Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another example of a bias Kangaroo Court !!

Friday, 28 March 2008

A boy allegedly abducted by his mother and brought to Australia will not be returned to live with his father in New Zealand, the High Court has ruled.

The Court ruled that the father's access order, granted in New Zealand in 2000, gave no right of veto over his son's removal from New Zealand.

The Court also held it had not been proven in previous appeals that the parents were in fact de facto partners, and that the NSW Department of Community Services, acting on behalf of its NZ counterpart, had therefore failed to establish the father was a guardian of his son, known as K, and therefore he could not determine where the child lived.

Under New Zealand law, a mother is a child's sole guardian if she was not married to or living with the father when a child was born.

K was brought to Australia in 2006 without the father's knowledge, despite the access order that the boy spend half of the school holidays and every second weekend with him.

Australia's Family Court ordered the mother, known as MW, to send K back to New Zealand to live with his father.

She lost an appeal to the full bench of the Family Court against that decision, and then appealed to the High Court, arguing the father did not have custody rights because she said they had never been a de facto couple.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our judicial system is a mess.

I find it shameful when a High Court trial had to be aborted so Justice Judith Potter could undertake a six-week holiday vocation as highlighted last week.

Incredulously the Ministry of Justice has blamed the defence lawyers for running over the estimated scheduled trial time. Sadly the burdened taxpayer funds the expensive retrial, which will add to the huge backlog of criminal trials that is unfortunately allowing some lucky criminals to escape natural justice.

Is it any wonder rising public frustration is mounting when victims of crime must wait for lengthy proceedings in criminal jurisdiction before justice is seen to be done? The judicial system should prioritize the rights of the victim, as justice delayed is justice denied.

To make matters worse, many people are walking away from civil litigation as a means of obtaining fair justice, because they are faced with the overwhelming obstacles of increased costs and court delays.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MySpaceTV Videos: A Fathers Rights Trailer by A Father's Rig

Judges enjoy crushing the spirit of many good fathers' who take away all rights of dignity and respect. The family court is a sinister place that is saturated with unlawful gender discrimination.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

USA - Cycling 4 Children

Dear Peter:

I need your help to get some serious online buzz going for the 2008 Equal Parenting Bike Trek. Can you please blog this? Also, if you know any other bloggers please pass this along to them. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

If you do blog this we will add your name to the list of blog coverage. This worked very well last year.

The main page I need folks to link to for the 2008 Equal Parenting Bike Trek is:

Thank you again for blogging the story and also PLEASE ask any other bloggers you know to work with us to make this event a success.

Robert Pedersen


Fathers Coalition Court Protest.

Domestic Violence is not OK!

In the township of Feilding on Saturday March 29th a protest will be held against a Court ordered sale of a great grandmother’s home before her allegations about long standing domestic violence are considered by the Court. Protesters will gather outside the Feilding Court at 10am. For further details please contact protest organiser

Benjamin Easton on: 0273902169

Monday, March 24, 2008

The truth is fathers do cry

The de family court is unfair and the most heart wrenching experience a father can ever endure . Judges enjoy watching disgruntled litigants pleading for mercy.They laugh at fathers trying desperately to reconnect in bonds of love with their alienated children. The so called "caring court" is a sick sad joke ! In solidarity F4J.

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Radar Alert : On False Allegations , A Judge's Pious Words Are Not Enough

On False Rape Allegations, A Judge's Pious Words Are Not Enough

On March 19, 2008, the Seattle Times reported on a story whose ending could have been much worse but should have been much better. The story is of a woman, Katherine M. Clifton, who manufactured false evidence to frame a man and then lodged a false rape charge against him. As a result of the allegation, the man spent nine days in jail and was placed on leave from his teaching job at a college.

A March 21, 2008 article in London's Daily Mail illustrates just how much worse the ending to this story could have been. It reports on another innocent man, but in that case, the false accusation of rape drove him to suicide.

In the Seattle case, when Judge Peter Nault accepted the woman's guilty plea to the charge of making a false rape accusation, he stated: "That we hurry to castigate a person who turns out to be entirely innocent ... I don't know how it could be worse."

So, what was wrong with the Seattle story's ending? Consider how Judge Nault chose to punish Clifton's opprobrious actions. According to the article, he sentenced her to 365 days BUT suspended 357 days and he ordered her to pay a $5,000 fine BUT suspended $4,750.

Thus, an innocent man ends up in jail for nine days and the woman who made the false accusation, and clearly spent a lot of effort fabricating false evidence, will only have to serve eight days. The innocent man was placed on leave from his job. The woman who planned and carried out the crime has to pay $250.

Please contact the Seattle Times and ask for a follow up story regarding why Clifton only received a slap on the wrist for a crime that, after murder and rape, is about as heinous as they come. Please emphasize the following points:

1. The innocent man served nine days in jail and faced the loss of his teaching career;
2. Judge Peter Nault (please mention him by name) knew that the accuser had gone to some effort to fabricate phony email and a phony court order implicating the innocent man;
3. Considering the egregious circumstances surrounding the case, Judge Nault's decision – to require the villain to serve less time than the innocent man served and to require her to pay only $250 for her crimes – means that his statement "That we hurry to castigate a person who turns out to be entirely innocent ... I don't know how it could be worse" turns out to be nothing more than empty piety.

Here's the contact information:

1. Suki Dardarian
Managing Editor, News Coverage and Enterprise
2. Carole Carmichael
Assistant Managing Editor, Features
3. Letters to the Editor:
Letters Editor
The Seattle Times
PO Box 70
Seattle, WA 98111
(Include your full name (no initials), home address and daytime and evening telephone numbers for verification)

Again, please mention Judge Peter Nault by name. If judges realize that they're going to be remembered by name, they may start making their actions fit their pious words.

Date of RADAR Release: March 24, 2008

Want to improve the chance that they'll pay attention to your letter? Click here.

R.A.D.A.R. – Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting – is a non-profit, non-partisan organization of men and women working to improve the effectiveness of our nation's approach to solving domestic violence.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Petition - "Stop China's Crackdown on Tibet"

Hi d4j,

Thank you so much for signing our petition to protect the people of Tibet! Your name is the 13,202nd signature on this petition, "Stop China's Crackdown on Tibet"

We can't remain silent while these abuses are taking place. Speak up for those who can't!

Ask three friends to take action today to bring peace to Tibet.

You can use our tell-a-friend tool to send your friends a message, or copy the sample message below and send a personal email to all the people you know who share your concern for the safety of the Tibetan people:

Sample email:

Hi -

Please join me in taking action to get China to end the crackdown in Tibet immediately! Send your message here:

Violence against protesters, monks and civilians in Tibet is quickly escalating as the deadly crackdown continues.

