Saturday, June 30, 2007

Still time to stop millions in feminist pork .

Still time to stop millions in feminist pork
30 Jun 2007

From: TWSchuett

There has never been a better time to speak out and be heard. Our legislators in Washington are learning quickly that the people will not be ignored, and despite their political intentions, they must serve the desires of the people.

While the big news of the immigration reform bill was being talked about last week all over the country, the Senate Appropriations Committee was quietly rubber-stamping funding for some of the most divisive and least productive programs in the country. While the National Network to End Domestic Violence is lauding this markup as a done deal, this funding has yet to be approved.

These programs, mandated by the Violence Against Women Act were created and implemented in the late 1970s and early 1980s based on Victorian-era feminist ideals and principles, by a group of people who had no qualifications whatsoever in the fields of psychology or human services. These people were mainly former victims bent on revenge, divorce attorneys, and others whose interest was in little more than financial benefit and propagation of anti-male, anti-family misinformation.

After 13 years of VAWA programs, there is no evidence that any individual has gone on to live an abuse-free life because of them - not one. The actual services they provide include little more than secure shelter for a deliberately (and severely) limited population of women, and divorce assistance, combined with a total immersion course in feminist ideology. Men are provided incarceration and/or the study course conducted at separate facilities.

These services, without the ideology, are already provided in most communities in the form of police departments, homeless shelters and legal aid programs, making these VAWA-mandated programs fully redundant. The advantage to the police departments, homeless shelters and legal aid programs is that they serve their entire communities, without regard to gender, age or employment status.

Phyllis Schlafly has called VAWA programs "feminist pork", and with good reason. These programs provide employment for thousands of otherwise-unemployable women's studies graduates, and support outdated, backward and ignorant approaches which hamper practical solutions for the problem of intimate partner abuse, thus ensuring their job security. Meanwhile, the extremist feminists enjoy the unique situation of being the only political movement with a government mandate and funding from the federal down to the local levels.

What these programs have accomplished is the encouragement of violence BY women, the endorsement of suspicion and division in the community, and the needless destruction of many thousands of lives.

If we truly want to seek an end to domestic violence, to aid victims, to stop abusive behavior, then we will deny government funding to programs which have demonstrated their inefficiency and lack of knowledge of the real problem.

Phone your legislators and let them know that VAWA's political solution to this human problem is no solution at all. Our tax dollars cannot continue to be squandered on these programs which benefit only those who administer them, and those who manipulate them for personal gain.

Trudy W. Schuett

P.O. Box 1252
Yuma AZ 85366

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