to see her every day. Baldwin doesn't, and this apparently wasn't the first scheduled call she missed. How devastating for a parent who does not have custody to not be able to count even on phone calls.
I know if I were in his situation, I would be crushed and frustrated, and very likely to lash out. I suspect I'd be furious with my ex, and I'd be mortally wounded by the apparent indifference of my child. I'd also want to go to wherever she was to explain how much she was hurting me.
I like to think I'd choose words that expressed my pain and not come across as threatening. But how do we know how we'd react if we felt we'd lost the one person we loved most in the world? How many of us, in our darkest moments, can express such humbling need with perfect clarity?
He definitely screwed up here. There's no way what he said was OK, even if his daughter at least has a sad piece of proof that her father wants to be part of her life.
I can understand his emotion more than I understand what could have possessed Kim Basinger's people from leaking a tape that would publicize their child's pain and make it part of the permanent tabloid record.
In this darkness, though, I think there's a potential bright moment, for Baldwin and other imperfect parents.
When we screw up, we have an opportunity to teach our children that humans make mistakes. We can ask for forgiveness. We can do better in the future and hope that, when our children become parents themselves, they will have learned that we don't have to be perfect to be lovable and that forgiveness is a gift that heals.
Meanwhile, I will be thinking of that shattered family, understanding their pain and wishing them well.
Related news: Baldwin "sorry" for berating daughter
Message Board: Add a comment about this article
Martha Brockenbrough writes the Cinemama column for the MSN Movies Parents' Movie Guide. She is the author of "It Could Happen to You: Diary of a Pregnancy and Beyond." She's also founder of SPOGG, the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. She writes a fun-with-kids column for, as well as an educational humor column for Encarta. Check out her Web site.

"The Gulag of the Family Courts" by Jack Frost

"The Gulag Of The Family Courts" by Jack Frost

Essential Read 'READ IT NOW!'

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Description: The book exposes a secret UK judicial system that is not
even known to Parliament, is not accountable to its Minister in
Parliament and about which the press are forbidden to report, under pain of
immediate imprisonment. The scandal concerns a huge number of false
allegations made against innocent and vulnerable parents in 'secret', so that
their children can be forcibly taken from them and traded, often into
an industry of 'connections', in a nether world that excludes the press
and is completely opaque, unscrutinised and unaccountable.

• The book includes a chapter on the successful ‘gagging of the press’,
the public and threats to parents and children, to avoid social workers
and other ‘public officials’ being named, incriminated and prosecuted.

• The police are clearly identified being in a conspiracy to avoid
prosecuting social workers and ‘public officials’ involved in criminal
activity in Family Court cases.

• It identifies very clearly that the BBC is in breach of its Charter
responsibilities, by failing to publicise the scandal; only ever
featuring a few individual cases that are approached in programming terms, as
‘competition for their commercial rivals’.

• The duplicity of the DCA and its minister, Harriet Harman MP QC, is

• Parliament, the Courts own minister, the press and the public have
also been kept in the dark concerning the secret trials of ordinary
members of the public who have been jailed after secret trials at which the
press have been cleverly excluded.

• The dynamics that have propelled the Guligans to increase ever more,
the pressure on the public and create situations that will favour
social engineering and increase the domain and range of social workers and
their ideological proxies is laid bare.

• The political footprint of New Labour and its distrust of ordinary
families is hard to ignore. The book has identified it clearly.

• Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy ( MSBP ) and an alphabet soup of
excuses that have allowed ordinary and vulnerable parents to be targeted,
lose their babies and children to Care and adoption and hence supply the
waiting industry of ‘charities’ and other ideological fellow
travellers, is clearly identified. All have contributed to creating an atmosphere
that is best defined as ‘baby farming’, without the innocent mothers
realising that they are actually surrogates; carrying their children for
others who are deemed ‘more suitable’, to satisfy New Labour’s policy
of social engineering by stealth.


