Friday, July 23, 2010

UK -Grandparents Group faces Gagging Order

Grandparents Group faces Gagging Order


Press release

‘Grandparents Apart Wales’ a group that is dedicated to the welfare of children being reunited with their grandparents is to be silenced or else.

The group have been reporting on a case about social services having failed yet again and have received a letter from a head of children’s services telling them to remove the story or face legal proceedings.

They campaign for grandparents via The Charter for Grandchildren to be first in line to care for children when they need to go into care.

It is well known that the biggest percentage of children that go through the care system are known to be non-achievers lacking in self esteem, crying out for what they were robbed of as a child and are  likely to seek comfort in the many gangs that are growing ever faster in our cities.

The audacity of this letter comes at a time when social services are being condemned UK wide by TV and the media for their reported failures regarding the recent fatalities and lack of care of our children.

What a bloody cheek.


Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart UK
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