Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Minister backs call on violence

 Hey Minister and Judge what about white men who have been done over by a corrupt and sinister Family Court? This is more unlawful gender discrimination from a Court system that is family destructive and evil. How long can it be allowed to continue? Shame on you all!! Kids deserve better, ask mine!

Minister backs call on violence
By Simon Collins
Justice Minister Simon Power is keen to meet Judge Peter Boshier to discuss ideas.

Justice Minister Simon Power is keen to meet Judge Peter Boshier to discuss ideas.

Justice Minister Simon Power has called for an urgent report from officials on a top judge's suggestion that programmes to stop domestic violence should be redesigned for one-off offenders and for Maori and Asian men.

Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier said on Monday that the current standard group programmes for men whose partners were granted protection orders against them did not suit all offenders.

"I believe we should screen in order to determine whether attendance is likely to be effective," he said.

He suggested different approaches for "one-off acts of violence" and for Maori and Asian men, noting that almost a quarter of protection orders were granted against Maori respondents even though Maori made up only 14.6 per cent of the population.

Mr Power said he rang Judge Boshier yesterday and was keen to meet him to discuss his ideas.

He has also asked Ministry of Justice officials for written advice on the issue.

Agencies running anti-violence programmes yesterday generally agreed with Judge Boshier's comments, but said they would need more resources.

"What is needed is more funding to explore that," said the director of Friendship House in Manukau, the Rev Vicki Sykes.

She said her agency already ran a Samoan-language programme but it did not get any Government funding to set it up.

"It took three years to get that programme approved. Once we got it approved, now we are training up more facilitators who can speak Samoan so we can increase our capacity, and we are close to being able to open up a second group," she said.

"We are also working with Indian community groups to support them in the development of their programmes and training some of their facilitators with our team." She said Maori agencies in Otahuhu and Mangere also ran separate programmes for Maori offenders.

The men's programme co-ordin-ator at Preventing Violence in the Home, Aaron Steed-man, said he already directed men who were either deaf, extremely angry or who spoke little English into one-to-one counselling instead of group sessions.

"I've had a Burmese man who had an interpreter with him and we spent 13 sessions together," he said. "A lot of it is just explaining the differences in the law between the two countries. They just served this piece of paper on him, he didn't know what it was."

Mr Steedman said court bailiffs who served protection orders should try to make sure the respondents understood what they meant.

Meanwhile, Mr Power said he planned a second bill on domestic violence.

He introduced a bill before Christmas which would allow police to issue on-the-spot safety orders ordering offenders to leave their homes for up to five days.

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Jim Bailey - JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent said...

: MP - NZ - the Hon. Simon Power - Minister for Justice - Cabinet Domestic Policy Committee - chairman - National - Rangitikei
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Subject: NZ - Minister backs call on violence

MP - NZ - the Hon. Simon Power - Minister for Justice - Cabinet Domestic Policy Committee - chairman - National – Rangitikei
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CC, Simon Collins – Herald Reporter

Minister Power

I am deeply saddened that you have been suckered by Judge Boshier who is a HELENGrad plant and is responsible for driving a NZGovt funded Edifice that has destroyed 1000’s of **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES**

The Violence problem will NEVER be solved while Men like Judge Boshier and Women like Henare lead the charge on the basis that ALL Men are bad – Violence is NOT a gender problem it is a problem for the WHOLE of Society – Women are as Violent if not more than Men and Children – They just express it in different ways

By supporting these Gender bias approaches to the problem you are BLINDLY increasing New Zealand’s DV problem

Please do some research of your own before you add your POWER behind these devious people

Search the research of our very own David Fergusson from Dunedin University and the work of the organisation Radar in the USA be a very good start

Onward – Ration Shed – Jim (Full signature below)

At this time our main focus is to Build the **Equal Parenting **Petition to Strengthen **Equal Parenting** Orgs World-Wide and to Build new ones where there are none. Please consider hosting the petition on your websites and of course signing it.
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