Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Movie - A Father's Rights

A Father's Rights, the first film of Dickson, TN-based William Fain productions, is the true tale of a father denied the right to share the custody of his daughter. The first of three films on the production schedule of Fain Productions, it stars a cast of Screen Actor's Guild and independent actors living locally, including Karen Carlson, a prominent Hollywood film and television actress now living in Tennessee.

Starting right from the birth of Seth’s daughter, the mother takes away his right as the father to even know anything about his daughter by not naming him on the birth certificate.

Heart wrenching in its intensity, Seth goes to court to battle his way to his daughter’s side.

A Father’s Rights is based on the life of William Fain. He battles each day to bring an end to laws that take away a child’s right to both parents. He wrote and produced this movie in order to show the inequality between parents created by certain laws and to hopefully inspire others to take up that same fight.

Rated for everyone with a little adult guidance.

"The film drew me in -- I laughed, got angry, nearly cried and cheered at the jury verdict. This is a must see movie for anyone that believes children deserve both
parents and their extended families."

Carnell Smith

A Father's Rights is only film I've ever seen that accurately portrays how truly challenging it is for good fathers to remain in their children's lives during ugly divorces.

Steven Ashley, Founder of the Divorced Fathers Network, author of Fathers Are Forever and The Long-Distance Dad

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