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Dads weigh in over child support

Dads weigh in over child support


Last updated 05:00 31/08/2009

Fathers are backing a Families Commission proposal for more shared parenting ahead of a review of the child-support scheme.

Inland Revenue will shortly release a discussion document on possible changes to the child-support scheme.

In response, the Families Commission has released an issues paper that suggests child support should be based on the needs and costs of the child, rather than on the income of the liable parent, and payments should be passed on to the parent who is getting the domestic purposes benefit or other social security benefit.

Jonathan Young, a former Father and Child Trust social worker and father of one, said the Families Commission proposals made sense and would be fairer for fathers.

He said most fathers with whom he had dealt wanted to support their children, but objected to paying money to Inland Revenue which did not help their children.

"A lot of these guys were having the kids a couple of days, paying school fees and clothes, and then paying child support on top," he said.

"That child support wasn't benefiting the children; it was just going into the government coffers because the mother was on the DPB.

"They would much rather pay that money if they knew it was going to be spent on the kids."

Union of Fathers spokesman Darrell Carlin said the proposals would be more equitable and balanced.

"But the key is equal-shared custody," he said.

"Then the costs are shared equally. I think it's inevitable that we head to solutions like that, but it's a case of how long do we dance for? The pace of change is glacial."

Carlin said when he separated from his wife 10 years ago he was prevented from seeing his child, but still had his salary garnered.

"I was reeling from the fact I had a young child I suddenly wasn't able to see," he said.

"Then the child support kicked in. My employer came in and said we're taking this money out each week and that was the first I heard of it."

Eventually, Carlin got shared custody.

"When he's with me I pay, and she pays when he's with her, and it becomes so straightforward at that point."

Carlin said child support based on income, rather than the children's needs, was always a problem for the person paying.

"I don't find many fathers who don't want to support their kids, but they're troubled supporting their ex's lifestyle.

"We try to get the guys to bring payments down to a minimum and then they can say `I will pay for shoes and uniforms'.

"Then we find they will pay more than required. It's human nature. If you're told you must do it, it's irritating and you try to buck the system."

Chief Families Commissioner Dr Jan Pryor said with one in four children living in a sole-parent family at some point in their lives, the issues of separated parenting were of vital concern to New Zealand families.

"We must make the most of this opportunity to do the best we can for these children and their parents," she said.

Figures released this month show that almost a third of liable parents are shunning their child-support obligations, the highest rate in five years.

At June 30, the shortfall totalled $1.5 billion.

Inland Revenue is chasing more than $527 million owed by parents, with more than $1b owed in penalties.

However, one third of all debt is owed by Kiwi parents living overseas.

Figures issued under the Official Information Act show more than 127,000 parents have child-support obligations, but 37,702, or 29.5 per cent, fail to pay.

The debt owed by 547 parents earning six-figure salaries has nearly doubled in three years to $10.9m.

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St. Augustine man kills himself before jury's 'not guilty' verdict

St. Augustine man kills himself before jury's 'not guilty' verdict

ST. AUGUSTINE - Authorities say a St. Augustine man on trial for sexual battery charges apparently killed himself before learning the verdict: not guilty.

A St. Johns County judge became concerned Thursday when 57-year-old William Telano Evans didn't show up for the reading of the verdict. The judge sent deputies to find Evans but let the jury read its verdict without him present.

Evans, never hearing the verdict, was found at his home minutes later dead of a gunshot wound.Evans was arrested in 2004 after a now-38-year-old woman reported that he began routinely molesting her about 29 years ago when she was 9 or 10.


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UK - F4J What About The Father?

WHAT ABOUT THE FATHER?? Lesbian partners allowed to name each other as parents on children's birth certificates

Posted by SPIDER on the ROOF at 01:39

Lesbian women undergoing fertility treatment will be able to name female partners as a 'second parent' on their children's birth certificates under controversial changes to be implemented next week.

Ministers are pushing ahead with new regulations despite criticism that they represent another blow to traditional family values.

The Government is also removing the need for IVF clinics to consider a child's 'need for a father' when approving fertility treatment.

Dreams to become a reality: Lesbian mums will be able to put both their names on their children's birth certificates
For women who are in a civil partnership and who use donor sperm, the lesbian partner will automatically be named unless they make a written objection.

Single women who give birth using IVF will be allowed to nominate another woman to share legal parentage, whether or not they are in a civil partnership. The 'second parent' in such circumstances will have to give their written consent.

The change will apply to many of the 2,000 women a year who have IVF using sperm from anonymous donors.

