Friday, February 2, 2007

Fathers Rights

The Court of Justice where the LAW is administered and JUSTICE is forgotten.

"Now , children , you have played at Parliament very nicely, but Parliament gets tiresome after a little while, and its time you left off, for you will soon be fetched ".
Holiday Romance, Charles Dickens .

Tom Lewis , a 32 year police veteran ( detective senior ), who had the leave New Zealand due to the corruption (they even got at his two young children ) wrote a book called "Cover ups and Copouts " which is a real good read . He so correctly writes :
"New Zealand police officers are not used to public scrutiny and , in fact, resent it.To be fair to them,however,neither are politicians, the judiciary , the legal profession or public servants. As New Zealand police have made a 'art form' out of writing off complaints over the years , the Police Complaints Authority is a toothless tiger .
Standing up for your rights is never easy, it may risk losing your job or being threatened , it can cause family turmoil. Almost always it results in emotional upset. However anyone who has felt stuck or trapped in a corrupt system knows the sweet rewards of exercising PERSONAL POWER."

Austrian economist Wilhem Ropke was right when he said , "The welfare state is the favourite playground of a cheap sort of moralism," and "cheap morality is anything but moral.

My nightmare started November 2000 , 150 odd Court Appearances later, my emotional landscape has been obliterated through unlawful gender discrimination by vindictive and vengeful Police , CYFS and Family Court . My four children cannot understand the injustice, and my mother died a heartbroken paternal grandmother, unable to cope with the arrogant subversion of the justice system. The litany of lies was fatal for her . RIP Mum.

I am described in a CYFS report on my family sitaution in 2001 titled Family interactions and composition as a kind, gentle, caring and loving daddy to two happy little girls. They used to clean the whitebait I caught them ,because they really liked eating it . I read them a bedtime story every night and tucked them into bed .Then the lies , lies and more lies . Now -2007, because of parental alienation syndrome, they are under the control of their nasty maternal family and I am a non -custodial parent without any rights .

Its better to be nobly defeated on principle than to win on lies.

In solidarity -4 the kids - dad4justice

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