Monday, May 24, 2010

Forced family court client fall out blues.

Life is so hard for a shafted family court male client. The corrupt family court always runs with what the mother of the children says. They don’t ever want to view written evidence from government agencies that could prove the allegations made about him to be both false and malicious. Oh no, they will not listen to the entire population of a small West Coast town, who can easily vouch for his credibility as a loving and caring father of four.

Police don’t care about false allegations as they enjoy persecuting a middle aged white man, easy target for the filth bullies.They don't want to know the truth. Sadly police beat you up every time you are hauled into a South Island station. When they struggle to crack you, they throw in the round cell for a week, and then ship you off for a 3 month Christmas holiday in the loony bin (forensic ward)

Dishonest maternal family members like Nick Yeatman employ a dozen or so men so they can strip your house of everything you ever owned. You try in vain to stop your possessions vanishing, but police laugh and beat you, then arrest you.

Lawyers lie so they can extend litigation on for many heartbreaking years.

Psychologists write up huge reports that are a total load of crap. Creeps like the report writer John Watson hound your mother too death. Be warned Watson justice is coming.

Judges don’t care as like police they can spot an easy target on legal aid. How can you sleep at night Judge Strettell?

False allegations of child abuse and domestic violence are the ingredients needed to get your house burnt down.

How does one rebuild a shattered life?

Not a day goes by that my heart bleeds for the love I once enjoyed with my children.

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