Tuesday, January 12, 2010

John Cleese reveals the injustice of modern divorce law

John Cleese is my all time favourite actor. I was brought up on Monty Python humour, before no fault divorce, which has become a Ministry of Silly Walks idea. The good old happy days before destructive family law made London the “divorce capital of the world”, but to be fair on the poms, New Zealand is a gold diggers paradise. Sad days for kiwi men in Feminist PC Kiwiland. Just look at the male suicide rate. I suppose this line from a very rich lawyer on the family law gravy train sums it up nicely when he states - "If you want to protect your money from the powers of the court, don't get married.” Pity that it's follow the money honey. The Life of John. Another done over by lewd Family Court judges!


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Andrew said...

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