Saturday, October 3, 2009

I am a proud father of four.

When somebody asks me what are my greatest assets in life I happily respond my four children.

My handsome twin sons just celebrated a quarter of a century on the planet and my two beautiful daughters are battling the all so confusing teenage years where hormones go crazy.

I get sad when I think of the battle caused by a bent system allowing a bent family to engineer a major depressive episode for me. It was built on false allegations. The lies that blew my family apart were too much for my much loved mother. Dad4justice will get justice mum.

My children are my sacred primal priority and no matter what the Department of Injustice have written on my record at least my family knows the truth about their dad.

Shame on you police, family court and cyfs.

Shame on you judges, lawyers, psychologists and psychiatrics.

Shame on you politicians, how can you allow such a cruel travesty of justice to go unchecked?

How many millions of taxpayers’ dollars did the sick system spend trying to crucify me?

I am guilty of being a loving over protective father of four.

Love will conquer all in the end.

"We backed the wrong horse Burnsey.We were wrong about you. Put that on your blog" states a police officer recently this year!

Knowing the truth about yourself makes for a sound sleep at night.

I thank God.

I am a proud father of four.

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