There is concern that the new arrangements will create a legal minefield, since 'second parents' named on birth certificates will assume the legal rights and responsibilities of biological parents.

They could fight for visitation rights and be chased for child support payments if their relationship with the mother breaks down.

Critics also warn that 'second parents' could be nominated in much the same way that godparents are now, since it will be impossible to prove whether someone selected by a single mother not in a civil partnership really is a long-term partner or not.

Labour MP Geraldine Smith said: 'To have a birth certificate with two mothers and no father is just madness.

'Common sense has completely gone out of the window. It's very unfair on the children for the state to be colluding to hide their real genetic parentage. The birth certificate

'I think it's putting the interests of adults first, rather than the welfare of the unborn child, and that's contrary to the way the system has always worked in the past.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries said the change sent the wrong message to society on the importance of the traditional family.

'Everything indicates that a mother and father looking after children in the traditional unit works best,' she said.

'This move further undermines that model and sends out the wrong message.'

Dr Peter Saunders, of the Christian Medical Fellowship, said: 'It's a peculiarly postmodern way of looking at the world, with almost any family arrangement seen as equally valid.

'My criticism of this is that effectively it creates a legal fiction around the parentage of children. The names of people on the birth certificate will have no relationship at all to the child.

'It will create a legal minefield when it comes to issues like maintenance and inheritance.

'The best interests of the child should always take precedence over parental choice. It's tragic that we are creating life in these kind of circumstances when there's a huge amount that could be done for existing children, in terms of adoption.'

Under provisions in Labour's Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, fertility doctors will no longer have to have to consider a child's need for a male role model, simply 'supportive parenting'.

The Archbishop of York led religious objections to the Government's proposals, claiming they were designed to remove the father from the heart of the family.

Dr John Sentamu warned that ministers were putting the interests of 'consumers' who wanted to become parents before the welfare of children.

Polls found that eight out of ten people believe a child has a right to two parents and that six out of ten believe that a child should have male and female parents.

Critics accuse Labour of a systematic attempt to undermine traditional family roles. It has removed the traditional terms 'husband', 'wife' and 'spouse' from a wide range of official forms, and replaced them with the word 'partner'.

Ruth Hunt, of gay rights group Stonewall, said the change in the law would end discrimination.

'Now lesbian couples in Britain who make a considered decision to start a loving family will finally be afforded equal access to services they help fund as taxpayers,' she said.

Read more:

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Family Court 'flawed' /story/0, 21985,25966035- 662,00.html

Herald Sun Melbourne Australia
23 August 2009

Family Court 'flawed' says Michael Lermontov-Midgley
By Laurie Nowell

Secrecy surrounding Family Court cases protects people who make false accusations and hides incompetence a submission to the Senate review of family law says.

The submission by historian and former Family Court litigant Michael Lermontov-Midgley says family law cases should become publicly transparent, with the parties identified.

"The Family Law Act bans the publication of anything that may identify, or tend to identify, parties to proceedings - ostensibly to protect children from publicity," Mr Lermontov-Midgley says.

"It also shields bias, negligence and incompetence in the system and people who make false allegations of spousal violence and/or child abuse without the threat of defamation or the burden of proof required in other courts.

"... these false allegations are being raised as a tactical manoeuvre in family law proceedings. "

Mr Lermontov-Midgley also says lawyers deliberately spin out the legal process for financial gain. The submission comes as a case has emerged of a father, wrongly accused of sexual abuse by his estranged wife, who lost his job, his home and spent $18,000 clearing his name.

"Jim", who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was accused of touching his teenage daughter's breasts.

During the week, he told of the 15-month ordeal that left him broke, sleepless and suffering depression.

He is rebuilding his life after a magistrate dismissed the charges against him, finding his wife a "difficult and untruthful witness" who gave "self-serving evidence".

But he has not seen his two children since last Christmas because his wife refuses to abide by a Family Court order that he have regular access.

"I've lost everything and I was accused of a heinous crime of which I am now proven innocent," Jim said.

"There is something wrong with the system that things were allowed to get to the point where I was arrested, fingerprinted and charged on such obviously flawed evidence."

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King David, the author of so many Psalms, grew weary of his struggles. He was so tired in soul, so embattled and beset by troubles, all he wanted was to escape to a place of peace and safety: “My heart is sore pained within me: and the terrors of death are fallen upon me…. And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! For then would I fly away, and be at rest…. I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest” (Psalm 55:4-8).

