Friday, January 4, 2008

Jackson Browne Lives In the Balance


fugley said...

Well, I am blown away by this, staggered in fact.

Maybe I have misread you after all, because I always saw you as a supporter of Shrub's dirty little wars.

And anyone who likes Jackson Browne can't be all bad.

dad4justice said...

Old fugley eh , for your interest folks this thing said this on The Briefing Room blog yesterday ;

"Yes, I admit I said it was Sydenham, my mistake, but YOU did not go to 55 Nayland St Sumner, either.

Sadly, my eyesight is not as it once was and I misread a line from the phone book. But I promise you, if you go to 55 Nayland St Sumner you WILL see someone fugley."

Just for your information I visited today and the Sumner Police had a good laugh at your comments. The said they will catch up with you :-)