Monday, September 6, 2010

I do wish the ground would stop shaking.

The earthquake in Canterbury was an experience I don’t really want to ever repeat. Man what a ride, which puts a new meaning on the phrase rock and roll. The ground is dancing from the after shocks and cracking deep bass rhythm. The earth below has spurted sand and mud which litters the province.

 Buildings down, telegraph poles at weird angles and cracks appearing everywhere.  Supermarkets in the suburbs are packed with strained people; meanwhile the army protects the inner city from tricky business and light fingered thieves. Things are not well, but the Cantab spirit will shine through and the biggest positive to shine has been the willingness from the community to help each other. Great stuff, adversity does bring the best out of people.

I feel for the children who were terrified by the rocky incident. For example, my young daughters were really frightened.  It is sad that Kids can’t understand the awesome power of Mother Nature and the grace of God. It is good news that no fatalities resulted from the widespread disaster, which I believe is work by love of God.

Most people are shocked. In the last couple of days walking around in Christchurch has been strange to say the least, war zone stuff.

I do wish the ground would stop shaking.

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