Friday, August 6, 2010

How To Destroy Sanity, Morality, A Country And Your Family.

How To Destroy Sanity, Morality, A Country And Your Family.
(An article, not for the brave, but the gutless)

Look up the word abnormal in a dictionary. This is something like what you will generally find:

abnormality - an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or
developmental deficiencies or introduced external factors such as drugs, radiation etc.
abnormality - retardation sufficient to fall outside the normal range of intelligence
abnormality - marked strangeness as a consequence of being abnormal
abnormality - behaviour that breaches the rule or etiquette or custom or morality

Defective. Retarded. Strange. Perverse. Behaviour that falls outside of acceptable decency. Raoul Mote in the UK was recently hunted to his death for being all of those things. The pseudo mother and rent-a-dad that tortured and murdered Baby Peter are in jail now because they fall into the category of being sub-normal, but why are we putting these people in prison if we are a “progressive society” concerned with the rights of minorities? Surely child murderers and cop shooters are a minority too aren't they? Surely their rights are important in a “tolerant” society.

Think about this hypothetical situation and see how it makes you feel.

Imagine if all of your countries paedophiles got together and formed a social action group pressing for the “right” to be allowed to prey on children sexually. Let's say they called their group activities, “Happy.”

Consider how you would feel if they told you that they cannot help being what they are because they were born that way and it is genetic. How would you feel to be told by them that it is YOU that are abnormal because you both hate and fear these people for what they do and want to do to your children. A new word suddenly enters the common language to describe people like you. You are “peadophobic.” Under the definition of this newly invented word, you are now the abnormal one for objecting to having your children raped.

The paedophiles hold “Proud to be Happy rallies” and march through the streets dressed in bizarre costumes and exhibiting strange behaviour. Perhaps dressed in nappies (a diaper, if you are American) and carrying little children’s dolls. Singing loudly, songs that celebrate their “differences” or which decry their past treatment. Maybe they adopt a strange, artificial way of speaking and pepper their language with slang terms which they begin to push for you to adopt as normal language. Language which is obsessively sexual in nature and filled with innuendo and near-the-knuckle remarks. They form “Happy” police associations and press for the recruitment of more “Happy” policemen and women so that they can be better represented in the community and can “educate” other police officers into accepting them. “Happy” lawyers, judges and politicians come out of the closet and begin to press for changes in the law. Television personalities, politicians and journalists, always wanting to look “trendy” and “cutting edge” and “right on” and “left wing” begin to adopt the paedophiles slogans and support their call to be “recognised” as “normal members of a progressive and tolerant society.” Church leaders come out strongly against this idea but are shouted down. Made to look old fashioned and any teachings against this sick behaviour found in the Bible are ridiculed, twisted out of context and mocked. Anyone who objects is branded a “normal” and told to stop being perverse and twisted and just accept “Happiness” (paedophilia) as mainstream; but every time you use the words 'happy' or 'happiness' they leave a bad taste in your mouth no matter what the social manipulators say and you regret the passing of their original meanings.

You now no longer dare to shout after your children as they go off to school, “Have a great day and be happy.” You stop using the word altogether in its proper context because it gnaws at your mind and turns your stomach.

In the legislature of your country, the “progressive” ones sit down to invent laws making “paedophobia” illegal. Now YOU can go to jail if you dare to voice your objections to their perverse behaviour. You have become the abnormal one and the national print and electronic media pound you, daily, with programs designed to make you all feel incredibly guilty because paedophiles were jailed for their behaviour in the past. You are told you are “dinosaurs” if you disagree with paedophilia and their practice of raping children is spun to us as a beautiful thing that both the children and the adults involved enjoy. Cop shows are made to ridicule the old beliefs against “Happy” people. The United Nations and the EU have a drive to force all countries everywhere to accept “Happiness” and the raping of children old enough to give their consent (i.e. They can talk) as a fundamental human right. Adoption agencies are forced to allow children to be adopted by “Happy” parents. Schools are told to promote and teach paedophilia as a normal activity. Movies are made glorifying the “naive sexuality of children” as something wonderful to be exploited, made sacred and revered. Paedophile priests start demanding the right to be made Bishops in the Church and huge splits happen in the denominations.

Would you think the world had gone crazy?
You would be right if your answer is yes.

However, this has already been done to you, at least twice. The first time was over feminism and the second was over homosexuals. You have been lured away from normality and plunged into a weird, new, but false, “reality” that has had terrible consequences and is actually killing people and it has all happened to appease two groups that hate your guts. Worse still, you have bought into it and accepted the perverse as normal because you were too lazy to object and too browbeaten to get your arguments against this madness into some form of coherent shape. You have sacrificed all that is good and decent on the alters of spin, lies and insanity and it is killing everything that once glued your society and land together. You have sold your soul and the souls of your children to the devil and now you are reaping his rewards. Is that really what you wanted in order to look “progressive” and “tolerant.” Are “leaders” that promote these things really the kind of people you want taking moral decisions on your behalf?

