Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am a fit father of four.

As a man who is about to hit the half century mark in years I thought I might consider what is the most important feature in my life?
No thought needed to answer this question.
My four children are the greatest asset in my life.

My millionaire mate said to me the other day that I was a lucky man with four beautiful children.He said he would swap all his money for a single child. That got me thinking about life and I guess I am a lucky bugger.My mid twenty twin sons are over six foot blond blue eyed chick magnets and my daughters are stunning teenagers, and all of them love me.

As a proud and happy father of four I enjoy strong bonds of love with each of my children. My kids love me heaps.Nothing can break those bonds of love.The sinister lying Family Court tried to destroy me(just like they did mum in)however 52 lawyers and 12 judges can't look me in the eye, as they all know they fucked me good and they were wrong in doing so.My book will exact revenge on these filthy low down scum.

Infact my sons get rather irrate about the cowardly smears continually thrown at me as a blogger. They both read kiwiblog and both want a wee chat with some vicious sly creep blogger who runs with the name big bruv.His day will come and I suppose that's why the internet is the ideal breeding ground for gutless keyboard fools unhappy in life. Lets have a crack at d4j that'll make you feel better.What gutless filth.

Anyway enough of the negative, this is a joyous day as I am a positive fit father of four.If you have children then remember you must earn their respect as they are your sacred primal priority. Nothing in the world has more value than a child's love.

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