Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dr.Phil on about abusive women

SAVE: Please thank Dr. Phil for doing show on abusive women

Today, Dr. Phil ran a show on Angry Women, Scared Husbands. Below is the show description from his website:
'You may know that one in four women will become a victim of domestic violence, but did you know that one in nine men will too? Violence against men is rarely talked about and under-reported. Dr. Phil continues his campaign to end the silence on domestic violence with two couples willing to open up about their abusive relationships. Steve says his wife, Monica, punches him and recently pushed him down a flight of stairs. He says he’s not only afraid of her abuse, he’s afraid of how he may retaliate in the heat of anger. The couple has nine children between them – two of whom are severely disabled – and they’re worried about the effect their explosive arguments have on their kids. Then, Charlie worries she’ll get so angry at her new husband, Gary, that she’ll lash out and inadvertently kill him. Gary says that everything he does makes his wife mad, and he just can’t win. Can these women learn to control their tempers and stop the chaos before something tragic happens?'
Please send Dr. Phil an email TODAY to thank him for courageously covering this important topic:

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