Sunday, August 14, 2011

One in four NZ Children living in poverty.

As a responsible kiwi father of four New Zealand born children I am deeply ashamed that we fork-out $6 billion every year on the health, judicial, social and welfare costs associated with child poverty issues resulting from the deterioration of the family unit Happy kiwi kids need positive role model parents who take responsibility for providing them with a stable and happy childhood .The all important child nurturing years shouldn't be spent in a hideous poverty trap. Kids need stability and love in the nurturing years.
Many factors help with creating child poverty, however I have no doubts that government agencies and gender bias policy is directly responsible for large scale child poverty. Poor dysfunctional children are created through a fractured family industry that thrives on the destruction of the family unit. We live in a society that enjoys the widespread demonization of fatherhood. The criminal justice system and the feminist driven family court could not survive if we had fair gender balanced scales of justice.

The countless government paid commissioners, lawyers, psychologists, social workers and overpaid judges all make a healthy profit from the dysfunctional family file number. No thought is ever given to addressing the issues like fatherlessness that trigger most anti social child behaviours, as all resources are directed at the destruction of the father. Many dads simply walk away from their children, because they know that fighting for access and custodial matters in the feminist driven family court is an exercise in futility.Unhappy children are nurtured in hate lessons by the cruel and evil family court. Often the family court extends the misery for the paternal client and custodial cases can last 10 years. Mine did. Thanks Christchurch family court. How was that good for my four children Justice Minister? How much did my case cost the country Justice Minister? Was it $2 or $3 million??
The future of the traditional kiwi family is in doubt. Unfortunately it has been under serious attack by continual socialist governments, who are hell bent on obliterating family loyalties and strengths, because a stable family unit is the hardest for them to control. The manipulative socialists fear strong bonds of love and loyalty built into happy family units. Shady big government thrives on family dysfunction, which is extremely detrimental to the child's best interests.

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