Only a few months away from the Beijing Summer Olympics, the Chinese government's violent attacks have already caused the death of around 100 people, while hundreds continue to be shot at, beat up and detained by China's security forces.

I just sent my message to protect the people of Tibet - please send your message here:


Thank you for helping us spread the word to stop the violence in Tibet,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

False Child Abuse Allegations - Lesson 2

False allegations of child abuse and domestic violence in the year 2001 have destroyed my life.They're responsible for so much damage to my family . RIP mum. The Family Court is never interested in the truth, as a file number provides the money for all the unscrupulous hyena's that feast on the carcass of the paternal side of the family.

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Fairness in Family Court - yeah right !

Well-said Heather, as the Kangaroo Family Court judges and the parasitic lawyers and deceitful lying psychologists treat the right of access for fathers with utter contempt much to the children’s detriment. So many fathers are done over by the despicable animals in the De Family Court that is nothing more than a cauldron of prejudice and gender discrimination. Fatherlessness is a huge problem for society but Labour and National couldn’t careless. Well done ACT.

Heather Roy's Diary

"Heather Roy's Diary" is the weekly newsletter from Heather Roy MP.
To receive the Diary every week, visit

Fairness In The Family Court

This week saw the issue of Child Support raised in Parliament, with National MP Judith Collins using the term 'deadbeat dads' to describe those fathers who fail - or refuse - to fulfil their obligation to contribute financially to the raising of their children.

On the whole, New Zealand is a 'can do' nation with 'can do' people: we can, and do, fulfil our responsibilities; we can, and do, pay our own way; we can, and do, stand up for fairness over discrimination. With such a pervading and upstanding social view, New Zealanders on the whole have no time for 'deadbeat dads'.

So why, then, do we allow the odds to be stacked against fathers who are at the opposite end of the scale - who want nothing more than to play an equal or larger part in the lives of their children?

In 2006 the Care of Children Act came into effect, designed in part to shake up the Family Court and to dispel the 'myth' that the Court was biased against men and preferred sole maternal custody as the outcome of its hearings. Under the Act, 'Custody and Access' were replaced by 'Shared Parenting' - meaning that, ideally, both parents share equally the responsibility and joy of their child's day-to-day care; neither parent has full control and neither parent can be left out of their child's life. On paper, it seems wonderfully fair.

Changing legal terms, however, is a far cry from changing attitudes and it is the same judges making the final decision - often with the same gender bias they used before. An example of this lingering attitude can be seen in the case of one father who, having been left with sole care of his child for several months following the breakdown of his relationship with the mother, filed proceedings in the Family Court for an Interim Parenting Order.

Now, one might say that - as it were he who initiated proceedings - the father cannot complain about the treatment he received from the Family Court. However, this man went to the Court after indications that his former partner was about to take the child to live with her in an unstable environment. There were also indications that his former partner would not be keeping to the equal care arrangement they had previously agreed on as she required Majority Care of the child in order to qualify for the DPB. His fears were:

* That his child's living arrangements while with her mother were far from settled - ie the child's mother had no fixed abode and was relying on the generosity of friends to provide a roof over her head on a day-to-day basis.
* The mother would not make the effort to keep the child in Early Childhood Education
* With an informal agreement, the mother would use the child as a weapon or leverage whenever she wanted/needed something (as had happened on at least one occasion)

He also suspected that, once in receipt of the DPB for having Majority Care of their child, it would be HE who had the child for the bulk of the time - while having to pay Child Support to the mother.
Having remained in the family home, and having kept to the stable routine his child was used to, this father felt it best for his child's wellbeing that the child remained with him in the interim until such time as his former partner was in a more suitable situation. He also assumed that the Family Court would feel the same way.

He was wrong. Within minutes of the preliminary hearing, this father realised he was quite possibly on a hiding to nothing. His former partner accused him of keeping their child from her for months, labelled him controlling and domineering, accused him of prolonged domestic abuse and insinuated that he put his career ahead of all else - all without a single shred of evidence.

The judge responded by suggesting to the mother that she had grounds to limit the father's time with the child to Supervised Access, and accepted that the child had been withheld from her mother for months - despite the father providing written proof of dates and times that his former partner had refused to see the child due to social engagements.

Both parties were then given time to come to some kind of access agreement; once this was done and ratified the judge recommended that the father attend a parenting education course - a suggestion that was not made to the mother, whom he thanked for coming along.

And, so, the bias against fathers continues.

The fact is that politicians are right: 'deadbeat dads' DO need to lift their game and be more responsible for the welfare of their children. But at the same time there needs to be more equality for those fathers who truly want to be involved and are doing all they can - spending thousands upon thousands of dollars in lawyer fees - to do just that.

It is time for some real change. Politicians - indeed, New Zealand society as a whole - must take a closer look at the plight of these fathers. Perhaps if we improve the incentives for estranged fathers - and take away the unfair challenges that leave many left out of their children's lives - we would see a drastic reduction in the number of fathers who are so beaten down by the system that they give up completely and play no part in their children's lives.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

DNA Testing at birth is a good idea.

Compulsory paternity tests proposed in bill
A new bill would allow courts to order compulsory DNA testing of children for paternity checks, regardless of consent. United Future MP Judy Turner's private member's bill provides for the Family Court .

Only a mother can be aware of whether or not there is any doubt over paternity and this highlights how unfair advantage women have over men. Custody and access rights are always in the women’s favour. Radical feminists’ ideologies that control all aspects of the de family court mandate to hate fathers. It is obviously unsatisfactory from a public policy point of view that women are able to commit paternity fraud, without there being a civil remedy for the wronged father. The family court prides itself as the “caring court”, however any forced client of the court will tell you it is the worse experience of his life.

The de family court is blinded to parental alienation, false allegations and paternity fraud is legalized deceit. There is no duty of disclosure of personal matters relating to parental behaviours, which can be affairs or paternity deceit. The law, as expressed by the High Court, is neither flexible nor modern enough to provide a remedy. So it is up to Parliament.I praise the politician ( which is very rare) Judy Turner for bringing up this issue. In the meantime, perhaps all husbands should have a chat to their wives. Just remember, one malicious phone call by a vindictive women and it’s cell by lunchtime.

A foolproof solution would be to introduce compulsory DNA testing before any application for child support is accepted.
Any legislation that is father friendly is welcomed by kiwi fathers who are constantly bombarded by all mainstream media outlets and political parties who see them as easy beats.

