Monday, January 9, 2012

Divorced parents will have right to see their children under new law

This is great news from the motherland.Pity our gutless and wimpish government couldn't do the same! The huge damage the feminazi stinking thinking family court has inflicted on society has  finally got a government to take action on the modern scourge of society, which unfortunately is fatherlessness. For decades now Western governments have staged a war of terror against fatherhood.Everybody knows a family court affidavit is worthless toilet paper,lies go unchecked in a court fully entrenched in delivering copious amounts of unlawful male gender discrimination.Every mother in New Zealand knows that she can destroy a good loving dad in just one phone call to the police alleging domestic violence or child abuse. No proof needed, as cops and court are more than happy to run with the lies for years and years!! The dad is alienated from his children for years because of lies. The dad watches his mum die of heartbreak. She was crushed and hounded to death by the Christchurch family court. The sick family court is a gravy train for greedy men hating liars. Ask any family court lawyer or psychologist if they know what the word truth means? Come on kiwi stop the rot.

In the UK , divorced parents will have right to see their children under new law The move will delight fathers’ rights campaigners who believe dads are penalised under the present system, which usually grants mothers custody.

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