Sunday, September 18, 2011

Too many mums exclude dad from bringing up kids

Sadly many kiwi kids are missing out on the love of a good role model dad. Anybody that wants evidence of  the problematic and widespread fatherlessness should visit a local courthouse and witness the sad state of the traditional family.
Kids need dads too. Why does the "system" continually undermine the importance of the father -child relationship? Do feminist controlled judges actually enjoy destroying innocent fathers? Why do lying feminist lawyers shaft so many kiwi dads?

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Dean said...

This is a Western problem and that is basically because we have legal systems that reward bad behavior. Men are seen as worth something in third worlds as they mostly but not always bring in the money for the family. When you have a legal system that rewards one parent simply to balance the money or set one parent up with more money then your children will always come second to all the positive attributes that both parents may have. Courts only deal with money while hiding behind statements such as in the interest of the child. Most western governments are infected with extremist Feminazi views which always place men somewhere near doggyy doodoo.