I am presently helping two people who are the victims of paternity issues;

Case 1
I know of dad that lived in a relationship for a decade with two daughters that he thought were his. Only after the family broke down did his vindictive partner tell him the truth. This traumatised father now struggles to get access through the courts and he pays child support for them, while the real biological father laughs at having never to pay a cent for the upbringing for his children. DNA testing would have sorted this out and made all parties responsible for the kids.

Case 2
The Children’s Commissioners Office has accused a father that his application for a paternity test, which is currently a slow meandering litigation matter in the family court that he is directly responsible for behavioural problems of his 11 year old son at school and with the care givers. I assisted the 11-year-olds extremely troubled paternal grand mother at a meeting with CYFS Minister Ruth Dyson last weekend. I couldn’t believe how callous and cruel a Minister of the Crown could be! The Children’s Commissioner has blamed the paternal side of the family for behavioural problems even though this father and grandmother have been victimised by both CYFS and family court since 2001 trying to love this lad. I am trying to get this traumatised paternal family access and custody to this young lad. This boy was described as a walking time bomb by the school principal who allowed me a interview so I could try address the unlawful gender discrimination.

Justice is coming and well done Judy Turner.
In solidarity.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feminazi Family Court Lawyers.

Lewis misunderstood the legal status of the father in the adoption process,

This is utter crap, she knew alright, as Susan Lewis has been instrumental in destroying many fathers in the Family Court.I have dealt with her on several occasions and I can you, she is your typical thick - radical feminist like Christchurch child counsel Family Court lawyers; Tanya Cook, Siobhan McNulty and Adrienne Edwards. These sick -lying cows are paid to advise forced male clients it's better to suicide than continue in a system that you have no hope of ever achieving balance.Forget access and custody of your own flesh and blood children because these lawyers never bother to witness the loving interactions between a forced client dad and his confused and sad children.

Adrienne Edwards who was appointed by Judge John Strettell (bad person) in 2001, and she has not ONCE witnessed the love and happiness enjoyed when my two daughters get together with me. My daughters give dad a big sincere cuddle and are happy, but the corrupt police and bent Family Court couldn't give a dam.Edwards at $400 an hour x eight heart wrenching years, no wonder this fat arse bitch is always at the coffee shop !! Family Court file numbers are cash cows for unscrupulous lawyers and criminal psychologists who hound a alienated paternal grandmother to death.

The Family Court creates division. It is devoid of fairness and it's a horrible place, as it enjoys breaking up families and eradicating all meaningful relationships between a dad and his daughters . It kills paternal grans !! It's directly responsible for promoting parental alienation which has traumatic side-effects for dad and his daughters.The Family Court is evil and should be obliterated from the face of the earth. Lewis is your typical Family Court gravy train leech.

Lawyer suspended for 3 years
A Christchurch lawyer who facilitated an illegal adoption that saw the baby taken to Australia has been suspended from practising for three years.

Susan Barbara Lewis, 54, a family law specialist, wrongly advised a client who wanted relatives in Australia to adopt her baby that the involvement of the baby's father was ``not necessary''.

The New Zealand Law Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal de cision said Lewis committed ``a series of mistakes'' and accepted instructions to act when she had no adequate understanding.

The then 18-year-old mother of the baby, described in the decision as belonging to a Canterbury farming family, had the child in February 2006.

The mother was living with her parents on the farm and although the baby's father had some inter action with the child, the relation ship between the baby's parents was ``difficult''.

The mother and her parents decided relatives in Western Australia should adopt the child. Despite discussing the matter with him, no agreement was reached with the father.

The family sought legal advice from Lewis.

``(Lewis) misunderstood the legal status of the father in the adoption process,'' the decision said.

``She had adoption documents completed without any involvement from the father of the child and advised her clients the father's involvement was not necessary.

``She advised her clients the child could be taken to Australia and placed with the prospective adoptive parents.''

The child was taken to Australia. When the father found out, he started legal proceedings.

The child was taken from his new parents and returned home ``in some distressing circumstances'', the decision said.

The tribunal said it was of ``considerable concern'' that the errors arose in the field of law where Lewis ``held herself out as having some specialist or focused skills''.

Lewis's ``mistake on mistake'' led to a serious outcome that was at the highest end of the scale, the tribunal said.

Lewis voluntarily turned in her practising certificate after the hearing, telling the tribunal she had closed all her files.

Lewis was given the maximum suspension available, three years.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills divorce saga

£24.3m: Heather wins fortune from Macca - but is set
to appeal(LJPR comment)

Posted by: heavy, Glasgow on 3:47pm today

It is time to get rid of the maritime admiralty law of
the high seas the British courts operate illegally
Bring back COMMON LAW courts with juries deciding on
ALL cases when requested.

We see here not only the utter greed of a
golddigger.But the control lawyers and judges have
over a mans wealth .This is outrageous that we have
allowed a small self appointed elite to destroy
marriages or the assets of those caught up in the
scams they operate under.

Join the growing resistance movement against
corruption and tyranny.


Masonic judges OUT Juries IN

Wonder what the young child thinks of mum and her deplorable antics of greed and vindictiveness.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Kids loaned out for rape cruises !

The establishment abuse exposures finally coming out in various mass media outlets.
This is a horror story fill of depraved people in positions of power within the judicial system. Such evil cannot be allowed to go unchecked.Shame on mankind !!

Perv yachtsmen were given Jersey children to abuse at sea

Kids loaned out for rape cruises

By Lucy Panton & Philip Whiteside

CHILDREN from the Jersey House of Horrors were loaned to rich paedophile yachtsmen as galley SEX SLAVES, a News of the World investigation reveals.
The youngsters were told by care staff the boat rides were treats--only to be assaulted and RAPED at sea by pervert toffs.

Details of the sick attacks emerged as we discovered even more blood has been found in a bath in the dungeon underneath the Haut de la Garenne home--and in the drains.

UNDER THREAT: Ministers voted to have investigator Harper taken off case

And our reporters have been told how builders on renovations at the home were urged by staff to BURN any bones they dug up.

We also uncover the full extent of the dark forces of corruption hampering the police investigation.

We can reveal worried cops feel under so much pressure over the abuse allegations they are preparing to BYPASS Jersey's own legal system and hand their evidence to our government.

This could include files on up to seven social workers and carers who worked at the sinister home—including one nicknamed the 'pinball wizard' who HURLED kids against the walls to see how far they would BOUNCE.

At least two previous senior employees of children's services on the island are also under investigation despite the attempts of corrupt former policemen, politicians and businessmen to scupper the inquiry.

