Saturday, March 5, 2011

The territory of children and parents is sacred.

After reading this I am saddened that both my children's court appointed lawyers lied to the court continually for years so they could cash in on the insidious family court gravy train. How can  filthy lying lawyers like Chris Robertson and Adrienne Edwards sleep at night after receiving blood money? RIP mum. They enjoy the persecution of the paternal family when it's all based on false allegations. These scum sucking pricks don't care about the child's feelings, as these creeps create PAS and unnecessary heartbreak for thousands of kiwi kids!

Elizabeth Watson @


The territory of children and parents is sacred. It is not a commodity to be tampered

with, nor should the role of Shared Parenting ever be discredited nor devalued by outside

interference of any sort. If the parents have irreconcilable differences, the objective

should be set to determine what is best for the child's happiness and safety, without the

need for Gestapo-like measures of a punitive nature which merely serve to muddy the

waters, and compound the difficulties by becoming a part of the problem.

The Rule of Law, by its very nature of being Principle-governed, precludes any State

interference tampering with the rights of parents and their children.. It is not any

business of the State, in every sense of the word 'business', yet heinously, these sacred

rights have been distorted, exploited, abused, and tampered with by the State turning their

focus on this area AS a 'business' - to engage in brazen child-trafficking whilst couching

it in "acceptable terminology" like "Care Orders" and "Child welfare" when the opposite

is true, and generating inhumane profits for corporations at the unthinkable cost to both

child and its parents.

Where the parents are alive and capable, children need parenting, not fostering, and even

better, shared parenting, to allow them to develop in a way that is balanced between the

male and female energies and learning processes. Also, to allow them to flourish in a

safe and loving environment where learning and true caring (which can only be sensibly

administered by the parents themselves), can take place without the threat of nonsensical

'care orders' which - nine times out of ten - are entirely unnecessary and best avoided at

ALL costs because they crush the child's confidence and sense of safety, reducing matters

to a mindless tug-of-war and disrobing parental rights: the ultimate way to undermine a


It is time to wake up and embrace our parental responsibility and to take our power back

from those who would reduce this vitally important role to its lowest denominator:

turning it into another "business" which sacrifices the happiness and welfare of the child,

which would always be best served by those who genuinely have the child's best interests

at heart: the parents themselves. Children are our future, and our Society can learn from

them and our evolution depends on them: so their happiness and safety, best taught by

both mother and father's balanced energies, must take precedence.


Founder of One Voice Action Group –

Great Britain.

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