Monday, January 14, 2008

Public praised for dobbing in man who flicked son's ear

Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro says she is pleased to see people in the community making a stand against violence towards children after a Christchurch man was reported for flicking his son's ear.Professional musician Jimmy Mason was reprimanded by police for assaulting his three-year-old son…

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Anonymous said...

Reprimanded? The bastard should've been locked up! Assault is assault!

dad4justice said...

I know Jimmy Mason because he was a neighbourhood childhood friend of mine .

I will do my best to contact him and find out the real story here .

Any help finding where Jimmy lives in Christchurch would be much appreciated . His parents and mine were once good friends .

Anonymous - please keep your venom down until I ascertain all the facts relating to this incident .

Anonymous said...

Two sides to every story. But the "facts" in Jimmy's words are his version of events and not necessarily the true facts.

PS can you ask Jimmy Mason if he's related to Phillip John Mason?

dad4justice said...

Oh yes there is a big difference between Jimmy and Phillip Mason, as Jimmy is a father of several beautiful children, while Silly Philly is a hen-pecked pussified eunuch from the liarbour party .

After having talked to witnesses who saw the incident it does look as though it was another quixotic blemish against the keystone boys and girls.

If they cared about child abuse how come they don't ask members of the mongrel mob why they send their children to Wainoni Primary school without any food ? Young kids have told me that they do not get fed at home ?

Oh that's right - silly me - it is in the too hard file .

Sue Bradford and Labour are a sham for children .

This government is guilty of installing fear into decent parents while children are being abused left -right and center !!!