We understand that two weeks ago Jersey ministers SECRETLY VOTED to have senior police investigator Lenny Harper removed from the case because they believed he was too open with the media. But the Chief of Police Graham Power refused.

Explosive A source told us: "Such important figures have been implicated in the cover-up of abuse on the island that the cops feel the evidence should now be passed to the British government

"The latest revelations are explosive. It is going to cause massive waves within the political and legal world and could bring the whole of Jersey's infrastructure crashing down."

One of the most serious lines of inquiry in the investigation is that children were regularly loaned to wealthy yachtsmen to "do with them what they chose for the day," according to our source close to the investigation.

Haut de la Garenne staff described the trips as a treat for children who spent long hours cooped up at the home. But in reality the kids were subjected to the vilest sexual abuse on board the luxury boats.

Our source said: "The allegations about the yachting community have come in from a number of different people. It is a very strong line of inquiry and when the evidence is made public people will be horrified."

Meanwhile about a dozen bones found at the home have been sent to a DNA lab to find out how old they are --yet some bone fragments were too burnt to be tested.

Police have taken statements from local builders who were told: "If you find bones, get rid of them or burn them." New blood spots have been discovered in cracks in a concrete bath in the underground chamber and have also been sent for tests and sniffer dogs trained to find blood have found scents in the drains underneath.

Forensic officers are now focusing on the wooden trapdoor leading to a second torture cellar in a bid to extract DNA or fingerprints.

Our source said: "Detectives are doing everything they can to ensure every scrap of evidence is properly investigated. They are very aware that the home dates back to 1856 and some of these bones could be very old.

"This is going to be a long process but the officers have been presented with so many accounts of abuse and cover-ups it is crucial we get answers. People disclosing the abuse have been easy to ignore but finally they are getting a chance to be taken seriously."

The horrors being uncovered at Haut de la Garenne have revealed a Jersey tourists have never seen.
Former abused care home residents claim what happened to them has been covered up by those in high office, desperate not to tarnish Jersey's good name or risk politicians in London reducing their power over the tiny, but extremely wealthy, island.

Although Jersey is part of the British Isles and under the Queen's rule, it has a separate government system dating back to King John's reign, and makes its own rules and laws.

Jersey's 53-member parliament has no political parties. Its politicians, judges, policemen and business leaders come from a small elite--often linked by friendship or family.

The island's equivalent of our Commons Speaker is also its top judge--so the system of checks and balances between politics and the law we have in the UK is almost non-existent.

This is a place where the authorities allowed 43-year-old convicted paedophile Roger Holland to stand for election as an honorary constable officer-- similar to a special cop in the UK, but with more powers. They knew that six years earlier he had indecently assaulted a mentally impaired 14-year-old girl and admitted molesting another girl. But he got the job and in 1997 rose to become vingtenier—the second most senior cop on the island's volunteer force.

In 2001 he was jailed for indecently assaulting a young girl in the back of a police van.

"Jersey has for too long been a law unto itself--it is time the truth came out," says our source.

Among those fighting for that is ex-health minister Senator Stuart Syvret, who resigned over the cover-up and has given statements to police claiming two senior legal figures were involved in the abuse.

Mr Syvret said: "I have given formal statements to the police concerning a number of establishment individuals. Officers I have spoken to are from a force external to Jersey police at the request of Jersey police." Solicitor Nick le Cornu is also demanding change. "Jersey's political class have for 60 years been ignoring and covering up poverty and injustice," he claimed.

Police investigator Lenny Harper, an outsider from Northern Ireland, was the target of a hate campaign-- including threats to torch his house --after a string of cops were sacked for corruption. Colleagues say Harper, 56, laughed it off, saying: "I had the IRA on my tail for years--so a few disgruntled people are not going to deter me from doing my job."

Now he's facing the biggest test of his career--on the island of fear.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The criminalization of parents.

The criminalization of parents
Posted: March 15, 2008
© 2008

By Stephen Baskerville

The California appeals court decision criminalizing parents who homeschool their children is only the tip of an iceberg. Nationwide, parents are already being criminalized in huge numbers, and it is not limited to homeschoolers.

During the Clinton years, the trend toward turning children into tools for expanding government power increased rapidly. Otherwise indefensible programs and regulations are now rationalized as "for the children."

As a result, government now has so many ways to incarcerate parents that hardly a family in America has not been touched. The criminalization of parents is highly bureaucratic, effected through a bureaucratic judiciary and supported by a vast "social services" machinery that few understand until it strikes them. They then find themselves against a faceless government behemoth from which they are powerless to protect their children or defend themselves.

Homeschoolers are usually accused of "educational neglect," a form of child abuse. Like other child abuse accusations, it does not usually involve a formal charge, uniformed police, or a jury trial. Instead the accusations are leveled by social workers, whose subjective judgment is minimally restrained by due-process protections. As Susan Orr, head of the federal Children's Bureau points out, these social workers are in effect plainclothes police – but they are not trained or restricted like regular police.

Homeschoolers are not alone. Any parents can be charged with "child abuse" on the flimsiest of pretexts, because child abuse has no definition. Because of our presumption of innocence, crimes are generally defined as they are adjudicated: A crime has been committed if a jury convicts. But the roughly 1 million cases of child abuse annually (out of 3 million accusations) are "confirmed" or "substantiated" not by jury trials but by social workers or (sometimes) judges. Most such parents are not imprisoned. They merely lose their children.

Virtually every American can now tell of a relative or friend visited by the feared Child Protective Services because of a playground injury or a routine bruise. Too many dismiss these frightening ordeals as aberrations. In fact, they proceed from a bureaucratic logic that is driven by federal funding. The more "abuse" the social workers find, the more money they get to combat it.

But serious as this is, it is still mild compared to the largest sector of semi-criminalized parents: the involuntarily divorced. The moment one parent files for divorce, even when no grounds are evinced, the government automatically and immediately seizes control of the children, who become effectively wards of the state. Astoundingly, they are then almost always placed in the "custody" of the parent that initiates the divorce, placing the divorcing parent and the state in collusion against the parent that is faithful to the marriage and family. The non-divorcing parent, even if legally unimpeachable, can then be arrested for unauthorized contact with his or her own children. Here too abuse accusations can be readily fabricated out of thin air, further criminalizing the innocent parent. He (it is usually, though not always, the father) can then be arrested, even without a shred of evidence that any abuse has occurred. He can also be arrested if he cannot pay child support that may consume most or even all his income. He can even be arrested for not paying a lawyer or psychotherapist he has not hired.