A lesson from nature reveals what happens when we trade the good fight for an easier way and walk away from our struggle. I recently read a biologist’s study on crabs, creatures that live in a rough, dangerous environment among jagged rocks. Crabs are dashed about daily by waves and attacked on every side by creatures from deeper waters. They battle continually to protect themselves, and over time they develop a strong shell and powerful instincts for survival.

Amazingly, some in the crab family give up the struggle for life. Searching for a safe haven, they take up residence in the cast-off shells of other ocean creature. These crabs are known as hermit crabs. Settling for safety, they retreat from the battle and escape into secondhand houses that are ready-made.

But hermit crabs’ “safe houses” prove to be costly and ruinous. Through their lack of struggle, crucial parts of their bodies deteriorate. Even their organs wither due to lack of use. Over time the hermit crab loses all power of motion, as well as vital parts needed for escape. These limbs simply fall off, leaving the crab out of danger but useless to do anything except exist.

Meanwhile, crabs that continued the struggle grow and flourish. Their five pairs of legs become meaty and strong from resisting the powerful tides. And they learn to hide from their predators by skillfully scuttling under rock formations.

This law of nature, too, illustrates the law of the Spirit. As believers, we get tossed and pounded by wave after wave of difficulties. We face vicious predators in Satan’s principalities and powers. But as we fight on, we grow stronger. And we come to recognize the devil’s wiles when he employs them against us. We discover our true refuge, the “cleft in the rock,” by trusting in Jesus. Only then are we truly safe in the midst of our battle.

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Gender bias in India results in 56000 married men a year committing suicide!

"56000 Married men commit suicide in India every year due to torture from wives and in-laws . BUT THERE IS NOT A SINGLE LAW TO PROTECT MEN .

Here are some other articles from Indian Newspapers to open your eyes . Remember the pain of a sister or mother is no less when she loses her son commits suicide driven by his cruel wife. The law must protect and punish irrespective of gender bias."

Man asked by court to sell one of his Kidneys to pay maintenance to his wife.

Software engineer kills himself in prison - Wife and her parents leveled 14 false cases on him .

Innocent Man and his family trapped by his vicious wife in a false 498A and comitted suicide by eating medical pills

A 38-year-old man committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan in
his Indiranagar house on Thursday night. He left behind a death note
accusing his wife and in-laws of torturing him.\

A newly-wed youth allegedly committed suicide after he was reportedly
pressurized by his in-laws to live in his wife’s house and sever all ties with
his parents.\

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Another reason to stay married

Heldsinki Times - Thursday, 09 July 2009
Another reason to stay married

“Does your spouse sometimes drive you crazy? Think again: A study published in the British Medical Journal finds that people who lived with a partner during middle age had much lower odds of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

Researchers in Sweden and Finland collected data on 1,449 people as part of a large study on cardiovascular risk factors, ageing and dementia. They were first interviewed in the 1970s and 1980s, when their average age was 50, and again nearly 21 years later. On both occasions, they were asked whether they were single, married, divorced or widowed. In the second interview, their cognitive function was also assessed.

The lowest rates of dementia and Alzheimer’s were found in people who were married in midlife, according to the study. By comparison, people who were still single at midlife or divorced were 1.5 times more likely to develop dementia and 1.8 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. Those who were widowed were 3.3 times more likely to be diagnosed with dementia and 2.5 times more likely to have Alzheimer’s, the study found.”



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When an AVO is just a tactic in a lovers'quarrel

Is this Family Court Ideology starting to permeate society ? How will this effect society ? Does this materialise in independence - independent thinking ? independent actions ?

by Lisa Davies

19 AUG 06:00AM

Her voice was clear, eloquent and well-mannered. “I’d like to have the AVO cancelled, please,” she told the clerk confidently.

They see a lot, staff of local court registries and maybe this was nothing new. Curious, I turned to see who was speaking, not entirely sure of what I expected to see. Noting an appearance to match the voice - blonde, well-groomed and aged in her early-to-mid 20s - the young woman went on.

“You see, I was really drunk the other night, and I said a lot of things I didn’t mean.”

Ah. That pesky AVO. It was Tuesday morning, so obviously she was referring to some wild events of the most recent weekend.

But then the clanger.

“Basically, most of what I told the cops was made up. It never happened, I was just mad and I just want this all to go away. My boyfriend….”

As she prattled on with only a hint of embarrassment to a registry clerk who looked about as immune to her naive charms as a bullet proof vest, I began to seethe.

