Friday, June 1, 2007

Conference & Rally on the case of Alec Baldwin

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Attention: Assignment Editor

Press Conference & Rally on the case of Alec Baldwin

FROM: Children’s Rights Initiative for Sharing Parents Equally (CRISPE).

EVENT: Supporters and advocates from a coalition of state and national organizations for children’s rights, sharing parents equally, and ending parental alienation will be rallying and demonstrating at Alec Baldwin’s custody hearing.

WHEN: June 5, 2007.

TIME: 8:00 A.M. until 11:00 A.M.

LOCATION: Los Angeles Courthouse, 110 North Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Alec Baldwin, like hundreds of thousands of parents, is alienated from his child. Parental Alienation is when one parent causes their child to be indifferent or hateful toward the other parent. The family court system facilitates Parental Alienation by ensuring a continuation of hostility between parents. The driving forces behind the adversarial nature of the family court system; are money and ideologically driven political interests. None of which are in the best interests of the family, particularly the children.
Mr. Baldwin’s frustration is like many parents alienated from their children. Many parents go for years not seeing their children despite the fact they have a court order allowing them to see their children. The solution is “a presumption of legal and physical 50/50 shared parenting,” says Larry Kerkman, President of CRISPE. Harry Crouch, Director of California Men’s Center of San Diego says, “Parental Alienation is a horrendous form of child abuse and domestic violence, for which abusive parents should be held accountable, but are not.” Donald Tenn spokesman for Fathers-4-Justice further states. “It is an unfortunate fact of life that all too many fathers can relate to the frustration which we heard in Alec Baldwin’s voicemail message to his daughter, Ireland. It is also unfortunate, that in what is supposed to be a civilized society, medieval decisions are being made by this country’s family courts which will adversely affect our families and society as a whole for generations to come.”
CRISPE and the coalition formed, like Mr. Baldwin, are determined to affect the necessary reforms to ensure that all children have the opportunity to share their parents equally.

For additional information or to schedule interviews please contact:
Press Contact
Marcy Ganz, Public Relations Specialist
(888) 827-4773 or (619) 233-4773

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