But what is most striking here – in contrast to homeschoolers – is the absence of opposition. The genius of the feminists is to vilify fathers in terms designed to incur the revulsion of decent people – "pedophiles," "batterers," "deadbeat dads" – and too many conservatives and Christians are fooled.

In fact, the social science data are clear that these alleged malefactors are rare among biological fathers and almost entirely the creation of feminist propaganda. Accused fathers are no more likely to be criminals or child abusers than are homeschooling parents. They have merely fallen into the clutches of another sector of the child exploitation bureaucracy.

Indeed, it is well-known among scholars that true child abuse takes place overwhelmingly in single parent homes – homes without fathers. By removing fathers under trumped-up abuse accusations, the child abuse apparatchiks create the environment for real abuse, further expanding their business.

Campaigns against homeschoolers and fathers are only the extreme manifestations of the larger attack on all parents. They indicate where we all may be headed if we do not take a united stand for parental rights against a judicial-bureaucratic machine that is not only destroying families but justifying its own expansion in the process.

Though conservatives often misuse the term, two features used by scholars to define totalitarian government were its highly bureaucratic methods and its willingness to invade and destroy the private sphere of life, particularly family life. Both these tendencies come together in the governmental leviathan that now administers our children: the education establishments, family courts, child protective services, child support enforcement agents, "human services" agencies, counseling services, domestic violence programs and much more.

The very idea that the criminal justice system has been diverted from its role of protecting society from dangerous criminals and instead used to threaten law-abiding parents with jail for educating or raising or simply being with their children should be seen by all Americans as a serious threat to our families and our freedom

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Absolute Power

The story of Helen Clark the Prime Minister of New Zealand.Written by Bestselling Author - Ian Wishart.

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I Think My Dad's Gone Crazy

I wonder how many dads wouldn't be crazy after 200 odd court appearances while celebrating the last eight years on police bail ? Only in New Zealand the land of the feminazi whore government.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jail Letter to Sen.Clinton/ Faith enough for reform.

Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:
1. Jail Letter to Sen. Clinton - before trial
2. Faith enough for reform - Thanks for God's help?

We have a page at the web site which has a schedule of events and a map to describe activity we have planned for John Murtari's Federal trial on March 18th. We'd like to get an idea of how many people plan on being there. Please respond to this message and also "CC" a copy to Kevin Purdy (kevin@AKidsRight.Org).

From John - "My trial is next Tuesday and I hope to see some friendly faces there when I'm led into the Court Room. It would certainly bring a warm smile to my face and be a positive demonstration to the Judge, US Attorney, and media -- that the Family Rights issues this parent is risking jail for are important. Hope to see you there, each positive action we take as individuals is valuable."

1. Jail Letter to Sen. Clinton - before trial

Below is the text of a handwritten letter John Murtari just mailed to Senator Clinton's Syracuse & Washington offices. We encourage you to FAX your thoughts to the numbers below:

Syracuse FAX: 315-448-0476
Washington FAX: 202-228-0121

March 6, 2008

The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton
James M. Hanley Federal Building
100 South Clinton Street
P.O. Box 7378
Syracuse, NY 13261-7378

Dear Senator Clinton (Mr. Biba),

This letter comes to you from a jail cell and my Federal Trial in Syracuse is on March 18th. By that date I will have already spent 50 days in jail. My alleged offense is writing “I LOVE YOU” to my son and “SEN CLINTON HELP US!” with kid’s chalk on the ground of the Federal Plaza.

Members of our group AKidsRight.Org, have visited your local and Washington offices. Many parents have called and written your local office. I know I have called three times in the past few months to talk to Mr. Biba, your regional representative, and no calls have been returned. We feel ignored.

I can understand how busy you and your staff must be and that the concept of Family Rights, as a recognized Civil Right, is a new issue. I’m coordinator for a growing group of loving Moms and Dads who were unjustly separated from their kids due to divorce, separation, or child “protective” services.

We have seen our families, and especially our children go through needless heartache and pain – it was an issue we also had not recognized, till it happened to us!

Our immediate goal is a local meeting between you and a small group of mothers and fathers associated with our group. We hope that after you have a chance to hear our stories and also from other groups – you will endorse a call for Congressional Hearings and eventually the creation of a Family Rights Act.

An Act to recognize and protect the right of our children to have TWO parents equally involved in their lives AND the right of parents to raise and nurture their own children. That requires parents be found guilty in a criminal court, with jury protection, of being a demonstrated serious threat to their kids – before government can interfere in family life.

I can think of no more important issue. One that affects the very fabric of our society. We have a draft meeting agenda at our web site: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/clinton/draft_agenda.htm.

My contact info is below. I look forward to your response!

Respectfully yours,

John Murtari
34 Franklin Street
Lyons, NY 14489
315-635-1968, x-211

2. Faith enough for reform - Thanks for God's help?


Did many of you catch that in the last message? Did it bother you? You know, I almost didn't put it in – imagine that! I got some recent feedback that said "All of the talk about religion and Jesus seems out of place." Now imagine that! Although many seem to appreciate the integral part Faith plays in NonViolent Action, others have counseled me I should down play the religion stuff ...

But that would have lied about my experience here in the jail and what keeps me going. It certainly isn't anger at the people in the system, or a desire for revenge against my former spouse. I can't even say my ability to tolerate weeks in jail is from the strong love I have for my son; or a response to the terrible indignity with which many of you have been treated.

I survive this, and can repeat it, because of my Faith (imperfect as it is) in a Loving God. I have a book of Psalms, the Liturgy of the Hours, and after every meal and at night I follow through the cycle. Some may be disturbed by the Psalms that follow. They not only request help from the Divine, but also admit personal failure that has no excuse. Certainly not the "I'm okay/you're okay" and everything is relative take on life.

Last year we featured Thanksgiving Day Proclamation of President Lincoln. Did any of you find it strange that he called the Civil War a result of our Nation's "perverseness." Have you heard any recent politicians talk about America that way?

Are we the perfect cry babies? We sit & squeal about injustice that hurts us, but we expect someone else to "make it all better." We just need to yell a little louder!

We fail to embrace the Divine precept and love our neighbor as we love ourself. Prepared to lay down our life for a friend? Do we want our children caught in the same system?

During this season of Lent, before Easter, may be a good time to reflect on our own behavior, and what we could have done and can still do better!

Here are a few excerpts from my favorites. I hope you will enjoy them also!

Psalm 142

With all my voice I cry to the Lord,
with all my voice I entreat the Lord.
I pour out my troubles before him;
I tell him all my distress
while my spirit faints within me.
But you, O Lord, know my path...

