Monday, July 16, 2007

"Freedom of speech" earns Vince Siemer 6 weeks jail!!

This is appalling but else would you expect from the judges!Ned Kelly would shine all over these people .

Robyn Case reports on the sad situation on

July 15, 2007
"Freedom of speech" earns Vince Siemer 6 weeks jail!
The controversial, outspoken, but ever entertaining Vince Siemer, once the proud owner of Paragon Oil, has just earned himself six weeks in the slammer. Sadly, he paid the supreme price for daring to stand up to Vector chairman Michael Stiassny, the man he (Vince) believes wrongfully destroyed his company in his capacity as a receiver.

In a fiery High Court appearance on (appropriately enough) "Friday the Thirteenth", Vince Siemer copped a six week prison sentence for defying a 2005 court order to stop spreading defamatory material about Michael Stiassny.

Apparently the defamation was committed in postings to two web sites, the distribution of stickers drawing attention to these two sites, and letters to two newspapers.

But how's THIS for twisted justice???

In one breath, Judge Judith Potter granted Vice a 24-hour adjournment to prepare submissions for his case - and then ordered that he be held in custody - effectively denying him any reasonable possibility of being able to prepare any such submissions!

Another disgraceful act by a High Court judge ??? SURELY NOT!!!

To outbursts of raucous laughter from his supporters in the Public Gallery, Vince Siemer accused Justice Potter of running a "Kangaroo Court"; accused Mr Stiassny of perjury and claimed that his rights had been denied while in custody at Auckland Central Remand.

Sure, Vince Siemer broke the law when openly defying a 2-year old court order. But hey, c'mon………. s-i-x w-e-e-k-s in jail???

Whatever happened to freedom of speech???

This is exactly the sort of thing that has me convinced "we New Zealanders" need a constitution - just like they do in the States!

Oh, and Justice Judith Potter… You should be ashamed of yourself for denying Vince Siemer any reasonable chance of preparing his case effectively and fairly - regardless of your personal dislike of the man.

After hearing about Vince Siemer's plight on Friday, and then reliving (in my mind) the eery similarities between the way HE has been treated by the justice system and the way "I" have been treated, I honestly applaud Vince's stand against what he believes has been "judicial tyranny".

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sadly we have seen this wi Robert Green abd Rusty on the Hollie Greig case,reblogged