I have absolutely no idea why this young woman - let’s call her Blondie - had fought with her boyfriend. Lord knows, maybe he deserved a right bollocking, the wrath of a woman scorned and then some. But what did it say about her - Blondie - that she had to pull out the “victim” card?

There is, of course, a slim possibility that she had actually been the victim of a serious assault and her need for the AVO justified.

But there was something about this situation that seemed falsified; it smacked - and I hate to say it - of a poor little rich girl who went too far in the drunken heat of a big night out and used a vital tool for protecting domestic violence victims to punish her man for some bad behaviour. Call it a hunch - or perhaps it was this next exchange gave it away.

Blondie was told it wasn’t that simple, and while she was the “protected person” by an interim AVO, it had been taken out by the police on her behalf.

Accordingly, it needed to go before a magistrate in order for he or she to determine the real cause of Blondie’s desire to have the inconvenient thing “cancelled.”

“But that’s ridiculous,” she said dismissively.

“I don’t want it anymore. I’m not afraid of him, he’s my boyfriend and I was just drunk and upset.”

It’s a pretty big step to go for an AVO against someone, and those who get them usually need them. That’s what they are for.

Sadly, there are those who argue plenty of reasons (and tragic examples) exist to indicate they’re not worth the paper they’re printed on.

But what infuriated me most about Blondie’s little exchange with the poor over-worked clerk was not what she was asking for, rather that she had played the victim card for extra point scoring power with her boyfriend in the first place.

So what, they’d had a fight. But to call in the big guns, wasting police officer’s valuable time and now the court’s, was juvenile in the extreme - not to mention selfish, pathetic and downright stupid. Blondie is not alone, and this five minute exchange highlighted just how driven society seems to have become by a victim culture - to our gross detriment.

Almost every day we hear dreadful, scary and unenviable stories of women - and men too - being subjected to a raft of abusive behaviour. So why do so many seem to be clamouring to join their ranks, even on a largely superficial level?

Real victims endure deep and unyielding emotional and physical torture, destroying countless other relationships and often their lives in the process.

Those people - and many of us know at least one - deserve our absolute support and the best resources our governments can buy to ensure their safety.

There is a case going through the NSW courts that is yet another example.

A middle-aged woman - let’s call her April - was undeniably the victim of a violent attack by her partner, to the point that she was bashed and almost strangled to death in terrifying circumstances. He has pleaded guilty and is due to be sentenced soon.

But this woman has made life extremely difficult for anyone who touches her case, formally complaining about everything and everyone, insisting she knows best about everything from her mental state to the law which applies, and staunchly trying to influence the judicial process.

Clearly, she feels aggrieved but to what end? It’s as though her life is incomplete without being forever identified as the victim. So is it not time she put aside an awful and painful event and stop inflicting continuing pain on others - and as importantly, herself?

Today’s society has applaudingly embraced victim’s rights, and it is an important keystone in legal and social development.

But we must rail against an alarming trend of victimisation becoming the new black - black alright, but not in a good way.

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Cleese's $23m divorce 'unfair' - leaves me poorer than her

To quote my favourite comedian, "In my 70th year I will still be spending two months a year doing work that is of no interest to me and which is probably slightly spiritually depleting in order to feed the beast," he said.

The beast is a cruel sexist bitch system!When is somebody going to correct the unfair gender war in our no fault divorce system.How a real man could be a Family Court judge is beyond my understanding!Well done feminists, go gals go! Yeah right!

"The settlement comes after two years of harrowing legal argument"
I had 52 lawyers involved in my seven year battle with the bastard Family Court.Who would be a LOW LIFE FAMILY COURT LAWYER? I think a parasitic blood money type person! Sewer scum lawyers work in the cess pit Family Court!

Cleese's $23m divorce 'unfair' - leaves me poorer than her

August 18, 2009 - 8:55AM
To view the entire article, click on:

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More lies from the feminist controlled kiwi media.

This article is so gender bias it must have come out from the dark and smelly feminazi - sisterhood jackboot handbag.

CHILD HOMICIDE IS rare, especially in developed countries, and homicide by mothers rarer still, with an average of around two cases per year in New Zealand. Between 1991 and 2000, 91 children in New Zealand died at the hands of 101 perpetrators. According to analysis by the government’s chief social worker, Marie Connolly, 30% of killers were fathers, 24% were mothers, 18% were de facto parents, 18% were relatives or others known to the victims, and 10% were strangers or unknown killers.

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20090811 WCF5 StephenBaskerville

This is worth a look, as this learned man explains the crisis facing the family unit. Sadly the destruction of family bonds of love is orchestrated by a sick system intent on control and power.