"The Gulag "The Gulag Of The Family Courts" by Jack Frost

Essential Read 'READ IT NOW!'

ORDER or DOWNLOAD your copy here!

Description: The book exposes a secret UK judicial system that is not
even known to Parliament, is not accountable to its Minister in
Parliament and about which the press are forbidden to report, under pain of
immediate imprisonment. The scandal concerns a huge number of false
allegations made against innocent and vulnerable parents in 'secret', so that
their children can be forcibly taken from them and traded, often into
an industry of 'connections', in a nether world that excludes the press
and is completely opaque, unscrutinised and unaccountable.

• The book includes a chapter on the successful ‘gagging of the press’,
the public and threats to parents and children, to avoid social workers
and other ‘public officials’ being named, incriminated and prosecuted.

• The police are clearly identified being in a conspiracy to avoid
prosecuting social workers and ‘public officials’ involved in criminal
activity in Family Court cases.

• It identifies very clearly that the BBC is in breach of its Charter
responsibilities, by failing to publicise the scandal; only ever
featuring a few individual cases that are approached in programming terms, as
‘competition for their commercial rivals’.

• The duplicity of the DCA and its minister, Harriet Harman MP QC, is

• Parliament, the Courts own minister, the press and the public have
also been kept in the dark concerning the secret trials of ordinary
members of the public who have been jailed after secret trials at which the
press have been cleverly excluded.

• The dynamics that have propelled the Guligans to increase ever more,
the pressure on the public and create situations that will favour
social engineering and increase the domain and range of social workers and
their ideological proxies is laid bare.

• The political footprint of New Labour and its distrust of ordinary
families is hard to ignore. The book has identified it clearly.

• Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy ( MSBP ) and an alphabet soup of
excuses that have allowed ordinary and vulnerable parents to be targeted,
lose their babies and children to Care and adoption and hence supply the
waiting industry of ‘charities’ and other ideological fellow
travellers, is clearly identified. All have contributed to creating an atmosphere
that is best defined as ‘baby farming’, without the innocent mothers
realising that they are actually surrogates; carrying their children for
others who are deemed ‘more suitable’, to satisfy New Labour’s policy
of social engineering by stealth.


"The Gulag Of The Family Courts" by Jack Frost
Essential Read 'READ IT NOW!'

ORDER or DOWNLOAD your copy here!
Of The Family Courts" by Jack Frost
Essential Read 'READ IT NOW!'

ORDER or DOWNLOAD your copy here!



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Sect to help in child sexual-abuse inquiry !!

The Exclusive Brethren church has pledged to co-operate with police in an investigation of sexual abuse of children . The allegations come amid a political row between the Brethren and the Government, which this week accused the sect's leadership of lying about its involvement in efforts to sway the results of elections in New Zealand . A spokesman for Prime Minister Helen Klark declined to comment on the sexual-abuse allegations.

PM denies formal Brethren meetings
19/04/2007 16:16:02

The Prime Minister denies she ever formally met with the Exclusive Brethren.

The church has sent its official spokesman Tony McCorkell from Australia to New Zealand, where he has attempted to distance the sect from seven members who had behind the scenes involvement in the last election, funding a leaflet campaign critical of National's opponents.

Mr McCorkell claims Helen Clark met with Exclusive Brethren members in 2003 and requested a copy of a strategy document after the meeting. The document was released by Labour Party President Mike Williams yesterday. He claims it is evidence the seven Exclusive Brethren businessmen were acting for the church, not as individuals.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister is adamant there were never ever any formal meetings between Helen Clark and the Exclusive Brethren. He says members of the church approached Miss Clark on two occasions around 2004; once in Nelson and the other at Parliament.

Mr McCorkell says he has clarified the church's position on statements with the seven members, and says the men have assured him they will not speak on behalf of the Exclusive Brethren again.

He is unhappy the religion of the men was made into an issue, saying they came out as a group of concerned taxpayers, but got into trouble simply because they did not say what church they belonged to.