Saturday, February 28, 2009

UK Evil ; "In the best interests of the children" !!

The best interests of the child saying In social work terms is like “Abracadabra” to a magician. This phrase, cause sheriffs, judges, lawyers and professionals that deal with children to cringe and agree unreservedly with every word that social services say like they have no will or mind of their own. They should be ashamed to call themselves servants of the people.
That must mean the social services think they are perfect and a law onto themselves.
Has nothing penetrated through to our members of parliaments that they allowed this law to be passed?
How many times have social services found to be not working to their own policies.
How many children have been adopted and been lost to their parents and the social services were to blame with inaccurate statements.
How many children have been removed wrongly by social services?
How many children have been proven to be abused in care?
Now see for yourself it is disgusting.
(Quote) Independent Media. But as of April, because of a change in legislation being introduced by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, the media will no longer be able to identify those involved in cases such as the W--------. It will also be illegal for any children currently in care to speak out, even if they feel they are being maltreated. (unquote)

The Websters: a crisis of complexity

The story of children removed from their parents is tragic, but when the evidence tells a different story, who are we to believe?
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