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ABC: Women who falsely claimed raped won't be charged

Protection Orders killed my mum

I sincerely hope the protection order is not the result of false allegations because I was a victim of lies in the Family Court for seven years. I pleaded with the authorities to look at evidence that would prove my innocence but nobody listened. My mother was hounded to death by a Family Court psychologist ( John Watson) even though I had the word of Judge John Strettell that was ill mother was to be kept out of proceedings. Watson caused so much grief for my mum she gave up and died. The Family Court does not care about lies as it is a gravy train for unscrupulous lawyers like Chris Robertson, Adrienne Edwards , Tony Grieg, Martin Sawyers, Siobhan McNulty etc….etc… If the media ran my story it would run many low down two faced lawyers out of town.
I find it very hard not to confront these Family Court scum and deal to them, however my faith indicates they are facing judgement from a God of justice, honour and grace. Burn in hell you rotten Family Court mongrels as your Court is nothing more than a den of vipers!

Political figure in home violence case

The Dominion Post
Last updated 05:00 14/08/2009
A high-profile political figure involved in a Family Court case is accused of screaming obscenities, trying to kick down a door and grabbing the neck of a woman, who is now seeking a protection order against him.
The Dominion Post has been gagged from revealing any details relating to the identity of the two parties, including their political affiliations.
The woman applied to the Family Court in Auckland for a protection order under the Domestic Violence Act. The man in turn applied for an "occupation order" against the woman. The order is an attempt to force her out of her home, the court was told.
The woman's lawyer, Antonia Fisher, said yesterday, on the second day of the hearing, that during one incident the woman "was frightened to the point that she felt she couldn't breathe". She had been concerned by the man's "emotional instability and his recent unusual behaviour".
Mrs Fisher said the man had once tried to kick down the woman's door. "He seemed to see nothing wrong with attempting to kick down the front door."
The woman wanted to stay in her home and had nowhere else to go. "The home is a real source of security for her."
A witness who gave testimony via a video link from overseas said she had heard the man "yelling and screaming" obscenities at the woman in the past.
The court heard that he yelled because the woman was constantly "haranguing" and "criticising" him. The witness said she tried to talk to the man many times about his behaviour, telling him "it was abusive and really unacceptable".
Mrs Fisher asked the witness whether she was aware of the man grabbing the woman by the neck on one occasion.
The witness said the man "accepted what he had done" and she had told him "grabbing someone in the neck was inappropriate at any time".
The man's lawyer, Anthony Grant, said his client was seeking the right to occupy the home.
It was "not that surprising" that there might have been shouting between the pair, he said.
His client rejected claims that he had grabbed the woman around the neck: "He said he touched her on the shoulder and the back of the neck."
Judge Sarah Fleming has reserved her decision.

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Does anybody care about child abuse in New Zealand?

Backlog sparks fears for abused children

By TANYA KATTERNS - The Dominion Post

Last updated 05:00 14/08/2009

Hundreds of abused children could still be living with their abusers after revelations a mountain of uninvestigated cases in Wairarapa is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Dominion Post understands the number of backlogged sex and physical abuse cases could be as high as 600 throughout the Wellington police district, and includes a case involving allegations against a Newlands teacher who is still teaching. A backlog of 108 files in Wairarapa was identified last year during the planning process for a new Wellington District Child Protection Team.

Do you know of someone whose child abuse case has gone uninvestigated? Contact

The Independent Police Conduct Authority said on Wednesday it was investigating delays. Police were also conducting their own inquiry under the authority's direction. Though Wellington police chiefs said yesterday their focus on investigation had been on the Wairarapa files alone, the IPCA and Police Association have confirmed that the problem goes beyond the region.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg. We warned about this three years ago," Police Association president Greg O'Connor said.

Three years ago, Wairarapa Detective Sue Mackle emailed police chiefs to blow the whistle on her unmanageable workload.

Just one detective in Wairarapa has traditionally held the bulk of the area's child abuse files.

Assistant Police Commissioner Viv Rickard said the question of the effectiveness of resourcing child abuse investigations would be dealt with by the IPCA. Preparing a detailed national picture of child abuse cases and case management would be part of the work done as part of the inquiry.

Acting Wellington District Commander Gail Gibson has apologised for the more than 100 untouched child physical and sexual abuse cases files in Wairarapa.

Though the inquiry would focus on 108 unresolved cases in Wairarapa extending back at least three years, Operation Hope started 10 months ago to clear the mounting files has unveiled that caseload problems are rife throughout Wellington.

