Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I have found an honest lawyer.


Oh my, an honest family lawyer really. Shit I had given up on family court lawyers years ago . I liken them to maggots feasting on a rotten carcass.My travesty of justice family court file was dragged through the blood for about 10 years and in that time I never encountered one honest lawyer. I lost count of legal aid lawyers stabbing me in the back after 50 of the leeches had told lies about me to an equally dishonest judge.

Maybe if the first lawyers involved in my disgusting family court case back in 2001 had of acted with honesty and integrity then it could have saved the taxpayer a couple of million dollars and stopped unmeasurable heartache for the paternal family involved in soul destroying  litigation?
Maybe my mum would still be alive Mr John Watson ( Christchurch Family Court psychologist) ?

 Lawyers who acted dishonestly to which I can prove in a court of law are;

Doug Taffs and Martin Sawyers from Westport.

Paul Finnigan, Geoff Kean and Chris Robertson from Ashburton.

Siobhan McNulty,Adrienne Edwards and Tony Greig from Christchurch.

Please feel free to sue me if you scum of the earth liars can muster up enough courage to look me in the eye and tell me you are really sorry for all the lies!

Most family court lawyers are the lowest of the low. I would rather trust a gang member on P than these pieces of shit. These liars just stack one lie on top of another lie so they can gather money from all the false testimony that is flung around in that sick gravy train Kangaroo Court.


Justice for my kids said...

I totally agree with you I have had 4 years in court and experienced the same with a dishonest physchologist dr state who put my son back in care of a paedophile. I watched that bastard lie on the stand.

Tihi research and educational services said...

Case pending for us at the moment with one of the lawyers you named in the hot seat. We are finding the same as you have posted here in terms of dishonesty within the family court system and the lawyer in particular. So what is the answer to crack it so it can be exposed? I've documented the journey and want to publish from it. Anyone else interested?

Tihi research and educational services said...

By the way I forgot to say that I found your blog by searching for Tony Greig...