Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Zealand Family Court under scrutiny.

 This TVNZ news item on the unfair Family Court has made my blood boil. Unfortunately I own a huge array of evidence that proves the Family Court to be corrupt and malicious.
Judge Boshier the disgusting creep knew that I was a forced client of the sadist gender bias Family Court for a heartbreaking eight years.He just fobbed me off after the sick Family Court killed my mother. I will get even!!
I must write to Simon Power the Injustice Minister and ask the ex lawyer wimp on how many million of taxpayer dollars was spent by a corrupt system intent on backing false allegations of child abuse and domestic violence. The damage to my children has been horrific. I will make them pay dearly for the despicable things forced on my family.Rot in hell you scum animals.

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