Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ex –boarder –horrified –by –Christchurch murders

I have been assisting this couple for three years in the Family Court and I am mortified that this hideous crime has been committed. Such a tragic waste of human life. My heart goes out to the three children who will not understand what happened to their mum. What a father’s day present for this Family Court advocate. It’s sad that evil is running rampant within society. I feel so sorry for a lady who was intelligent but lived a life of fear and heartbreak.
God bless both victims.

Ex –boarder –horrified –by –Christchurch murders

A woman believed murdered and buried beneath her Aranui home was overjoyed to be clean of drugs and alcohol and was looking forward to winning back her children, friends say.
Police said yesterday the second body beneath the house on the corner of Hampshire St and Wainoni Rd, believed to be that of missing woman Tisha Lowry, 28, was expected to be removed from its shallow grave late today.
Meanwhile, a woman who boarded with the dead woman and her husband - the murder accused - said she had recently been urged to move back to the house, now dubbed Christchurch's "House of Horrors".
Sala Flutey, who lived with the pair from July 2007 to January 2008, said she was "relieved" she did not take up the couple's offer.
"I'm still freaking out about it," she said.
Two women's bodies were discovered under the house by police on Friday.
The body of the wife of the accused was removed from the makeshift grave, accessed through a manhole under the stairs, on Saturday.
Flutey said the couple, whose names are suppressed, appeared "normal" in the days leading up to the woman's disappearance on Sunday, August 30.
However, the woman had become insistent about being visited, Flutey said.
"She was nagging me to come have a coffee every day."
She had been to their house on August 21 and though the murder-accused seemed normal, his wife had asked him "why are you so on-edge all the time?"
Flutey said she felt "horrible" knowing now that a body had been buried beneath them while she was having dinner at their house.
"I don't think she [the woman] knew," Flutey said.
Flutey said the 35-year-old woman had a history of alcohol and painkiller abuse but had been attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and was overcoming her problems.
"She was going round saying 'I love being clean, it's so good'."
Flutey said the woman had been "emotionally distressed" about her children being taken into care by Child, Youth and Family, but was hoping to get them back.
"She knew it was going to be a long road."
Flutey said she was living in Shirley when Lowry, who lived two houses along from the couple, went missing last September.
The Lowry family could not be reached for comment yesterday.
Another friend of the dead woman, who declined to be named, said she was "just really shocked".
"I walked over her body [Lowry's] and I didn't even know it."
The woman said her friend was a "spiritual" woman and a good listener.
Detective Inspector Tom Fitzgerald said the exhumation of the bodies was "slow and detailed".
"For us to get to where we need to be, we need to dismantle parts of the property."
The bodies were not far from the manhole that led under the house.
Fitzgerald said he expected investigators to be at the scene for some time.
It was a detailed forensic examination and investigators would go through "grain by grain of sand".
A 32-year-old man appeared in the Christchurch District Court on Friday charged with murdering his 35-year-old wife.
No further charges had been laid against the man, who is in custody, Fitzgerald said.

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Travellerev said...

There is no love lost between us dad but finding out that people you've been trying to help have done such horrible things and lied to you so blatantly that is stink.