Sunday, October 2, 2011

Family Court lawyers are filthy scum of the earth!

“Counsel for Child Lawyers, who receive just three days training in working with children, are not actually responsible for the accuracy of the reports that they deliver to the Court.”

The Family Court is a disgusting environment for all children and it’s little wonder with the carefree attitude shown by highly paid low life lawyers who couldn't give a hoot about the concerns of vulnerable children.It is so sad what damage the vile lawyers do to children and these slim balls should be kept well away from children. These demonic creeps are blood sucking parasitic leeches who brainwash children so they can earn blood money from unnecessary litigation.

Hey C4C lawyer leave that kid alone you filthy C$C lawyer mongrel low life pus ball.Not once in ten years did the children lawyer's Chris Robertson and Adrienne Edwards witness the loving interacting between a distraught dad and his confused alienated daughters. They should be shot.

Specialist Family Court report writers, such as the twisted two faced Family Court Psychologist's like Mike Davidson and John Watson enjoy persecuting the paternal family with heart wrenching delay tactics and illegal skullduggery.  The reports they write are nothing more than toilet paper. These are evil scum who deserve a fate worse than death. John Watson went against a direct Family Court judge's order and hounded my mother to death! Fact.F##k you Watson!! What a sinister Court without accountability.Watson should be in prison.

Money grabbing Counsel for Child Lawyers and gender bias Psychologists can put the knife in hard when they invent a pack of lies, so they can feed from all the heartbreak suffered by the overwhelmed father involved in a cauldron of hateful feminist litigation. In my case I had to endure a horrible experience of forced litigation which lasted ten years and cost the New Zealand taxpayer a couple of $million$. All wasted money, but who cares eh. FFS I hate the Family Court!!!

Male clients in the Family Court on the end of false testimony might as well put a gun to their head, because it would be less painful that being a client of the revolting Kangaroo Court of feminist lies.

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Damon Hager said...

I believe you, and sadly, a great many fathers have had similar experiences.