Police in Auckland and in Christchurch are also struggling to clear files some dating back two to three years. The IPCA is aware of the possibility of hundreds of unactioned files in Wellington district though the full extent will not be known for months.

Authority chairwoman Justice Lowell Goddard said the authority had asked police for a robust audit of child abuse files to determine whether or not delays had also happened in other districts.

Mrs Gibson said that despite the investigation, changes were already in place to step up child protection. A team of 10 specialised staff was likely to begin work in December and would focus entirely on child abuse files only.

Lessons still not learnt says father

The father of murdered Wairarapa girl Coral-Ellen Burrows says lessons learnt from his daughter's death should not be forgotten.

Ron Burrows, responding to two recent child abuse cases in his street in Putaruru, south Waikato, said promises were made in the wake of his daughter's death, and he was still waiting for them to be met.

"Back then they promised there was going to be wider co-operation between the police, the family courts, the district courts and CYF," he said. "As far as I can see it's hardly happening. All they have to do is simply talk to each other."

Members of the public also needed to get involved when they saw abuse, he said. "You've got to stand up."

Coral-Ellen, 6, was killed by her mother's partner, Steve Williams, in Featherston in 2003, after she refused to get out of his car and go to school. In a P-fuelled rage, he beat her to death then dumped her body on the shore of Lake Ferry.

He admitted murder and is serving a life sentence.

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Hillary Clinton loses her temper in Congo

This fat arse feminazi bitch thinks she is bigger than God.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Objections to the Cancellation of This Year’s Meeting With the NZ Families Commission.

An Open Letter - Objections to the Cancellation of This Year’s Meeting With the Commission.

As the person initially responsible for imitating contact with the Families Commission in 2007, I write to you requesting that you reconsider your decision to cancel out at short notice, the meeting originally scheduled for 1pm on Wedbnesday, 22nd 2009. I understand that it was cancelled because of publicity given by Sunday News to the actions of Jim Bagnell of Auckland conducting his own separate campaign in furtherance of the many issues (such as male suicide) detrimentally affecting men and boys in today’s society and taking this campaign as a former teacher into schools in the Auckland region.

Please appreciate that all member of the Wellington delegation were totally unaware of this initiative and therefore played no part whatsoever in the planning or implementation.

Like any movement including the feminist movement itself, masculist campaigns for gender equality range from mild to moderate to radical (street level) forms of protest.

May I remind you that you were due to meet in deputation principally to discuss the high male suicide rate of men following breakdown with:

Hans Laven: a registered clinical psychologist

Craig Jackson: a registered educational psychologist, an advocate of men’s issues and commentator on Family Court politics for over thirty years

Dr Viv Roberts: Registered Medical Practitioner and authority on male suicide

Kerry Bevan: Retired teacher and grandfather and leader of the Republican Party.

Roger Payne: Retired public servant.

These people, as responsible professional men, were not unknown to the Commission as Dr Roberts had originally presented a paper on male suicide at one of our first meetings with your Commissioners in 2007 along with myself and Mr. Payne whom, until his shift to the South Island, was our spokesperson. The commission had met last year with Mr. Bevan and, prior to that, with Mr. Bagnell.Yopu have previously declined to meet with Mr. Benjamin Easton, an activist with views at the radical end of the spectrum who organized the street level protest in which Mr. Bevan and I participated. We did so because we were both driven back onto the street by your decision ( which we would adjudge as a gross over-reaction) to close off the lifts to your office floor and to post two security guards in the vestibule of the building in which your office is located. We were also placed in a position of explaining the situation to two policemen.Mr. Bevan and I were interviewed at some length by a Radio New Zealand social issues reporter who also interviewed Mr. Curry and a well balanced item featured on the following day’s Morning Report. This featured part of a media release from the Commission detailing the initiatives the Commission had taken as a result of our previous meetings with you including initiatives to be taken by Family Court registers to help with men known to be suicidal as a result of decisions of the Court. You my not have appreciated that it was Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier’s recommendation to approach the Commission in the first place to table before it cases of gross injustice affecting not only men but women and foster parents as well.

These cases were accompanied by bound readings of adverse press publicity about the Family Court including two critical Editorials from the Law Journal. We continued to meet, not that we did not appreciate the male and father friendly initiatives the Commission was taking in other areas, but because the rate of male suicide had remained steady and had not diminished over the three years of our periodic meetings with the Commission. Our intention, had you met with us, was to ask for a more proactive response by way of social education programmes to reduce the man toll, men-bashing and the denigration of fatherhood in New Zealand society. A discussion paper of this title was made available to Francis Luketina prior to the cancelled meeting.

