Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wise words from a wise father

Dear New Zealand Fathers Rights Movement

The situation in New Zealand is this:

§ 96% of the applicants to the Family court are female.

§ Police Cadets are taught in training that 97% of DV is perpetrated by males.

§ 400,000 + school children out of approximately 1 million children are separated in some way from their father.

§ Women do not go to anger management courses.

§ The Family Courts have a guilty until proven innocent policy for males.

§ The Family Courts are still secret.

§ The scale of the problem which includes huge intergenerational damage for children is immense.

§ Indeed if this were happening in fascist Germany it would be called a holocaust, with children as the collateral damage.

Jim Bagnall


Project Reunion

Supporting a fathers coalition

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