Friday, September 9, 2011

Lawyer Doug Taffs is a two faced poodle.

May I suggest the short arse Doug Taffs is far more than a twisted “prat”. This sicko lawyer is a nasty two faced lying piece of shit. When I was first falsely accused of sexual abuse and domestic violence I was appointed by the legal aid rort system Doug Taffs to represent me. He did not help me at all and aided police, which greatly offended me at the time, because I was devastated at the loss of my children. Taffs knew the Westport police had shafted me badly yet he said nothing!!! It makes my blood boil when this cross dressing lawyer speaks “ We are all equal under the law."Piss off Taffs you lying short arse c##t. You helped destroy my family and kill my mother. You will pay one day you filthy mongrel. Rot in hell you two faced dog. You are not a fit and proper person to be a lawyer. Oh that's right. The judicial fraternity are all homosexual deviants.

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