Saturday, January 17, 2009



Secret courts are once again routine in England in a way not seen since the days of Henry VIII and the Court of Star Chamber. A justice system which once was the beacon of the world is being corrupted by senior judges. Family Courts have created a system comprising a class of unaccountable people who - although paid out of public funds - cannot be scrutinised by the electorate or indeed the wider class of all those, including children and foreigners, who are potentially subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Family Courts have granted themselves the dictator's freedom to operate behind closed doors while making decisions which claim to be done in our name. Making legitimate and legally binding decisions requires public administration of justice which prevents injustice, corruption, perjury and rip-off lawyers. In Family law above all judicial discretion reigns supreme and the only check on judicial injustice and prejudice is public scrutiny. English Family Courts ban the public's presence during court hearings - this creates rotten judicial discretion and corruption and wholesale damage to children and families whose interests the Courts are meant to serve. The paramountcy principle of the child's welfare is routinely dishonoured behind the safety of closed doors.

Those who suffer injustice at the hands of legal sharks inside secret family courts are forbidden from publicising what they have suffered on pain of up to 2 years imprisonment for contempt of court. It has even been made an offence to publish the mere orders of those courts or to publish the bare fact of proceedings taking place [s.97(2)(6) Children Act 1989]. Those who appeal and take their complaints to higher courts are denied the right to use their name henceforth by rubberstamp injunctions added automatically by court officials. A person's unfettered use of his own identity is removed from them. The Courts forbid the press from identifying anyone who has been processed in these secret courts. When once a person was human he becomes the letter A, B or X,Y,Z, initialised into oblivion irrespective of his complaints or wishes: some judges even anonymise the names of expert witnesses and other judges involved in the case - the very people above all who should be identified and subject to scrutiny.

"If the authorities believe there is evidence to justify taking a child into care, they should present it in open court. If the judge thinks the child should not be named, that would be up to him or her, but the evidence should be tested in public." 1 Information that has been in the public domain, or has been printed in mass circulation newspapers, or is freely available on the Internet, now gets routinely gagged and injuncted.

The first show trials against major critics of this regime were stated in 2003, and are in court later in 2004. Dr M.J.Pelling who took a test case to the ECHR at Strasbourg and subsequently published his Children Act Judgment is being prosecuted by the UK Attorney-General. Those who speak out or write about the evils of UK's secret courts have thus become criminalised. 


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