Thursday, May 20, 2010

Help required to locate separated NZ fathers

Dear Peter

My name is Kirsten Ritchie and I am conducting research at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, titled “The mental health and parenting practices of recently separated parents”. I would like to thank you for your superb response to my first email - I greatly appreciate your time and effort. The key benefits of this research are that we can get an idea of how mothers and fathers cope after a separation. We will get an insight into the experiences of separation, the difficulties that parents face in their adjustment to the separation, and what the risk factors may be for problems after separation. This is really important research, as there has been relatively little done in this field, especially in New Zealand, and it gives mothers and fathers a chance to speak about the problems and difficulties they face after separation.

The problem is that I have been inundated with help from mothers - which is great - but I am short on responses from fathers. In order for this study to succeed in the key benefits I have described above , I need to hear from mothers and fathers in more or less equal numbers . So, if you are a recently (within the last 2 years) separated father, please would you take part in my study by clicking on the link below.

Alternatively, could you please support this important research by forwarding my email to any recently separated fathers that you know. The survey takes only 20-25 minutes to complete and closes at midnight on May 31st, and there will be a second, even shorter survey later in the year. As an incentive, anyone who completes both surveys will enter a draw to win one of three $100 shopping vouchers.
Kind regards,

Kirsten Ritchie

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