Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Child visitation rights go unenforced, fathers complain"

I wanted to share this story with you:
"Child visitation rights go unenforced, fathers complain"
The courts use the hammer to force noncustodial parents to pay child support. But no one punishes parents on the other end of the child support orders who defy visitation orders, the fathers said.

In New Zealand a vindictive and vengeful maternal family can go to CYFS and make malicious false allegations of child abuse and then go to the corrupt Family Court armed with false accusations of domestic violence .These are treated as truth by a gender bias judicial system and  remain with an innocent father for a life time. His children become brainwashed and confused by the sick lawyers and psychologists who leech blood money from all the misery. Lies are the norm in the Family Court. And the scum that work there say "it's in the child's best interests." Such injustice is heart wrenching.

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