You were sucked into supporting feminism and homosexuality because those promoting it changed and distorted the language they were using to describe it. The real motives of these groups was hidden from you while you were pounded with guilt and fear if you dared to disagree. This massively dangerous and Satanic attack against you and your family is no accident of history. It is a carefully planned and evil attack on your family, your society, your way of life, your spirit and your mind. Everything that is decent and good has been branded old fashioned and defunct and you are being sold a bill of goods that will rob you of your very humanity and already has to a frightening degree. A relatively tiny group of sick, perverted, amoral people are destroying everything that makes your country stable under the disguise of “progressive and tolerant political correctness.” They are wilfully and with huge malice, spreading this rot through your country and using the media, certain politicians and unthinking celebrities and a barrage of naked, black, psychological propaganda to do it. It is as if they were deliberately injecting your body with cancer cells in order to kill it.

They are sacrificing our marriages, our families, our fathers our mothers, our religion and the health and and futures of our children on the alter of rights (not responsibilities and morality but “rights”) so that a few homosexuals can get their sexual thrills and they are using false guilt and fear of prosecution for objecting to this sickness in order to do it.

Feminists and homosexuals have sworn to destroy the family, replacing it with their version of a “new family” because that is the only way they can get you and I to accept them. They hate the traditional family and everything it stands for because it excludes them. They are busy replacing normality with abnormality. Sanity with madness. Stability with chaos. Health with sickness. Manners with crass linguistic brutality. Decency with perversion and in the process they are destroying the lives of our nations children and parents and they could not give a damn because they hate all that YOU stand for and want for YOUR children if you are in any way decent.

It does not matter to these perverted people how many of our children die because their families have been destroyed and they end up on drugs, in gangs, or in prison. It does not matter to them that our children are failing in schools and being left out of the jobs market. It does not matter to them that fathers are killing themselves because they cannot see their children. It does not matter to them that again and again we are seeing children being abused in the home by single women who cannot cope with trying to work and bring up a family alone. Or because they are inviting an endless series of temporary rent-a-dads into their homes that they do not know and their kids are not safe with. Or that children like Baby Peter are being murdered by their selfish single mums and their live-in boyfriends. None of that matters as a long as this minority of perverts can kiss and hold hands in public and the feminists can seize power and dictate to us all how we must live according to their rules and not the rules we have spent thousands of years fighting for and establishing as normal.

This is what they mean by “tolerance” and “equality” but there is no tolerance, no mercy, no equality for their victims. We are being force fed a sick and twisted morality and told we are “right on” and “progressive” if we support the destruction of our children and families! All of this is happening so that a tiny minority can suck each others genitals and they call this society, built upon this perversion “civilized.” This is not civilization. This is the destruction of civilization.

If you have believed that feminism is about equality between the sexes you have believed the lie. Those words are smoke screens. Smoke and mirrors designed to obscure the real agenda. Feminism, like militant homosexuality is about the destruction of the family and decent, law abiding family life. Research it and look at what they have said about destroying the family and how they are going to do it. Don't take my word for it. Get off your lazy behind, connect to the Internet and start taking responsibility for the lives of your family, children and your country again. That is, if you still love those things.

If you are one of those who could not be bothered to think about these things when they were happening and you quickly trotted off to the polling booths with your mind switched off, to vote yet more of these sick people into power as quickly as you could, because you were missing your favourite soap opera or football match on the TV, then what we have now is your fault and the blood of our dead children is on your hands.

When you next ask, 'what is wrong with my country?' look in a mirror because the answer is YOU.

You are the one that failed to take a stand for decency and truth. It was you that kept quiet and did not want to put his or her head over the parapet in case the sickos took a shot at you. It was your cowardice that has led to this nightmare and it is only when you find the guts to fight for decency again that the rot can be stopped.

Do you have the guts to stand up for what is right?

If so, do it now because tomorrow is too late.

It is time for decent people everywhere in the world to take a long and careful stock of what really matters to them. Are you one of them?

George Rolph.

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Amy3422 said...

I don't quite know where to begin.

With all due respect, your analogy doesn't work very well. Pedophilia, as I'm sure you agree, is a terrible violation of a child's rights. It consists of rape and abuse and is therefore an act of intolerance in and of itself. By contrast, the majority of homosexual activity takes place between consenting adults and should not effect anyone else any more than most heterosexual relationships. The gay rights movement may sometimes be more flamboyant than many people would like, but in general it exist to protect people engaged in non-violent and consensual relationships from persecution. Regardless of your feelings towards homosexuality, the difference between it and pedophilia is still the difference between a relationship and an assault.

"Peadophobia" is already a word and means a hatred or fear of children, so using it to describe a fear of their abusers would be contradictory.

And then there's this claim:
"They (feminists and homosexuals) hate the traditional family and everything it stands for because it excludes them."

This is simply false. There may be a few feminists and homosexuals who feel this way, but it is not the case for anyone I have ever met. I was raised by two feminists in a very traditional nuclear family and have never remotely suffered from any of the problems you describe (gangs, drugs etc.), nor has anyone I know who was raised in a similar environment. There's no reliable evidence that children of single parents, homosexuals, or feminists are in any way more at risk for these behaviours, except in cases when other factors are involved.

Additionally, I feel it necessary to point out that without historical feminism, women would not currently be able to vote, receive education, work or do many of the things that make them competent role models for children and young people.