Thursday, August 9, 2007

Children deserve quality time with family .

A Wise Investment: Benefits from Families Spending Time Together

August 2007

Top Ten Findings

1. Spending time in everyday family leisure activities is associated with greater emotional bonding within the family.

2. Children in families that participate in religious activities together are more likely to report seeing expressions of love and affection between their parents.

3. Parents of families in which both the parents and children attend religious services are more likely to know their children’s social networks.

4. Children’s academic success is associated with having mothers who frequently talk and listen to them.

5. Adolescents who spend quality time with their fathers are less likely to exhibit behavioral problems.

6. Children whose fathers spend time with them doing activities in the home tend to have better academic performance.

7. Adolescents whose parents are involved in their children’s lives tend to exhibit fewer behavioral problems.

8. Youths who communicate, do activities and have close relationships with their parents are less likely to engage in violence.

9. Teens who frequently have dinner with their families are at a lower risk for substance use.

10. Teens whose parents are home with them after school and in the evening are less likely to experience emotional distress.

Heritage In Focus: August Top Ten
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