Listen then to my cry
for I am in the depths of distress.
Rescue me from those who pursue me
for they are stronger than I.
Bring my soul out of this prison
and then I shall praise your name.

Psalm 51

Have mercy on me, God, in your kindness.
In your compassion blot out my offense.
O wash me more and more from my guilt
and cleanse me from my sins.

My offenses truly I know them;
my sin is always before me.
Against you, you alone, have I sinned;
what is evil in your sight I have done...

Indeed you love truth in the heart;
then in the secret of my heart teach me wisdom...
A pure heart create for me, O God,
put a steadfast spirit within me...

O rescue me. God, my helper,
and my tongue shall ring out your goodness
O Lord, open my lips
and my mouth shall declare your praise.

For in sacrifice you take no delight,
burnt offering from me you would refuse,
my sacrifice, a contrite spirit.
A humbled, contrite heart you will not spurn...

Psalm 13

How long, O Lord, will you forget me?
How long will you hide your face?
How long must I bear grief in my soul,
this sorrow in my heart day and night?

Look at me, answer me, Lord my God!
Give light to my eyes lest I fall asleep in death,
lest my enemy say: “I have overcome him”;
lest my foes rejoice to see my fall.

As for me, I trust in your merciful love.
Let my heart rejoice in you saving help...

John Murtari
Coordinator AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
Toll Free (877) 635-1968(x-211) http://www.AKidsRight.Org/

Monday, March 10, 2008

Norwegian court convicts first women for rape

Norwegian court convicts first woman for rape

Reuters - Apr 28th, 2005§ion

OSLO (Reuters) - A Norwegian court has sentenced a woman to nine months in jail for raping a man, the first such conviction in the Scandinavian country that prides itself for its egalitarianism.

The 31-year-old man fell asleep on a sofa at a party in January last year and told the court in the western city of Bergen he woke to find the 23-year-old woman was having oral sex with him.

Under Norwegian law, all sexual acts with someone who is "unconscious or for other reasons unable to oppose the act" are considered rape.

The court sentenced the woman on Wednesday to nine months in jail and ordered her to pay 40,000 Norwegian crowns (3,300 crowns) in compensation.

"This is a very harsh sentence," the woman's lawyer, Per Magne Kristiansen, told the Norwegian news agency NTB. The woman argued the man had been awake and consented.

The prosecutor had sought a 10-month sentence and argued the court should not be more lenient with a woman than a man. It was Norway's first conviction of a woman for rape.

Norway has long traditions of equality -- 40 percent of the cabinet of Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik, for instance, are women.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


This news from the motherland is disturbing and reiterates my point that New Zealand must make arrangements to become a Republic, as clearly the Royal family have lost the plot. The colonial mentality of kiwi's should focus on our National identity standing on its own feet without the hindrance of the handbrake of England. What message does this send to the common folk who don't have the luxury of living the life of luxury and privilege?

A branch of the Freemasons secret society is being formed by members of the Royal Household and police who protect the Royal Family. And their decision to call it The Royal Household Lodge has put them on a collision course with Buckingham Palace - as has their plan to co-opt the royal cipher - EIIR - for their regalia, to underline their connection to the Queen.Although the Queen's cousin, the Duke of Kent, is head of the secretive organisation - he is Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England - the new branch has not gone down well with the Royal Family.
The Palace has no power to halt the formation of the lodge, but it is determined to stop it adopting its chosen name and block it from hijacking the Queen's EIIR. Use of the Royal Household title and any related symbols requires official permission. Angry officials clearly feel the new lodge's proposed name is the last thing the Palace needs at a time when it is trying to be seen as more modern and open.

Last night, a spokesman for the Queen said:"Buckingham Palace has not, and would not, endorse this sort of arrangement. No permission has been given by the Palace for a Buckingham Palace lodge or anything similar. "If permission is sought, it will be declined." The founding of the lodge has also alarmed some Royal staff who do not wish to be associated with the fraternity famed for bizarre initiation rites,mystical regalia and mysterious codes of conduct. It is also likely to cause consternation among career women in the Palace, as it is a men-only organisation.

Non-members in Royal service are said to be fearful they will be overlooked for prestigious promotions and left unsupported in any below-stairs clashes. Masons are widely believed to further the business and professional interests of brother Masons, although they would deny this and claim it is a harmless social and charitable organisation. The lodge, which will not meet at the Palace but will be based in a Masonic Hall elsewhere, will be open to all members of the Royal Household, from armed police protection officers to below-stairs staff such as pages and footmen.

It will also recruit staff in other Royal residences including Windsor Castle, Clarence House and St James's Palace. A Palace insider said: "There's a lot of consternation and rightly so. People fear a lot of business will now be conducted behind closed doors so that those who don't sign up to Freemasonry can't have any effect on it. "They are concerned that Masons will be preferred and those who aren't Masons will be written out of the script.

"Backstairs life is already complicated enough - there are all sorts of allegiances and cliques and cabals. People fall in and out of favour and there's a lot of whispering in ears. "The last thing the household needs is a secret society, especially one with the reputation of Freemasonry." The United Grand Lodge of England issued the Royal Household Lodge with a warrant in June last year although it will not formally exist until the consecration ceremony on May 19 at the Freemasons' Hall in London.

That will be followed by a celebration dinner for up to 300 Masons and their guests at the historic Lincoln's Inn. The insider said the idea had been generated by serving and past members of the Royalty Protection Squad, SO14. With new recruits, the total number involved is approximately 70. Author and broadcaster Martin Short, whose book Inside The Brotherhood exposed Masonic practices in the UK, said: "It's a catastrophic time to start such a lodge, given all the problems facing the Royal Family at present."The Royal Family is desperately trying to prove it is modernising - in PR terms, this is bad news for them."

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Will Home Schooling Become Illegal?

What do ya think of THIS CRAP..that judge needs HANGING.


Insider weekly newsletter to The Moral Majority Coalition and

The Liberty Alliance

From: Jonathan Falwell

Date: March 7, 2008

Will Home Schooling Become Illegal?

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that “shock waves” have been sent throughout the state’s home-schooling community after the California Court of Appeals issued a ruling which found no legal right of parents to home school their children.

“Parents who fail to [comply with state school enrollment laws] may be subject to a criminal complaint against them, found guilty of an infraction, and subject to imposition of fines or an order to complete a parent education and counseling program,” wrote Justice H. Walter Croskey, whose opinion was joined by the other two members of an appellate panel. The opinion, which was issued February 28, reversed a superior court judge’s ruling that “parents have a constitutional right to school their children in their own home.”

