Friday, July 16, 2010

Judge not.

Judge not, that you be not judged. —Matthew 7:1

It is hard not to judge people when you hold a grudge for an injustice. It's so hard to have faith when false allegations have created a nasty war zone for a totally innocent - decent bloke.Everybody involved knows that they did big wrongs against me but they also know that is the system and I can't do a bloody thing about it.52 lawyers who can't hold eye contact with me says a lot I trhink!

Just imagine you  get called a child abuser and a labelled a violent domestic dad all on the hearsay evidence of a vengeful maternal family and a vindictive police force.Just imgaine you are subjected to malicious and over zealoaus  treatment by gender bias government agencies. Tax payer dollars used to try and kill a kiwi father of four.

You enter  a decade of misery. First the Family Court hounds your mother to death 
( thanks Judge Stretteell and psychologist John Watson!!). As a victim of a travesty of justice you get to visit a round cell in a prison and forced psychotropic medications in a maximum security mental unit.

The damage to my family is irreparable and the heartbreak to myself is beyond measure. My children fueled my passion of life but the corrupt Family Court has obliterated that.

I could go on and on and many good cops and lawyers have said I should write a book because my true tale is tragic.The only problem being is exposing such a terrible ordeal could have possible repercussions for my estranged daughters.

Life is not fair but as Jesus said, I am not to judge.

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