Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sadist mongrel bitch kiwi mother jailed

Who in their right mind can say they're proud to be a kiwi when we are world champions at child abuse? I am disgusted by these crimes.

No doubt the feminazi judiciary and girlymen keystone cops will forget about this savage abuse inflicted by a over weight female come next white ribbon day!

 Oh yes Ms Dyke Keystone cop - who killed the Kahui Twins you pathetic pc wimps?
This thing that goes by the name of a woman should be shot in the head with a 45cal then thrown into the offal pit.

Once again folks I reiterate  Child Youth and Family (CYF) is SO dysfunctional it's dangerous to all kiwi kids.

There must be a better way Mr John Watson, because the government department you helped create is a horrific disaster. You and your cronies should be happy at the mayhem and spilled blood resulting from a sinister department of gender bias control freaks who are no better than this criminal bitch beast.

When I expose CYF for what they really are, I expect you to do serious prison time Mr Watson.
Merry Christmas creep.

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