Thursday, January 20, 2011

“Where have all the dads gone?” asks BBC Panorama

“Where have all the dads gone?” asks BBC Panorama

By glenpoole | Mon, Jan 17 2011, 07:25 AM

Are actively involved dads becoming an endangered species in some parts of Britain?
Tonight’s BBC 1 Panorama programme examines why many men are losing contact with their children and asks what can be done to keep them in the picture.
Reporter Declan Lawn has been given access to a ground-breaking project in south London that might have found the answer.
Dads are certainly BIG NEWS at the moment with the Coalition Government’s announcement that it plans to reform the  “mad” parental leave system giving dads more rights which prompted The Men’s Network to post this rough and dirty list of very interesting 21st century dads facts that you should CLICK AND READ NOW!
So now here’s our THIRD dad story of the day………
Seany O’Kane at St. Michael’s Fellowship got in touch to tells us that:
“St. Michael’s Fellowship will be one of the focal points of discussion in tonight’s episode of the BBC Panorama program. The show will be highlighting the growing number of ‘missing’ and ‘absent’ father’s  and asks whether actively involved dads are becoming an endangered species in some parts of Britain? The show will also feature contributions from the government’s ‘poverty tsar’ Frank Field.”

Sean has asked us to spread the word in an attempt to “thrash Coronation street in the ratings!”
So here are some links about the Programme and please, please spread the word:
Panorama: Britain’s Missing Dads, BBC One, Monday, 17 January at 2030GMT and then available in the UK on the BBC iPlayer.
Click here for the  Panorama blurb about today’s show or click here for a link to the Panorama site that includes a clip of St Michael’s ‘Big Man’ movie or click here for Panorama presenter Declan Lawn’s report on the program which mentions the work of St. Michael’s or click here for more blurb about the Missing Dads show or  click now for a  TV recommendation on the Dads programme in the Telegraph or read this last link now to find out why  TV Guide 10/10 makes Missing Dads the highest rated program the day on BBC

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