In this case, the parents of a student had enrolled her in Sunland Christian School, a private home schooling program. In his opinion, Judge Croskey called this action a “ruse of enrolling [children] in a private school and then letting them stay home and be taught by a non-credentialed parent.”

Brad Dacus, president of the Sacramento-based Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), said it should be noted that this Christian school “has been in full compliance with the requirements of the law for more than 20 years.” PJI, which is a legal defense organization specializing in the defense of religious freedom and parental rights, is representing the family in this case.

The ruling, combined with Judge Croskey’s cautionary warnings, has had a chilling effect on home-schooling parents throughout the nation. Through the years, these families have seen examples of far-reaching efforts that attempt to quell the rights of parents to choose the way in which their children are educated.

“The scope of this decision by the appellate court is breathtaking,” said Dacus. “It not only attacks traditional home schooling, but also calls into question home schooling through charter schools and teaching children at home via independent study through public and private schools.”

He said if the ruling is not reversed, parents of the 166,000-plus students in home school programs in the state “will be subject to criminal sanctions.”

That’s a dire warning. And while this is troubling news for California’s home-schooling parents, Michael Farris of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) says there’s not yet a need for panic.

The HSLDA, noting that the appeals court ruling finds that “almost all forms of home-schooling in California are in violation of state law,” will file an amicus brief on behalf of its 13,500 member families in the state. The organization says that “a proper interpretation of California statutes makes it clear that parents may legally teach their own children under the private-school exemption.”

Parental Rights

I believe that parents should have the right to choose alternative education for their children. Specifically, Christian parents should have the right to choose faith-based schools or home schooling for their children, especially when one considers the accelerating focus on sex-ed in many public schools.

Just this week, we learned that a high school in Deerfield, Ill., had assigned the book, “Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes” — which includes vile language and graphic depictions of sexuality, including homosexuality — as a required student reading project. (After several parents complained the book was changed to an “optional title.”)

“It’s disgraceful for [education officials at the school] who have been entrusted to help mold the minds of Deerfield’s impressionable youth, to have abused those youth by ostensibly violating the very laws intended to protect them, said Matt Barber, Concerned Women for America’s policy director for cultural issues.

It’s no wonder that Christian parents are becoming more and more concerned about what their children are being taught in public schools.

While the teachers unions want control of all kids, we must work to ensure that parents retain the right to determine their children’s educations. I see this as a fundamental right for all parents and an absolute right of religious freedom for Christian families.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Information wanted on fugley the pus ball !!

Look, as police seem content on continually fobbing me off, if anybody has information to the identity of fugley can they email me with it please asap. I will not reveal any details as to the informant. To fugley -rebel heart stan - - you are a jihad terrorist and how dare you threaten my daughter with sexual violation. I am a Christian, however I am angry and I want to exact revenge as my daughters are very frightened, but I must pray that a divine power can cure my problem. I just wish this creep would stop ringing my landlines and cellphones as it's pushing me to the outer limits of self control. It is a sad indictment when the filthy cops will not help frightened teenage girls !!!
How would you feel if you were under satanic attack 24/7 and you went to the authorities and they laughed at you? Proud to be a kiwi - yeah right- what a cess pit of lies and evil !!!

Yesterday from fugly the evil creep;

"You have been very quiet today my friend, I hope you are taking some time out for yourself and maybe spending a little time in reading the Qúran, Allah's final instructions to His people as recorded by the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him).

I truly welcome you in to our Islamic community, and wish you could be with us at prayers tonight. Friday is the holiest of days in our calendar.

I have found a suitable match for your older daughter, his name is Achmael and he is from Bezekerstan. Achmael is my cousin's cousin, is 34 and has a succesful job in the Halal butcher on Lincoln Rd. Achmael is also studying to become an Imam, and this will bring him and his wives much prestige in our community

your friend

Abu ben Adam"

Today from fugly the pus ridden maggot brain coward;

"Was that you knocking on my door tonight? No, of course it wasn't, you are a gutless coward.

Was that me knocking up your daughter tonight? Quite likely.

MMMMmmmmm "

My online complaint to police ;
Police Information. Government New Zealand
Dear Peter

info@Police is not a police station. If you wish to make a formal complaint please visit your nearest Police station.



"Peter Burns"

cc "Abu ben Adam"


This message may contain information that is confidential and may be subject to the provisions of section 61A of the Police Act 1958, which creates an offence to have unlawful possession of Police documents. If you are not the intended recipient of this message or have received this message in error, you must not peruse, use, pass or copy this message or any of its contents.

Also note, the views expressed in this message may not necessarily reflect those of the New Zealand Police.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The best come back line for 2007


For those that don't know him, Major General Peter Cosgrove is an "Australian treasure!"
General Cosgrove was interviewed on the radio recently. You'll love his reply to the lady who interviewed him concerning guns and children. Regardless of how you feel about gun laws you gotta love this! This is one of the best comeback lines of all time. It is a portion of an ABC interview between a female broadcaster and General Cosgrove who was about to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop visiting his military headquarters.

So, General Cosgrove, what things are you going to teach these young boys when they visit your base?

We're going to teach them climbing, canoeing, archery and shooting.

Shooting! That's a bit irresponsible, isn't it?

I don't see why, they'll be properly supervised on the rifle range.

Don't you admit that this is a terribly dangerous activity to be teaching children?

I don't see how. We will be teaching them proper rifle discipline before they even touch a firearm.

But you're equipping them to become violent killers.

Well, Ma'am, you're equipped to be a prostitute, but you're not one, are you?

The radio went silent and the interview ended.

Monday, March 3, 2008

You be the judge.

You be the judge is linked as Judge Watch and well worth a visit.
In solidarity

Hi Dear Folks,

1. In the interests of your immediate and future descendants, could you please make time to;

· Look at video "ENDGAME" at
(or go to
This DVD explains “it” all.
Coupled with the human trait known as “silo mentality” this DVD explains the ROOT CAUSE of society’s decline, bureaucratic lies, family disruption, violence, availability of tempting vices, life’s pressures, the deception in; Education, Social Services, Courts, Town Planning, Tax collections, Health Ministry, Vaccinations, Offender rehabilitation failure, Land grabbing, Resource grabbing, all the glaring failures - you name it, - it’s all explained in this DVD.

· Look at Scientific explanations of Nature’s changes coming upon us between now and 2012 visit then click on “Interviews and Reports” then go to Special Reports and Disclosures then to 2008: “The Future Is Now”. Interviews with Richard Hoagland Parts 1 – 3

· Preview the NEW home page on and take a minute to look at the tab “silo mentality” bearing in mind some leaders put their own agendas before the common good, and take a peak at the book tab “2008 – 2012 Rights and Freedom Gone!”