We were going to suggest that the Commission get behind a black armband day in the same day in the same way that the Commission supports the white ribbon day for female victims of male-initiated domestic violence( 12 -14 deaths a year) contrasting with the 300 deaths a year to male suicide.

The cancellation of the meeting has, in our view, diminished the standing of the Commission as well as the professional reputation of those who were due to attend the meeting because you have perpetuated the myth of the angry potentially violent male by stigmatizing us as anti-feminist (instead of pro - family and pro-parents) and by lumping us together with the more radical voices of the men’s right movement. We have been found guilty by association in disregard of our freedom of association and democratic right to orderly street-level protests.

We ask therefore to reconsider your decision to cancel out future meetings which have been positive and productive and agree to meet our professional delegation in the not too distant future. If you agree, we will invite another expert on male suicide to attend.

We will be seeking publicity for this initiative.

Yours sincerely
Craig Jackson.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Case Against Feminism

Study shows dad needs to be in the picture

Study shows dad needs to be in the picture

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Petition to make Child, Youth and Family more accountable

We finally have the petition about trying to make Child, Youth and Family (CYF) New Zealand more accountable, up and running and while it’s a bit on the wordy side but we feel it’s needed.

Go to my webpage to find out why

Direct download links here:

Copy and paste the links into your browser address bar, as below to download it, which will be in word format…

We also have a blog about it please spread the word and help get signatures…

I would also like people of all ages to sign it especially teenagers as long as they understand the petition, the reason being there is no age restrictions…. And for those who have had to deal with CYF it’s a away of them having their voice heard if they agree with what we are trying to do.

Please spread this wide and far…


Graeme Axford

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is John Australia's First Political Prisoner?

John Wilson Is In Silverwater Jail!
Is John Australia's First Political Prisoner?

Hello Everyone
Below is a link to an email from John Bauskis explaining the recent arrest and incarceration of John Wilson. John is one of the founding fathers of the Freedom Truth movement in Australia and has always stuck to his course in the interests of freedom for all of us. Even though we do not always agree on the way to go about things and the remedy to our situation, John has always been very supportive of us and we of him. He recently got up at four in the morning to take a train to Moss Vale (from Sydney into the country) where Fiona was appearing in the local court!

As everyone who has met John will agree, he is a very gentle man who would never knowingly do harm to anyone and yet he has been imprisoned! Aren't jails supposed to be for the incarceration of men and women who represent a risk to the wider community? Has Australia become a place where they take political prisoners? Is there anyone out there who really thinks Australia is a free country?

Below the posting of John Bauskis' email are some other emails containing comments about John's situation and some information on political prisoners.

What John does with his actions and what we are doing on the Love For Life website is documenting the harm being done to men and women who are causing harm to no one. Men and women are being evicted from their homes and businesses daily, all at the behest of those behind the banks who steal and steal and steal the fruits of labour of hard-working men and women, aided and abetted by those working in the legal system and the courts which are in truth the bank of "The Crown". The systems beneath "The Crown" have nothing to do with our freedom and everything to do with our subjugation and all those working in privileged positions in those systems are practising the Occults. Everything about "The Crown" and its freemasonic shadow government that governs civilisation is based on occult knowledge and belief.

For example, you go into a court room and the Judge there thinks that he/she has power over you and exercises this power (that we are brainwashed/braindirtied into giving him/her) by making decisions about your life without your consent. Really we are battling with warlocks and witches, black ones. Remember, all the Judges, Police Officers, Sheriffs, Bailiffs, Politicians etc, represent "The Crown", which is why they wear, or are surrounded by, symbols of "The Crown". And yet they still expect us to believe that we will get Justice by appearing in a Court of Occultic Law!

David Wynn Miller

Even David Wynn Miller's Claim of Life, now being touted as the answer to all our problems, is occultic because it is based on the legal system (and commerce) that is occultic by design. Where is the "Claim of Life" to be found in creation? David Wynn Miller claims to have a "hold" over all the Courts in the world but how can he have a hold over a fairytale that doesn't exist except as a copyrighted idea to be rented out for a fee? He also claims to have come up with his "Claim of Life" after a near-death experience in which he met a group of "Elders" who told him what to do. Why the exclusivity? Where are these elders, this information to be found in creation for all of us to experience with our senses of creation (sight, sound, touch, taste, feel, smell/scent)?

