Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sadly a mother is murdered by daughter ?

I have known this young girl since birth and her mum was a friend . The whole sorrowful saga is heartwrenching to think about . As the case is before the Courts I will keep my thoughts on the why this happened to myself for the time being , however three words do come to mind , that is , historical child abuse .
in solidarity -d4j

NZPA | Thursday, 23 August 2007After the family expressed its grief in court, name suppression was today lifted on the teenage girl who murdered her mother with a log splitter at her home in the Christchurch suburb of Papanui.

She is Bonny Nga Karohe Hohepa McIntyre, who was a 16-year-old student at the time of the murder in November last year.

A month ago, in the High Court in Christchurch she pleaded guilty to murdering her mother, Moria Jayne McIntyre.

McIntyre has received a life sentence for the murder, and the Crown did not seek to top it up with any non-parole term, so the session before Justice Graham Panckhurst today was held only to hear two victim impact statements read by family members.

They spoke directly to McIntyre at she sat in the dock sometimes showing flashes of defiance or tears and they kept pondering how she could have done what she did to the whole family, and voicing the loss they felt.

The court heard from Bonny McIntyre's sister Atlanta how family members were struggling to cope with the grief.

She repeatedly shouted or swore at her sister and said she loved her but would never forgive her.

When the statement had been read, Justice Panckhurst adjourned the sitting, telling the family: "I don't know that anything I say is going to help your situation. I simply feel for you all."

The girl originally appeared in the Youth Court where she had name suppression.

Justice Panckhurst today lifted the interim order that had continued when the case was transferred to the High Court.

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