2. After viewing the above, if you support the thrust to share the reality of these times, would you please assist by forwarding this email to those in your network / address book.

3. We also have a tried, tested, and proven process of restoring the physical body and mind back to good health. This process is successful, (so long as pending death is not right at the door) in combating most degenerative conditions labelled for example as cancers, arthritis, chronic fatigue, chemical toxicity, radiation, obesity, diabetes, gangrene, etc. Equally the process applies to bodies saturated with prescription drugs, and / or street drugs. Within days, hearing aids are generally made redundant, and deteriorating eyesight is restored to the norm.

The aspect which simultaneously deals with restoring harmony and balance to the mind, addresses and eliminates most acquired mental imbalances, irrational behaviour, mood swings, and impulsive anger, thus the process could also be effectively applied to most offender rehabilitation needs.

A submission filed with NZ Government early in 2000 indicated the government's national health budget could be reduced by as much as 50% if this natural approach to restoring good health was available to New Zealanders as an option through the public health system.

4. The references mentioned above, taken collectively, now clearly explain to the general public the impact of the global elite's strategy in exploiting silo mentalities, vanity, greed, shame, loss of status / face, and;

· why our submission of 2000 was discouraged by mainstream bureaucrats,

· why our successive government leaders have been encouraged to increase global debt whilst increasing corporate profits,

· why such a path has been followed at the expense of citizen's rights to quality of life.

Having continued to research bureaucratic behaviour over many years and now having a more complete understanding of satanic forces and the laws of The Universe, we believe the time is right to re-establish this self-care option on a permanent basis.

We are seeking empathetic philanthropic supporters to help get this project off the ground in New Zealand, (and in other countries). For obvious reasons such a venture would not be secure if it was reliant on any sort of banking instruments.

Contact details are on the home page of

I end this message by stating that unknown to many, and denied by users, long term low dose amphetamine use (which many decision makers regularly ingest, including the late Adolf Hitler) whilst artificially boosting confidence, presentation skills, and alertness, renders non-existent, natural heart-felt emotional remorse and regrets. Such people get good at acting out expressions of remorse and regret on occasions when an audience would expect to see such emotions. The Pharmaceutical Industry currently ranks about fourth in profits behind; 1.> The Information Industry: 2.> Oil: 3.> Illicit drugs, gold, diamonds:

We trust in God that you may assist us in networking this email.

Yours Sincerely

Hugh Smith

(on behalf of Truth Honesty Ethics Trust, and others.)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our Judges make the Sopranos look tame.

A couple of legal matters that have passed in the last week do concern me, as I think scriptwriters belonging to Sopranos television show have written our criminal justice system.

The first matter, regarding the retrial of David Bain. I cannot understand Justice Panckhurst’s decision to hold pre trial in a closed court? If the misguided judge did it in the fairness of justice, then on what basis? The media and the interested public want exposure to this case. We are entitled to the full judicial process, because this case will set a precedent and prove a point that our justice system is flawed and dangerously dysfunctional. Cutting all ties with Privy Council was a cunning mid night dangerous move by Liarbour.The Supreme Court is the Dames horse stable !! Doh Graham, remember silly judge the case went to England, Privy Council and back .Everybody saw it on TV ? If he thinks NZ media presence would prejudice a fair trial he is clearly mistaken.The jury pool in New Zealand is diminishing by the second and if this crackpot judicial decision was made in the name of fairness then I'll eat me hat! To be fair the stat's are 335,000 people were called up last year for jury service and 70,000 did not reply to the request. Who can blame not wanting to witness a rort system?

No wonder his kiwi bench colleague Justice John Hansen has said that our entire justice system needs a radical rethink.

Closed court for Bain legal arguments
The Press | Friday, 29 February 2008

The first legal arguments for the retrial of David Bain were held behind closed doors in Christchurch yesterday.

Justice Graham Panckhurst had originally indicated that he would hold the pre-trial hearing in open court and make suppression orders, but he reversed that decision yesterday.

Bain's convictions for murdering his family in Dunedin in 1994 were quashed by the Privy Council last year. The retrial is set to begin in August. The judge told the High Court in Christchurch yesterday that he had been approached by counsel for the prosecution and for Bain in chambers before the hearing.

The judge said he was satisfied that the discussions were sensitive and could have implications for a fair trial.

He said he had been wrong to contemplate hearing the discussion in open court.

The media and public were then excluded, although Bain supporter Joe Karam and the police officer in charge of the case were allowed to remain.

Karam said later he could not comment on the hearing.

The judge reserved his decision.

The second matter, the below article makes my blood boil. Name me just one other organization that gives pay rises when they are failing to deliver the service that they were intended for?The public should be in a rage over this ? This is a sad indictment , bloody pay rises when serious criminals are being set free, because case loads and trial delays are littering a systematic failure .The lawyers win again. A Law Commissioner has said our law books are in a chaotic mess and a High Court judge said our justice system needs a radical rethink. Hey judge quick pay those green fees and hide those TAB tickets! Corrupt bastards and don't worry 'cause the cops are in boots and all.
Court costs: judges win $30,000 pay rise.
Wednesday, 27 February 2008

High Court judges have set the benchmark for fat pay increases, pocketing an extra $30,000 a year.

The rise will take their salaries to $345,000.

Judges also have an amount of up to a third of their salary paid into a superannuation scheme, and expenses of between $4100 and $7900.

In deciding to give High Court judges a 9.4 per cent salary increase, Remuneration Authority chairman David Oughton highlighted the need to attract and retain people with skills and a reputation to match the best in the legal profession.

"Remuneration in the top ranks of the legal profession, from which High Court judges will continue to be drawn, continues to move ahead of judicial remuneration."

Oughton said in his explanatory note to the salary determination that the state will never, nor should, match private sector incomes, but had to take them into account.

The New Zealand Law Society has cited pay as one issue affecting the means to attract candidates, who can potentially earn more as barristers, to the bench. The 130 full-time District Court judges, who were the big winners last year with a $30,000 pay rise, only got half that this year, moving up the pay scale $15,000 to $260,000. Court of Appeal and Supreme Court judges will earn $361,000 ($340,000) and $385,000 ($363,000), respectively.

Heading the judicial pay scale is Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias who earns $412,000 _ up $24,000 from last year, but at least $50,000 behind the state sector's highest paid female bureaucrat, the chief executive of the Justice Ministry, Belinda Clark, who earns between $460,000 and $470,000. Prime Minister Helen Clark gets $375,000 a year. _Dominion Post