It all reeks of Freemasonic, third-party-revealed knowledge that is not freely available for all of us to experience on a first party basis. How is it different from the rest of the fairytale, artificial Western World Civilisation of Commerce (or any other fairytale like Alice In Wonderland) which relies solely on third parties telling others what to think, feel and do to comprehend and maintain its so-called existence, an apparition that occurs ONLY in a tiny part of MANS brain used like a never-ending tape-loop to MEMORISE fictitious occultic man-made con-structs.

There is no substance (no life force energy) in the Western World Civilisation of Commerce or any of "The Crowns" copyrighted ideas that are part of it and, without the life force energy that we put into it, it would crumble and fade away. We are soon to release an article about David Wynn Miller which we will post to to the Love For Life mailing list: David Wynn Miller's Dead "Claim Of Life".

(Note: Listen to the series of 1 hour podcasts and the informal 2 hour teaser video here: where we go more deeply into this occultic subject. Scroll down to find these links. We are now in pre-production of a 2 hour documentary which will cover the whole subject in great depth, designed for most men and women to comprehend in one viewing).

This rape, pillage and plunder of men and women will only stop when we come together to say, "NO MORE", forgetting our differences in our determination to rid ourselves of our slave masters forever.

Please pass this email on to as many men and women as possible.

Dr John Wilson Is In Silverwater Jail!!!!!!:

Father Daughter Summit promotional video

Monday, August 3, 2009

UK Mums get a raw deal - YEAH RIGHT!!

When are women going to understand that nothing is said about the thousands of vindictive and vengeful mothers that brainwash their children each year.Nasty mothers who poison the children enjoy teaching the kids on how to hate dad. These strange creatures know full well that the sick Family Court adores false allegations and Parental Alienation Syndrome.These women know police will issue a protection order at the drop of a tear. These deranged mothers know the justice system is gender bias when it comes to custody issues. No wonder the rate of suicide amongst forced male clients of the Family Court is appalling. The gender bias justice system has more blood on its hands than the Nazis. Bang, bang, there goes another victim of false allegations in the Family Court. Well done Judge Boshier you useless feminist whore!Take my arms or legs you bastard but DON'T take my KIDS!!
The Family Court is responsible for more deaths than any World War.

Women's refuge closed by 'politically correct' council as it does not cater for abused men

Women's refuge closed by 'politically correct' council as it does not cater for abused men

By Andy Dolan
3rd August 2009

Supporters of a women's refuge were 'shocked and stunned' to be told it is being closed - because it does not cater for men. The emergency shelter was set up 13 years ago for women and children and adult males are not allowed to stay.

But council officials have now ruled that, because it does not serve both sexes equally, the money used to run the home would be better spent on an 'outreach service' to help battered husbands as well as wives in their own homes.

Brian Ellis, a councillor who helped set up the refuge in Weymouth, Dorset, in 1986, branded the move a 'step backwards'. 'It doesn't make sense,' he said. 'The women are there because of what men have done to them and their children. When people suffer from domestic violence they need an immediate escape and that's being taken away.'

Refuge, a charity for women and children affected by domestic violence, said: 'There are not enough refuges for women as it is. 'It's already difficult to get help and women often have to travel long distances. Losing beds that are already there is really devastating. It is a whole community that has lost that kind of safety.'

The shelter, which can accommodate six families, costs £82,780 a year to run. It is funded by Dorset Supporting People - a partnership of Dorset County Council, six local district and borough councils, NHS Dorset and Dorset Probation. The partnership said the refuge will close in March. A housing association which owns the building is working to find the women alternative accommodation.

One mother, 47, who used the refuge after being abused by her husband for years, said: 'I wasn't sure about where to go and what to do and then I found out about the Weycan't-mouth refuge. It was a place where I felt safe and I hadn't felt that for a long time. 'I can't believe they are going to close it - it's so important I can't even put it into words.'

A domestic violence outreach worker, who asked not to be named, said she was shocked and added: 'If there was a need for this 20 years ago then I see why not now. They are always full and there are women constantly trying to get in. I just don't understand it.'

In the last year, 6,323 people have reported domestic violence to Dorset Police. Dorset County Council confirmed that one reason for closure was the lack of facilities for men.

A spokesman said: 'We want to make sure both men and women are catered for and we are not able to do that within the small building.'

Anthony Wilsdon, spokesman for Supporting People, said the new outreach service would help more people. He said: 'We have identified a need to support more people in their own homes.

'There is also a need to make support open to male victims and families with older male children.'