Sunday, January 1, 2012

Free falling in Quakeville is surreal.

Once upon a time in Canterbury you could wake up to the sound of birds chirping their heads off, nowadays you are rudely awoken by violent earthquakes.
My grandson cannot understand why and my teenage daughter's are fearful.
Demolition is my game and every shake I can imagine more destruction. Every shake makes my job a little more dangerous.
As a hardcore redzone demo veteran I learn to duck bricks and four-by-twos.Ask my comrades.
Brick walls and concrete lintels don’t handle quakes to well, but they never get the chance to hurt this kid.
I am thankful that a rock and roll hasn’t brought a dodgy building down on my head.My blue hard hat is my best mate.
I have been lucky that I have a handy angel who protects my interests here on earth.
My fall arrest system has a real strong anchor point, so going airborne in a man cage working on a unstable roof dangling from a large crane is water off a duck's back for this soldier.
Them boys learn fear is not an option.
Someone got to do the job mate and I am wearing my safety harness for fall prevention at height so stop your whinging and moaning Mr Bureaucratic fool.
Hey Mr Site Safe, fat chance of that doing anything when the big quake hits eh? Don’t answer mate.
Free falling in Quakeville is surreal.

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ZenTiger said...

"Hang in there" takes on new meaning!