Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Afghan women jailed for moral crimes.

I read this disturbing story on yahoo and immediately thought how lucky kiwi women are.Then smack bang, in comes a thought about our appalling child abuse / domestic violence record. But dumbo kiwi enjoy sick films like, Once were the warriors ( Jake the Muss tough bro) yeah right !! Make no sense to me? And the silly fools have the cheek to saturate us with a white ribbon campaign, which is, just another politically correct liberal feminist wankfest. Western women have never had it so good, they only have to ring the feminist ideological keystone cops and a man is a labelled for life a kid fucker,deadbeat dad and violent head case after just one phone call. Then when the blown away dad rots in a padded cell the bitch invites the new boyfriend into his once prized home. He does not see his confused children for years and his mother dies after being hounded to death by a corrupt gravy train Kangaroo Court. Thank you Christchurch femily court.Revenge is mine say the LORD.

I just wish man and woMEN could stop the bullshit and get along for the SAKE OF THE CHILDREN.

Just imagine a earth that didn't have gender hangups? Could we call that a balanced earth? The blood money the Western World spends on family court lawyers and wacko psychologists in a year could solve the global crisis and make the world a child friendly environment. Dreams are free. No doubt the new world order has worked out a way how to tax them.

Bring back Jesus.

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